Friday, October 24, 2008

Nothing Illegal About Istana Mat Deros


SHAH ALAM: The Selangor Government has not initiated any action over the mansion belonging to the late Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros as it has not found any proof of wrongdoing.

Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said soon after Pakatan Rakyat came into power, a study was carried out on the legal, social and political aspects related to the construction of the mansion in Pandamaran.

He said however until now it had not found any proof of fraud or abuse of power involving the construction of the mansion.

“Whether we agree with it or not, we have to accept that a title for the land (occupied by the mansion) was issued by the previous state government so the occupation of the land is legal.

“We have to study whether any offence was committed in the other aspects of the construction of the mansion before taking any action and we cannot act as we wish,” he told a press conference in the lobby at the Selangor state assembly yesterday.

Khalid said the state government also wanted to do the right thing and not act in haste even though it could have won political mileage by taking action.

He was answering to a challenge issued by former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo to the state government on Tuesday to take action since many Pakatan Rakyat leaders had then slammed the previous government for failing to act.

The controversy began when it was discovered that Zakaria had built his palatial home in a low-cost housing area without submitting building plans to the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) for approval.

Zakaria, who died just days after the general election in March, had also operated an unlicensed satay restaurant built illegally on government reserve land and had not paid assessment for another property for 12 years.

All these occurred while he was an MPK councillor.

What was all the hoo-haa and hullabaloo and ruckus back then , about?

If that is the truth and it is on record....somebody, someone... owes Zakaria's family an apology!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you..they owe the family an apology..however, don't really think the current gov really work. It seems to me they just follow the foot steps of previous management and keep claiming nothing can be done to change the situation...sigh....

Anonymous said...

If the land was sold at fair market value, surely there should be an apology to the family

However since the land was sold way below fair market value; and state land at that, the fair market value at the time of sale should be fully paid for by the family of Zak

This is the point about good governance. Had that land been openly tendered for sale, & the best value secured, ok.

But we know that had Zak not been a councillor then, this land would not have been sold to his wife way below value

We are still keeping the way open to everyone to rob our resources!

The read to me is IF they did find this an illegal act, then hoo boy! That is opening a big can of worms for others who also secured their state lands cheaply

Anonymous said...

Setuju. Ramai orang kena minta maaf pada keluarga Allahyarham.

Anonymous said...

Slowly slowy, the credibility of Pakatan Rakyat is evaporating, especially the Keadilan party.

Looking at the pace and work they have done, I am quite certain, come next election the BN will win back the Selangor state.

We voters have voted you in for a change but it seems the same, no hope , nothing substantive been done except for populist actions. As businesman, these are no good, and we better stick with the devils we have been acquainted long before. Politic remains politics, semua cakap tak serupa bikin. More than 6 momths has passed, what has Anwar done beside setting deadlines and dealines to become PM.

Anonymous said...


The previous state govt gave the land. The circumstances is not known yet. It may be legal but morally. . .

So, is it OK if the present govt. start giving state land to anyone they like?

Is it okay with u?


MYblog said...

You seem to be a learned person with a good position such as Editor.

You should really consider the facts and situation before making comments such as the Zakaria family should be given an apology.

Understand this
1. The deed to the land is already in the name of Zakaria, transferred by the previous government
2. All plans were arranged to be submitted after a hue and cry by the public
3. Small insignificant fines were levied by the previous government

Legally as far as Zakaria is concerned, he has been covered by the previous state government. So no court will find anything legally against the Zakaria case.

But the people in the previous government can be hauled up but it is a long and uphill battle.

So the Zakaria family did wrong but will get away with it as the papers have been set right by the previous government. And I dont expect the current government to go after him and waste their time, they have better things to do.

So when you make a comment, think of your position, dont talk like a Form 5 fellow.

Unknown said...

I for one am really disgusted with that issue. Actually there are other connecting incidents.

MPK demolished nearby competitors illegal stalls (they applied for licensed but denied for many years), but the stall owned by the ADUN’s Son (also illegal and newly built) was left standing.

Talking about promoting budaya berniaga dikalangan anak Melayu!!

To add to the insult, MPK purposely mislead Tuanku Sultan and the Malaysian public by claiming that those stalls were actually planned to be moved to a new and proper place.

TV3 covered that version.

But in actual fact, the ‘new location’ in Kampung Idaman have existed for many earlier years and been abundant. It became a car park. It was introduced purely as a cover up.

You can drive to the place now and see it has turned into a nursery.

In the process, the real entrepreneurs get killed by a group Manusia Lupa Daratan Yang Hidup Bagai Tiada Tuhan.

I was hoping that the new Government under the leadership of Tan Sri Khalid would do something.

They have claimed corruption, illegal income, misused of power in the land title issue and a various other strong worded pursuits of justice under this platform during the campaigning.

What is happening now?

If they rely on the misleading information of the Government Servant, they will find nothing.

But the new ADUN Pandamaran who claimed to know all the minute details during the election period should go down and BONGKARKAN the whole issue.

What happen to your promise? Is your evidence hilang dalam kotak macam Ezam & Anwar?

Please Sir, we have voted you in.

Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin.

Kindly Walk The Talk.

Anonymous said...

That was quite a ruckus when the issue of THE palatial palace cropped up back then. As usual, when the culprit was a member (and a powerful presence) of the ruling party, nothing came out of the protests. If I recollect he was given a slap on the wrist by paying a ridiculous sum as penalty, (I apologize if my memory is failing).

Khir Toyo, the now not so handsome short fellow is making laughable political mileage to enhance his standing for the Youth top position. This just amplifies his own take on corruption and cronyism when he was holding the MB’s post.

I try to understand the Malay mentality (supposedly educated Malay), but I am battered by such stupidity on a daily basis.

By the way, can anyone kindly inform whether the satay stall is still in existence or otherwise?

Raison D'etre said...

Kak Aina,

On face value, there was nothing legally wrong with the construction, but morally:

the very idea of building a mansion amidst a sea of peasant-like abodes must surely be something some medieval to be correct.

As we can see from this latest pronouncement, moral outrage amounts to nothing: zilch, zero, yilek.

The family did stutter on some technicality matters when the issue was "hullaa ballooed" all those months ago.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, why this Toyo is making noise. It happened during his tenure as MB Selangor and the person concerned had left us forever. The present state government has found out everything in order, so what is this ex MB trying to do, BUSUK HATI nya manusia ni.
We may not forget but isn't it, to forgive is divine.

Unknown said...

I read with amusement those claimed that they 'have' voted for PR for a change and now 'going back' to vote for the BN in the next GE...

Kalau nak menipu pun berpada-pada la...

Wan Nordin Wan Hussin said...

Sis Ena
Rather sadly, first impression count. No matter what, to most Malaysians, it is a Palace of Sin, if not Palace Obscene. By the way, like you and your children, I'm now a blogger, albeit a new kid on the blog.
(aka aMiR)

Anonymous said...

Be patient! The new govt has been in power for only 6 months and all the time has been busy with fire fighting to deal with the many complaints of wrong-doings by the previous govt. Is it easy to dump 50 yrs of rubbish? For me it's even unfair to expect the new govt to settle all within 1 term. In Zakaria's case, it has been made complicated by the legalising acts of the previous BN govt (very much like the babi issue). Going to court is easy but you have to also think about whose's court is that. As it is now I don't expect much from the court in terms of impartiality.

From: Bukan Toyol

ChengHo said...

last year in abang Zak case we jump to conclusion before the the evidence in front of us. some people taking advantage based on merely perception . MB Selangor doing the right thing to clarified . an apology to the family is approriate.

abdullahjones said...


Anonymous said...

Dear MYBlog,

You are lucky to be able to leave a comment here. If Nuraina had set a minimum IQ requirement, you would not pass the test.

In any case, since you've excreted your verbal diarrhea, let me help you understand the issue.

What Nuraina has done is to let us know what happened to the so-called investigation into the late Zakaria Deros' mansion. Khir Toyo, it seemed, had asked the new MB of the "action" that the Opposition had promised to take.

Fact of the matter, as reported, is that MB Khalid Ibrahim had to admit that there was nothing illegal.

If there was anything illegal -- by the past government or the government before that -- the current government would find out. I'm sure that despite your lack of IQ, you'd know that Khalid Ibrahim's government did engage some CSI-like audit experts to look into all the "wrong-doings" of the previous government.

So far, my friendm, the audits have given us no big scandal.

Did the Opposition mislead us by accusing the likes of the late Zakaria Deros' mansion as the past government's excecesses?

Again, Nuraina didn't pass any judgment. She merely reported what Khalid Ibrahim said.

Now, if Khalid Ibrahim had attacked Khir Toyo's government of poor education policy, it would be so much easier to prove. I mean, you MyBlog are a living proof of the failed policy!

Anonymous said...

aiyah ! bcos of the wrong-doings, this man ( zak-ka-liau = eatall= makansemua ) sudah ended ....!!

Anonymous said...

Everything could be legally done. But then, crooks and people with low morality may do everything legally.

As long as the process is illegal and immoral, everything legal will in fact illegal.

People may not have proof of the misuse of authority in the process, but most ordinary people are in doubt how the money is acquired to build that luxurious Istana Mat Deros.

Anonymous said...

From The General desk;
Syabas Khir Toyo for the task welldone to clear once your soldier name and reputation. After much debate during the recent DUN meeting finally the PR led government clarified that it was done according tgo procedures.

Khir Toyo has acted like warrior by not leaving his man behind be it Dead; Injured or Alive. Thats is a qualities we need in a leaders. His conscience know his man personally.

Anonymous said...

The opposition will use any issue to project their so called GOOD IMAGE. They go to the extend of seeding lies just to get support. But when they are trapped in their own doings, they will find scape goats, sue everyone in their path.

Is this the NEW Government we are talking about? Full Of LIES!

Anonymous said...

Look at what Najib comment, not to sue anyone on the Atlantuya case because he said the process is tedious and witnesses can lied. So even Najib cannot trust the law of his own government, how can we trust the previous government BN??? Want to dig up more shits. I think Tan Sri Khalid is humane since the late Zakaria Deros already died, to him that is punishment already and no need to dig up more dirts and get in legal battle between the old corupt BN Selangor government. So much dirt found and it was the people of BN corrupt. What I hope for, that mansion can be made into a museum to teach future leaders a lesson and LEARNED FROM IT!


Anonymous said...

WHAT !? this toyo a worrior of qualities ! shit lah ! he is now a desperado = trying hard to creat
chaos & troubles eg. making a chinese lady been isaed ! more evils from him = AWAS...AWAS...AWAS...!!

Anonymous said...

to me, the guy is already dead. his son and daughter in law are no longer in power. What Khalid is doing is (maybe) just letting the case rest. THe family has paid they're dues, maybe not enuff but Khalid is doing what is humane.
Now...what is Mr. Khir doing? Trying to be a hero or something? If he has somthin to say on the case, peraps he should have done it when he was in power? Hmm... think about it.
And, to people who has endured 50 years of BN rulling, 6 months of PR rulling and you are expecting total change? If you are with the neutral then you should give them the chance to prove it on equal terms. If you don't like it, or they are lebih kurang sama jer dgn BN, then...4 years time we can practice our democracy again. Agreed?

rakyat biasa

Anonymous said...

But for the late zak's position in the state government, would he be able to buy the land on such a low price? What do you call it if not abuse of power? And building a palace on a low cost land/area? What does it show? Why didn't they do it properly? There're too many hanky pankies around...I don't think an apology is necessary

Anonymous said...

... Money gained from crime activities channeled into an international bank to be invested in a legal business in a foreign country....
The profit from there on is a big OKAY !

mut said...

I think it is important to read the MB's comment carefully.

As things stand, the land belongs to Zakaria's wife. It is in the records. The building was buit without the necessary permits; this was "remedied" when Zakaria was fined by the authorities (I thought this was just a slap on the wrist). But when the previous state government has affected a legal escape route for Zakaria on the building, it does preclude any further action on that basis by the current state government; ie you cannot be tried now for an illegal building when you have already paid the stipulated fine for that offence. Maybe someone can enlighten further on the legal aspects of this.

As for the transfer, his death has already made investigations quite difficult. How do you bring this to trial when the person accused is already dead? Maybe they can finger some operatives in the transfer. I think everyone realises what a horrible thing it is to alienate land which should have been put to better use for the rakyat for a palace! And at a lower than market price. Surely this would give rise to questions in our minds (not UMNO minds, mind you; they think it is "normal")

How did he afford it anyway? (even this question would probably end up nowhere because - 1) ACA being what they are and 2)Zakaria is dead! - and in that order)

So there is still a lot of left in this story. What the MB said is probably true at this point in time. His death has brought certain difficulties; straightening out this mess will not be easy.

But do it the MB must. The message that UMNO can steal, lie and cheat, get it legalised in some way has really put a burr in my saddle!

Hariz Hussein said...

memang tak salah.tapi dimana kesederhanaan sorang pemimpin???itukan sifat yang kita mahu dari pemimpin.bukan sifat bermegah-megah dengan kekayaan yang entah dari mana dia dapat pon.

Anonymous said...

IF moral and not legal is the issue, then, Anwar was found by 10 judges to engage in sodomy but legally had to be acquited because of the time was ambiguous.

If kesederhanaan is the issue, then Anwars house is disqualifies him from being a good pemimpin.