Friday, October 24, 2008

Fatwa On Tomboys

...and lesbians too, I presume.

So, can I put the issue of Umno elections aside for today?

Caught this one:

The National Fatwa Council has ruled that it is forbidden for girls (women) to dress and behave like boys (men)
Islam forbids it.

Its chairman Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said in Kota Bharu yesterday that the decision was prompted by recent developments i.e cases of young women inclined to behave like men and indulging in homosexuality.

He advised parents to "stop their children from indulging in disruptive activities that are against Islamic teachings".

(Source: Bernama)


Anonymous said...

hi kak ina,
i dont really mind a lesbian as long as she dont buy votes to become an umno wanita leader. same as i dont really mind a gay as long as he do not try to con the whole world into believing that he is the saviour of this country. something like that lah...

Anonymous said...

why not issue a fatwa to kill all the lesbians and gays in Malaysia...i wonder how many people would be left in Malaysia then....jokers

AnakMelaka said...

dress? so jeans, pants or TShirt tak boleh?

behave? so what are boyish behavior?

enforcement based on individual officer judgement?

let's go open that can of worm :-)

Stay out of my personnal life lah!

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to cigarettes? thought there was a fatwa on that too.

Nick Chan Abdullah said...

well in Islam, there are already laws regarding extra-marital sex.
(including, arousal and foreplay)

while attraction/love, is another debate. that is, imho, not forbidden.

a man/woman can love a person of opposite or same sex. a man/woman can feel love for an object, or a pet.

also, there are already Islam laws forbidding muslims to act or dress like opposite sex.

so why need another fatwa?

Donplaypuks® said...

I'm not sure, but I think there was this case here of a previously unmarried (and childlesss)single, brown "female" who was allowed to adopt a child.

Is there 1 fatwa for ordinary people and another for those who may who hold high public office?

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

lebih elok memberi cadangan
cara cara untuk mengurangkan
kadar jenayah.
get your priority right.

ZORRO said...

You ada laki tah or boyfriend? Kalau tidak ada dan still available jom kita date this Saturday. You look cute and juicy.

Anonymous said...

how come there's no fatwa against corruption and blowing up mistresses with C4? Tell lies, ISA etc....Maybe no so important or urgent like the tomboys epidemic in Malaysia...

Anonymous said...

why no fatwa against snatch thief, mat rempit, Pendatang tanpa izin, destruction of forest, pollution of rivers, price hike, robber barons of toll highways, etc...

Geronimo said...

The people who issued the fatwa are so judgemental. Consider themselves lucky that they or members of their families do not have such a stigma on them. The least they could do is to show some empathy, after all homos or lesbians are also god's creatures. A wise man once said, "Those without sins, cast the first stone". Would you???

artic turban said...

so how now for azalina, does she need to resign all her govt and elected posts and leave the country, if some enforcement officers take it into their head she looks too tomboyish or the other, what if they start stoning her? than how?, thats the problem in Malaysia, to many commitees, with nothing to do, so buaaaaaat sibuk aje, lets see today we have the difficult choise of helping all the poor malays, and we have the easy choice of coming out with a fatwa to ketuk the womenfolk, (yesterday my wife scolded me for not doing my house chores like flushing after using the toiletlah) hmmmmm let me see,,,,.... lets come out with another women bashing fatwa, and show everyone we are doing some workkkkkk. that folks is the reality with these commiteeees, asyik sibuk, meeting sini, meeting sana,,, golf sini, golf sana, hingga, busy betul. pssss, umno election around the corner mah need votes so come out with some dangdest news , sure to get noticed. THATS THE PROBLEM WITH THE GOVERNMENT, GETTING MORONS INTO POSITIONS OF POWER, TYPICAL JAGUH KAMPUNG MENTALITY.

Anonymous said...

zorro at 5.26 : are you trying on my sweetie ...pls q belakang saya, mine is second & r is pertama, ok !
aina, GODBLESS anda !

selampit said...

`...and lesbians too, I presume.

Yep! You're right Kak Aina, and lebians and all other perversions such as bestiality, incest, necrophilia and their likes. Now, why would Islam condemns women who dress and behave like men and vice versa? Why? Because it would lead to transsexualism (homosexuality), and trust me, such debauchery could upset the balance of nature (both physiology and psychology), and break down the very foundation of human civilization. It is a recipe for socio-cultural calamity.

In biology, what IS THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE of all living things? The answer is procreation. The survival success of even the most simple living organisms (such as virus or bacteria) is measured on their efficiency to replicate and spread. A male and a female each is born with a complete set of sexual organs collectively known as the reproductive system. For thousands of years, humans have replicated nearly exponentially in number because they have used those organs properly. With their number growing men learned to make fire and tools, and proceeded in building great civilizations. We owe our bronze, iron, industrial and nuclear ages; thanks to our brain and reproductive system.

Now some irresponsible yuppies want to upset this biological harmony because they believe it is 'their civil rights' to become sexual deviants. I own a brand new Honda Accord 3.5. I sometimes believe it is 'my right' to push it to say, 180 km/h on PLUS highways, however I set my 'impulse' aside because to do so because it is illegal and DOWNRIGHT STUPID. I could end up killing myself and other motorists.

Do you actually want your sons to grow up as queers? Do you actually want your daughters to become dykes? Do you want to lose the prospect of having grandchildren and have your legacy cut off, because some perverts thought that it is their civil right to behave and act in any way that they please? Do you want to turn society upside down (eerr.. my daughter is marrying this girl from..) all in the name of liberty and freedom?

For thousands of years Malays, Chinese and Indians have lived on this planet based on the same family system (patriach-matriach), we have a man playing the role of a father and a woman for a mother. It is a beautiful system that is adorned with love, affection and trust. Please don't ruin this by initially allowing your daughters to dress up as men.

puteribulan said...

the government in malaysia is getting ridiculous! i dress like a tomboy because its convenient for me, but of course i dont behave like a man and of course i am not a do these people measure their methods?Not to belittle men, but i think they are feeling inferior because women looks better than them!to claim that a woman is a lesbian just because of the way she dresses is plain "STUPID".she can wear tudung or whatever, but a lesbian is still a lesbian, you can't stop what a person feels inside.!!Good grief!