Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shahrizat's Dilemma - Will I Or Will I Not?

The Wanita deputy chief has 40 nominations to qualify her to contest the number one post.

Of course, logically, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil should take on her chief, Rafidah Aziz. Besides, there is mounting pressure from members for her to do so. But will she?

I seriously doubt it.

Firstly, there's the ladies' agreement and understanding i.e. the transition plan for Rafidah to step down in June next year, and for Shahrizat to take over. Graceful and nice. No contest necessary. No unpleasantness.

Rafidah has been Wanita Umno chief for 24 years. In the last Cabinet shake-up after the March general election, she was dropped as International Trade and Industry Minister.

Shahrizat who lost her Lembah Pantai constituency to first-timer Keadilan's Nurul Izzah Anwar, was also dropped from the new Cabinet line-up .
But, Shahrizat who was Women, Family and Community Development Minister, was appointed special adviser to the PM for Women and Social Development Affairs.

A couple of months ago, when bombarded with questions on whether she would still contest for the top Wanita post (notwithstanding the transition plan), Shahrizat made it clear that she would not.

Then, the Umno elections were postponed to March next year. This somewhat scuttle Wanita's own agenda.
Several Wanita leaders felt that circumstances had now changed and the Rafidah-Shahrizat transition plan seemed to have been overtaken by events.

It now makes more sense to hasten the transition plan.

Still, Shahrizat maintained that she would not take on Rafidah.

Shahrizat, like most political leaders, is surrounded by allies and supporters. Some well-meaning, some not so. Some, very impatient.

They, of course, want her to take over from Rafidah ahead of the transition plan. So they got her some nominations, more than enough to qualify her to contest. Rafidah received 81.

I don't think that Shahrizat will challenge her chief.
There is no need to. But the message is clear. There is pressure in the wing for changes to be effected.

Rafidah and Shahrizat know that there's more than one way to skin a cat to hasten the transition without a contest.

I'd go for a revised transition plan. Some negotiations between Rafidah and Shahrizat.

And everyone will be happy.


mamasita said...

Hai?Where have you been?Overseas ker?Glad to see you're back!

Anonymous said...

dear kak ina,
its nice to see u back in action again. i m the 6th person who called you asking why u was not posting anything for quite a while. from what u told me, i do understand perfectly how u feel. i just checked susan loone's blog after being curious about one poster who spew obcenities at her in ashraf's blog. it turned out that her blog (which i think was quite popular) does indeed filled with trash. i feel that all these talks about bloggers being better than the MSM are just crap after all. most of them just have a perverted agenda of their own and they never really believe in freedom of expression and journalism etc etc etc. they only believe in their own freedom to do whatever they like even if it means the destruction of this beloved country. to me these scums are simply racists and bigots who hide behind the liberal mask. never mind, atleast now we know who they really are. next time we ll just have to be more carefull with these ppl. Kak ina, please write regularly again. cheers, ok.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, the nomination is planned as to create animosity between Rafidah and Shahrizat by a support group and it makes sense as they can't tolerate Rafidah that speaks her mind. And, by doing so , they can push their candidate to be on the no 2 slot of the wing. I think you know who.
Hopefully Shahrizat remains committed and aware of the game plan.

Anonymous said...

AIYAH ! baru pulang ke ? mana pegi? pls cerita tentangnya, ok ?

Anonymous said...

shahrizat will be forced to run against rafidah soon, as not doing so may be viewed upon unfavorably as rafidah lackey by the Mahathir's group that is forcing its way in (to move out Pak Lah's group)

LazerJuan said...

Rafidah, Shahrizat...both leaders as far as Wanita UMNO is concerned.

I don't see any problem with the power transition between the two.

My question is...
Azalina..Wanita Umno forgotten leader? or shall I say Wanita Umno's forgotten member?!

Since Noraini's term as Ketua Puteri is coming to an end, will she be awarded a full minister post like Azalina.

I think the issue confronting Wanita is the so-called progression of Puteri members to Wanita...not really welcomed!!




thank you for asking. i was around.

i can't put it down as writer's block. i think i was so busy with Raya, going here and there. and then by the time i wanted to blog, i was following the Utusan and Theresa Kok issue in the blogs.

i think a deep sadness overcame me. i realized that so many people still harboured so much racist and racial sentiments in them and it became so clear when the issue imploded and exploded.

it was so clear in the response to Rocky's Bru and other blogs.

I could see the sentiments were clearly along racial lines.

as for the commenters, i can't make out whether they are Malay or non-Malay. But, bloggers, yes.

so, i think my brain went dead and my fingers went numb....:-)

but then i told myself....c'est la vie!

i am me, i have my beliefs.


kereta kebal,

the thing about me is that i always feel cannot write everything i know and i feel...altho this blog is mine.

we all love a good political gossip...

call me again, ok!



oh...you know how Shahrizat is. She will definitely not take on Rafidah like that. She will not want to be kurang ajar or appear ungrateful and lupa daratan...

they'll work out something.

and shahrizat is very aware of what's going on...the game plan and she knows the game.

thanks for coming here.



i owe so many people my humble apology.

i was making sense of so some things in blogosphere, the blogs...

people are so quick to crucify others -- in the name of justice,. but to me, so thick in racism. they impute motive, they make wild and vile accusations...they label you things..

i did a lot of thinking...i never expected all this to happen. i think in a way, i was a little bit naive..too idealistic.

i will do my best to put things right in the next five years!



hmmmm...you think so?

i don't think so. I'd like to take a bet...but i'm against gambling.

but i suppose a harmless bet like this, ok, kot?

i say shahrizat will not take on Rafidah!



you know...that's something to think about...

I think Puteri has got to sort itself out....

Noor Hasilah Ismail said...

dear ina,

wanita umno dah kekurangan pemimpin ke agaknya? saya sungguh tak faham tentang cadangan "peralihan kuasa" rafidah. apa bezanya dia turun sekarang dan tahun depan? si shahrizat pula mengapa harus takut challenge rafidah? sampai bila dia nak jadi follower? atau adakah ini soal survival? mungkin shahrizat takut kalah kalau lawan rafidah dan dia merasakan lebih selamat kekal sebagai nombor 2? come on lah. saya juga tak faham wanita umno yang masih nak mengekalkan dua menteri yang kalah pilihanraya untuk memimpin mereka. dah sah-sah pengundi dan grass root tak mahukan kedua-dua wanita ini, mengapa dok masih nak calonkan?. saya yakin ada ramai lagi ahli wanita umno yang mempunyai ciri kepimpinan dan berbakat di luar sana. ketengahkan golongan ini. atau memang kita dah tak ada pemimpin wanita lagi?

Anonymous said...

hate wanita UMNO but going to love the cat fights. UMNO general meeting is always fun to watch, it's like going to the circus.

Anonymous said...

Puan Ina,

Mak Cik Fidah will withdraw daripada bertanding March ini. Kat Izat menang tanpa bertanding.
Wanita pasti tidak mahu diterajui oleh Pemangku Ketua, Pemangku naib Ketua selama 3 tahun. Mak Cik Fidah smart orangnya, dia kata peralhan kuasa Wanita Jun depan, supaya tidak ada pertandingan supaya Kak Izat dapat kerusi ketua wanita dengan baik tanpa perpecahan pada Wanita.UMNO tak mampu lagi berpecahbelah jika hendak terus hidup.
Begitu juga Pemuda UMNO untuk mengekalkan setiakawan dalam pergerakan itu, KJ hendaklah dilantik oleh Kumpulan Indian Muslim Malaysia (KIMMA) sebagai ketua Pemudanya. KJ akan berjuang mati-matian untuk mempastikan KIMMA diterima sebagai anggota Barisan Nasional.Azeez Putra UMNO pasti sokong. Jemput Utrawan, perunding media, sebagai Ketua Penerangan KIMMA, pasti semua akan berjalan lancar.Isyallah.

Raison D'etre said...

Hi Kak Aina,

Welcome back from your hiatus.

Rafidah versus Shahrizat: I have no love for Umno but do have a soft spot for Rafidah as I still think that she is one heck of a Minister when she held MITI.

She does set the bar high for her successor.

I don't thibnk any of the female Ministers in the Cabinet so far has made such an impact.

More interesting is the second post with Azalina (Zoom) announcing her intentions of battling for it if nominated.

Should be interesting, but five months is way too long to hold my interest in the way things go. :)

God bless.

Anonymous said...

My dear,

Why talk about which Wanita UMNO becomes who or what?

Honestly, who really cares? And what significant implication does it have for the trajectory of our beloved country, anyway?

To go further, how does the issue of who will be the strongest leader s of UMNO (Najib, Muhyiddin, Razaleigh, Mukhriz etc.) make our country a better place? Indeed, how so when their party is so mired in widespread corruption that has spread to all corners of our country from kampung to municipality to district to state?

Let us speak about more progressive, pragmatic and constructive matters, my dear Nuraina.

We Malaysians have given UMNO its deserving and due attention. Let's move on now. Let's not dwell and waste time on the charades of a corrupt organisation.

Let's discuss things needing urgent attention in our country, matters that are of direct consequence to the rakyat.


Anonymous said...

ladyRP was just wondering what happened to Ms Nuraina as there
were no postings for some time
but am glad to see you back.

Unknown said...

The Iron Lady went through worse than this...
It doesn't matter how she goes but never let her go off without respect or she may decide not to go at all...

Unknown said...

Hi Nuraina,

Happy to see you are back, well, alive and kicking.. keep blogging

Anonymous said...

Why should Sharizat do anything stupid. Even though Nurul knocked Sharizat out of Lembah Pantai, Pak Lah still gave Sharizat a big pocket money for doing nothing. That's UMNO for you folks ... Wali Kota

Anonymous said...

It all depends on Rafidah. The ball is in her court. Her decision shall define her place in Wanita’s history. If she is true to herself in acknowledging the fact that she had lost her place and been sidelined by the powerbrokers, this is the perfect opening for her to move over gracefully and not wait for June next year to step aside. What are a few months of unnecessary hassle and back biting going to achieve? It just adds to the misery of not only Rafidah but more realistically, to her family members too.

Sharizat is not going to rock the boat when she can see the tide running out. She has got nothing to loss and all to gain.

Those who are gunning for earlier transition are jocking for favorable positions. Some could be genuine in their political overtures but most are probably opportunists.

So Puan Rafidah, it is your call.

Anonymous said...

You are back in action finally. Saw u at rocky's, i know yer fine. God bless

Glad 2 c u again


Anonymous said...

wah...good to see you are back..so many things happened around us and yet no comment from you...glad finally you post something in this blog...cheers!

Anonymous said...

aina dear, humans...humans...SIGH !
The mighty living universal GOD has wanted all his created humans to live 'happily & harmoniously' & 'worshipping' HIM but the jealous
evil satan is causing all the chaos
among different races = the so-called ' prince of darkness' is controlling the earth & continuing
to do so TILL all humans realise this = turn to the 'true & living'
GOD for HELP & FIGHT against the devil ....SIGH....susah lah, aina !