Friday, October 24, 2008

Anwar Is In No Hurry..... bring down the Barisan Nasional-led Federal Government.

Ok. I changed my mind. I thought of not talking politics but I can't resist posting this AP report:

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim acknowledged that he won't be able to bring down the government any time soon but said he is in no hurry to take over given the nation's economic problems.

Anwar had previously claimed that he would get enough ruling party lawmakers to defect to unseat the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi by Sept. 16.

However, he missed his self-declared deadline. Anwar has asked Abdullah for a face-to-face meeting to discuss voluntary power transfer, but the prime minister has refused.

Anwar told reporters yesterday he is still aiming for a "peaceful orderly transition" but said his options have diminished. Abdullah also has refused to call a special Parliament session to hold a vote on confidence in his leadership, he said.

Anwar said this amounted to the opposition being denied "constitutional legal options" to bring down the government.

"We have lost two options ... (but) there's 10 to go. ... We are working on it," Anwar said. He has refused to reveal the names of lawmakers purportedly willing to defect, saying they will be subject to coercion if their identities are revealed before the time is right.

"We are not in a terrible hurry. Particularly in the present economic downturn we need to engage with government leaders to ensure that they take the right measures," he said.

Malaysia's stock market has plunged 37 percent this year amid the global financial crisis. The government also expects its economic growth forecast of 5.4 percent for 2009 to dip, partly because of lower demand for key exports such as palm oil and crude oil. Some analysts predict growth of only 3.4 percent.

Anwar's People's Alliance coalition won an unprecedented 82 seats in the 222-member Parliament in March elections, gaining ground as the government's popularity plummeted amid racial disputes, a weak economy and corruption accusations.

Anwar refused to set a new deadline to topple the government but said it will be done "with an element of surprise."

He dismissed suggestions that his goal was becoming tougher to reach after Abdullah recently announced he will hand over power in March to his deputy Najib Razak, who commands much greater loyalty from ruling party bosses.

Anwar said Najib's position is shaky amid accusations of abuse of power.

"This is the first time in history where you have a prime minister designate hounded and haunted with serious allegations," Anwar said.

The most recent accusations involve the purchase of military helicopters while Najib was defense minister. Najib has denied suggestions that the prices were inflated.

Anwar said his opposition alliance, if it takes power, would curb expensive projects and cut operating expenditures, channeling more funds instead to develop education, public transportation and housing.


Unknown said...


Saint Anwar said; …Abdullah has refused to call a special Parliament session to hold a vote on confidence in his leadership. Anwar said this amounted to the opposition being denied "constitutional legal options" to bring down the government.

Saint Anwar, yang tengah bersidang sekarang ni bukan ke parlimen? Apasal awak tak langsung utarakan cadangan tersebut?

Awak ni bercakap ke bercerita?

Tolonglah kesian dan hormat kepada penyokong awak.

Mereka adalah manusia-manusia mendoa dan mengharapkan kejayaan terhadap perjuangan mereka.

Saya mungkin tidak bersetuju dengan mereka, tetapi lebih terpukul melihat awak menghina dan meludah maruah mereka.

crower said...

I thought someone said that "we have the numbers" ?

Have we been lied to ? ....... again ?

Anonymous said...

So... What's gonna happen to all the kerusis that BABI brought? and the ones that Tian Chia import from Taiwan?

Wakakakakkkaaka... I guss BABI screwing his supporter backside.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Anonymous said...

1) ANWAR's dream of being a PM is as good as dead.

2) ANWAR have lost all creditbilities. He is now seen as a LIAR simply for the sake for gaining self beneficial coverage.

3) I can confirm many Malaysians who voted against BN will now vote back for BN in the next G.E.

4) By the next G.E., the 5 Pakatan led states will fall back to BN.

5) ANWAR will be pleaded guilty for SODOMY & will be jailed for a long long time.

6) PKR & DAP will close shop. PAS will be merely alive.

7) After ANWAR lands into jail, KIT SIANG will retire from politics.

"Mark my words" & see it for yourselves. Unbelievable it may sound but to reality it will be.

ZORRO said...

Darling, you tahu tak? Anuar ni dah tak betul. No credibility. Macam keling punta belit.

Anonymous said...

Amboi, amboi! hari tu macam tak sabar sangat.

Macam langit dah nak runtuh. Sidang tergemparlah, "increasing by the hour"lah. Nak discuss pasal smooth transition of power lah konon. Surat kat Agonglah etc etc

Dah! cukuplah tu anwar! Sebelum anda benar-benar digelar jenakawan negara


wisesim said...

The change of power in a nation is not so straight forward. Even with the numbers in hand, the transition of power will not happen just like that. We have to have patience and things will happen in due time. DSAI wants a peaceful transition of power even though he has the numbers in hand as we were all informed. That's why he needs the consent of our PM. We need to open our eyes wider as our political environment is different from the western countries. Have faith in DSAI.

Anonymous said...

If before the next general election Anwar can take over the goverment I will take my hat for him.
Unless he read the chinese book call (soon che ping far)

Anonymous said...

Siapa suruh percaya dengan dia ni. Dah dari dulu orang cakap semua yang dia cakap tu takda sebenarnya. Tapi ada juga yang dok layan dan mengharap. Sekarang tengk, tak habis2 dengan helah dan cakap2 nak cover je. Takda apa dah.

Anonymous said...

Better read also apa komen barulah rahsia DSAI terdedah lagi.- adaus

NURFAZ said...

dah baca komen nurfaz dalam banyak lagi rahsia DSAI terdedah....

ChengHo said...

sometime in march 2009 when finally Najib taking over at least half of Pakatan MPs will crossover to BN. most of this MPs is Najib supporter outside Umno.

Anonymous said...

anwar !? u can forget about him to be a pm ! but he is a better opp leader in the parliment atleast he speaks fluent bm !!

Anonymous said...

Wisesim will continue to pray and have faith in DSAI.
Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

(heha) : anwar = an-war = end-war
= no-war = ending = habis = END !