Friday, January 26, 2007

A Little Bru

Staying Cool -- And United
Rocky arrived at Wisma Denmark, Kuala Lumpur, a little after 9am yesterday (Thursday, Jan 25) for his court case. He was accompanied by his eldest brother, Ismail, and friend, Stephen Francis.
My sister Maria and I took the LRT from the Bangsar Station to the Dang Wangi stop and reached Wisma Denmark at about 9.40am.
As we were walking towards the building, we could spot Rocky from among the small crowd of well wishers, friends and reporters that had already gathered in the open foyer.
He was his usual self -- cool and composed. Smiling and acknowledging waves from people.
His case was scheduled to be heard in chambers at about 10am on the 10th floor of the building. Among those who were there to give Rocky moral support were A Kadir Jasin, Jeff Ooi (against whom NSTP and three individuals have also filed a defamation suit), Syed Imran, Ahmad A Talib, Salahuddin, Bernard Khoo and Tony Gayandato.
This was the outcome - (from Rocky's Bru latest post):

"1. Today was set for hearing of the injunction against me.
2. My lawyers filed an application to strike out the suit yesterday.
3. On the request of both parties, the Court set 22 February (230pm) to hear the
striking out application. It is to be heard before the injunction
application which is also set for mention on the same day.
For clarity, there is no injunction order against me.
4. Further, the lawyers for the Plaintiffs this morning raised the issue of comments by readers made on this blog in respect of my postings of 18 and 24 January which may be seen as prejudicing the case. My lawyers asked for time to look at the said comments.
The Court set 29 January (900am) for both parties to inform the Judge of my position."

My take on this : Here is a credible and responsible blogger who is being sued for defamation. Rocky is among Malaysia's most influential socio-political bloggers who have set an admirable standard in blogging.
What is the hope then for Malaysia's blogging community?
We want to promote responsible blogging. Right. Here we have one. A model blogger. A gentleman blogger who does not hide behind the cloak of anonymity, who does not use profanities to criticise his subjects. And who does not encourage the use of profanities among his commentors.
If I felt that Rocky had defamed me, I would sort it out with him. Going to court would certainly not be my first or only option.
So, you start asking why Rocky? Why Jeff?
But, you know. The answer is crystal clear.

My friends, Good Night and Good Luck!


Sheih said...

Will yopu be there on Tuesday? Shall we take the LRT together...


yes.. i will be there.
and tht's a good idea. we can take the LRT together.

Idham said...

This is me...introducing myself to you with a greetings and salutation!

I will be following this case - as a fanatic blogger myself - i believe in a freedom of expressions. We malaysian need to stand up and walk together to uphold this freedom.

Pls keep us updated - from ur perspective.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nuraina,

Jest tell Rocky, majority NSTP journalist is with Rocky. We have to maintain our 'elegant' silent, but our heart is with him.

Wartawan NSTP

Anonymous said...

well, kak nuraina, if some defames me, i may or may not sue. if he/she is someone i can't stand, i will sue. if he/she is someone responsible and gentleman/lady, i will do what you said you will do, and that is to sort it out with the writer.

rocky's case is unique. i agree he is responsible and a gentleman. thousands will agree with me and you.

but someone really, really can't stand him. someone hates his guts. thus, the defamation suit.

well, it is with the court of law now. we have lawyers and we have learned judges. let the Yang Ariffs decide. we can only pray that the responsible and gentleman will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am with Idham. Please update us in your own style of writing. The others don't narrate what happen. I like the details. More details, better. Like what the guy wears, if he had for breakfast, and things like that.

I will look forward to your postings on Monday and Tuesday!

Thanx Nur.

Anonymous said...

Sdri Nuraina,

Saya juga mau naik LRT bersama Jalan Sudin. Mari kita naik LRT ramai-ramai pada hari Selasa untuk memberi sokongan muhibah kepada Sdr Jeff Ooi.

Sebenarnya, pembaca blog di Malaysia bertuah kerana sekarang ini timbul ramai penulis dan wartawan hebat dengan blog mereka.

Tulisan Sdri Nuraina, contohnya. Rata-rata saya baca akhbar (di internet, dah tak beli NST, BH, Metro dan Mail) tak ada yang menulis cerita perbicaraan dengan gaya yang mahu orang baca, seperti gaya Jalan Sudin. Syabas, dan harap teruskan!

Cuma, kalau ada gambar, lagi bagus! (kalau ada gambar Sdri Nuraina, molek benarlah).

Saya doakan pemblog-pemblog negara semua sihat walfiat. Perjuangan kita baru bermula!


Adik 3540 Jalan Sudin,

Nampaknya ramai yang sedang bersiap sedia untuk Menapak Bersama Rocky dan Jeff minggu ini. Alhamdulillah. Bila saya baca tentang kehadiran blogger-blogger ternama dan bernama seperti The Scribe, Pahit Manis, Kuda Ranggi, Sang Kelembai, Screenshots, Disquiet, dan ramai lagi, termasuk Jalan Sudin sendiri, saya dapat merasakan bahang yang sudah tentu dirasakan oleh pembesar2 negara ini, rakyat Net, dan orang2 kampung.

Antara sebab ramai yang mengikuti kes NSTPx4 vs Rocky dan NSTPx3 vs Jeff Ooi ialah kerana banyaknya blog-blog yang memperjuangkan hak kedua blogger dan hak mereka juga. Blog seperti Jalan Sudin tidak "gempak" seperti Rocky's Bru dan Screenshots, tetapi pengaruh Adik Nuraina tidak kurang hebatnya.

Moga Jalan Sudin tidak patah semangat dalam perjalanan yang pasti penuh onak duri.

Saya yang menyokong.