Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dangerous Times

And Living Dangerously
Two very well-known bloggers are being sued for libel by a newspaper, its deputy chairman, CEO, GEIC and its former GE. Another who had "disappeared" for a while, re-emerged in a different mode but made a swift return to his former popular style, has also been threatened with a lawsuit.
Before all this action was being taken against these guys, we heard about one of them, Sheih Kickdefella, having received threats that must have really spooked him, and the blogging community.
But he got back and picked up where he left off. And everyone is happy that he is back and kicking. But before he could say "next showing", he was spooked again. This time with legal action.
The other two -- Rocky (Rocky's Bru) and Jeff Ooi (Screenshots) -- face court action that will be set in motion this month, I am made to understand.
All I can say is that they all must have spooked some people or made some people very very very angry.
And these angry people are hitting back.
When Sheih was being targeted by some very sinister people, bloggers were told to "watch your back".
Now bloggers are being warned "Watch what you write!"
Berani bikin, berani terima padah! And this works both ways.
Funny thing. These three guys are immensely popular. We open their blogs to read and see their postings. We tell them they are doing a good job.
We thank Rocky for posting scoops that the mainstream media follow up on but don't care to admit. Jeff for his critical analyses and Sheih for his creative talents.
We tell them "keep on blogging", "don't stop".
And they keep on blogging, in their names.
But do we fear for them?
Today, these three are being threatened with lawsuits that, in the short term, are aimed at silencing them and in the long term, possibly, bankrupting them.
Oh my, what have I got myself into?
Some people say that the authorities are coming down (hard) on bloggers, seeing that some blogs have grown in popularity and are already influential.
These popular blogs happen to be pretty critical of certain political leaders, corporate figures and high profile individuals.
So, are bloggers like Rocky, Jeff , Sheih and others whose identities are known, living dangerously in dangerous times?
Well, they began to live dangerously the day they started blogging with their names and identities known to all and sundry.
Another question comes to mind -- will this threat (lawsuits) spook our three friends that they will cease and desist what they've been doing?
Today is no less dangerous than yesterday for anyone brave enough to push the limit, to go against the tide.
Sometimes, though, it is not even about pushing the limit. It's just about displeasing some people. You see, sticks and stones may break your bones but sometimes, words can really really hurt.


Anonymous said...

sticks and stones can't hurt these people. words can. and you are right, cik nuraina, these bloggers must have spooked some people real bad.

in the kickdefella's case, his posters rain sticks and stones on scumbags. of course those who don't eat tabasco won't feel hot. kickdefella should do a nice poster on rocky's bru, jeff and himself and then one on those people who are after the three bloggers.

those posters will be a scream, i tell you.

yes, these are dangerous times. but not for bloggers only. for those who try to speak the truth. to tell the government where it has gone wrong. for those who try to wake his highness from his slumber.

you take care. and then, publish and be damned! these people don't scare me.

but then again, i am an anonymous blogger.


Wah, memang sahlah Nuraina anak Pak Samad! Tiada gentar menulis tentang tiga wira blogger yang sedang diancam kuasa media besar di negara ini.

Saya percaya sebenarnya ini suata perang proksi antara kerajaan yang ditadbir oleh Pak Lah dengan barisan pemblog, yang bernama dan yang anonimus (tidak bernama).

Sebab kalau sah desas-desus yang saya juga dengar (bahawa yang mengamcam untuk menyaman Rockybru, Jeff Ooi, dan Sheih Kickdefella adalah macai-macai dari Jalan Riong), maka inilah pertama kalinya sebuah syarikat media mengheret bloggers ke makhamah.

Dan syarikat media ini, seperti umum maklum, mempunyai hubungan yang amat rapat dengan kerajaan pimpinan Pak Lah (ada juga yang menuduh syarikat ini menyorok talibarut kerajaan sebuah negara jiran kita).

Pak Lah sendiri tidak akan menyaman pemblog2 Malaysia kerana tindakan sedemikian akan membuat beliau lebih tidak popular lagi. Jadi kenalah gunakan proksi, atau macai2 tadi.

Semoga macai2 itu hancai di makhamah dunia dan jua di makhamah yang baqa'.

Shanghai Fish said...

These bloggers (real people with real names !) are more popular then the subjects they write about and these 'subjects'-if they are worth their salt, know they are vicious, greedy, rich and powerful with connections too ! It takes a good and keen a nose to expose the rats and 'shutting-up' of daring and honest bloggers will not clear the conscience of these men of ill-will!
And you can't keep a good man down. Cheers Bloggers...especially Rocky, Jeff and Sheih. We are here for you !
God bless ye merrymen!

Anonymous said...

Truth has a way of unsettling politicians.As Malaysians, let us not be intimidated by those who govern.We put them there in the 1st place and through peaceful means we can bring them down if they misplace the trust we give them. History is littered with examples of people speaking their minds freely and with good intent.In a democracy you can own a patch of land,a constituency or precious jewel but you cannot own the mind of the individual.

So lets stay the course and continue to practice responsible blogging. The ones who intimidate cannot intimidate those who seek truth, speak truth and desire only a safe country to live in for all.

Sheih said...

I envy your writing more than I envy Christiano Ronaldo footworks. If today is the last day I blog, I can say, what the heck... because 3540 Jalan Sudin is there.

Who needs NST when we have you, Rocky, Jeff and all Malaysian Blogger. Hey we have quality here and it's free.

ilene said...

You're so right - words really hurt people's feelings and what more when it's in a blog where the whole world has access to it. Sometimes when people tambah salt & pepper then the whole picture goes out of proportion!

Anonymous said...

(Ina this story has a lot to do with everything, if you can use it!)

Saudari Nuraina!

Najib Razak will be flying in a helicopter to Johor to be with the flood affected people. As a DPM he is doing everything in his power to alleviate the suffering of the flood victims. He has ordered assistance and aid to be conducted in an orderly manner and he had to cut short his much needed off days to come back to supervise the disaster. He is not taking any excuses from anybody or any group or anyone when it comes to assistance and aid for the affected flod victims. Under the present circumstances he is doing anything and everything that he can as a leader. Meanwhile Moron like Anwar Ibrahim, while strugglng in English (complete with his Wahhabi acent)to explain to Aljezeera his raison de'tre (reason being), he should go to the flood affected areas in Johore or anywhere in the country if he has any instinct being a "leader" to help the people but instead he is plotting with the DAP to dismantle everyhting the government is trying to do! No! Anwar has no instinct of being a leader otherwise he is not where he is today. Pseudo-intellectual does not make one a leader and please allow the deputy prime minister cum the deputy Umno president to do his job! And if anyone, Anwar included, has nothing good to say about a good leader he or she should just shut up! So Anwar Ibrahim please stop making serious insinuation and innuendo about other people, because there are still many many people who still doubt about your being innocent, and do you want to know why many many people still doubt your innocence, because you have been victim of insinuation and innuendo, so stop doing it to others it is just not fair.

Yours truly
Rusdi Mustapha.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nur,

Checks and balances are important for everyone whether government or opposition, blogger or non blogger. Each can or may otherwise get carried away. That is why we have elections every 4 years to allow individuals to cast their respective vote, without fear or favour.What's important here is that truth prevails no matter from whom and that ultimately our rakyat yang muhibah be the winner and judge.

Kak Teh said...

Ena, I was afraid it would come to this. Please take care.

KopiSoh said...

Nuraina, I don't quite understand, how can bloggers be slapped with lawsuits, I thought blogs were just personal opinions, thoughts and feelings, how can that be wrong? Oh btw I added you to "my peeps" is that OK? If not just say the word and I'll take it off, it's easier than tumpang lalu sentral station each time I want to come here. I am learning a lot from your blog.

Anonymous said...

To rusdi, Anwar was, is and will still be my hero. Long live Anwar, the PM-designate of the country.

wonda said...

Some readers read blogs with vulture's eyes waiting to devour. Please take care.

A Mature Student said...

Nuraina, alamak, I dah jadi blur blur. Commented in the wrong post.
Anyway, may God give you wisdom so that this blog will help and encourage a lot of Malaysians yet at the same time not be attacked by some people who just want to make trouble.
Sometimes, it is not what you write but the comments from others on your blog that create a sense of backlashing the country and govt.
Be brave but be careful. :)

Anonymous said...

Tun Dr Mahathir sewaktu menjadi PM. dikecam hebat oleh laman web pembangkang. Ada yang menggelarnya mahazalim, firaun dan macam-macam lagi yang keterlaluan. Dr M tak saman mereka pun sebab tak ada yang hendak dirunsingkan. Bagi Tun berani kerana benar.Bagi tau kat kawan-kawan bloggers, jangan takutlah sebab tindakan mereka tu double standard. Tak tau lah pulak kalau mereka ada bukti yang terlalu kukuh. Kalau peribadi mereka terjejas, kena buktikan lah sama ada ia disebabkan tulisan bloggers atau ada sebab lain. Soal subjektif ni susah lah. Bolehkah siapa-siapa kenal pasti siapa yang baca blog-blog tertentu? Ia berbeza dengan surat khabar yang kita tau di mana ia diedarkan. Jangan bimbanglah semua berjalan lancar. Mudah-mudahan.

tokasid said...

Most of the time, the truth causes lots of pain and agony to ' orang yg berkuasa'. And the daily exposure by rocky and jeff was too much for them.
Kickdefella's movie posters smacked them on their faces.

Its actually no suprise that bloggers are being monitored.It was the same during the Reformasi period. SB were stationed at many Telcos to monitor smses and phone calls.

Kak ena, minta izin sikit ye: Rusdi is very emotional when it comes to Najib and Anwar.He must have hated Anwar so much. Najib is doing something to the flood victims because he is the DPM and the PM is not at home. Will Najib be doing the same if he is not the DPM? If he is an 'outsider' like Anwar is now?I doubt it Rusdi. And most of the time the media tunjuk Najib asyik lawat mangsa banjir di Pahang saja...well thats his homeground.

To rocky, jeff and sheih: keep blogging but be careful.Be strong.You never know if you have to go to court, you 'fans' and supporters will fill the court house to the brim.

Living in Malaysia is always dangerous to those that have different ideas from the ruling elites.

Jorji said...

Bila aku tengok 4 keping duit RM50 dalam wallet aku....itulah yang mangsa banjir dapat dari sumbangan kerajaan.Aku tau,menjelang esok tinggal 3 keping je...apa agaknya satu keluarga mangsa banjir nak buat dengan 4 keping duit RM50?

Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading your blog.