Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Warming Up

Bread, Butter or Politics?
Pressure, pressure, pressure! I know I don't have my hawk-eyed bosses anymore to go through my columns or analyses. That had never been a problem for me when I was at the NST. Bosses will be bosses. But where I had been for a long time before I left last year, there was a great degree of trust in my sense of judgement and, basically, my capabilities.
I have left the "view my complete profile" quite incomplete.
Perhaps I should say that my last-held position at the NST was as deputy chief news editor. I was political editor before that, and news editor before that.
Joined the NST right after college (then ITM) in 1978. Went to Boston University for a year and returned to NST to resume work.
I have also not indicated what my blog is -- whether it is narrative or issues-driven. In the style and mode of Rocky's Bru, Kak Teh's Choc-a-Blog, MarinaM's ranting, Jeff Ooi's screen shots, Tengku Elida's Mokciknob or Sheih's Kickdefella?
Oh! What a smorsgasbord of ideas and models.
Can I just be me?
Was with MarinaM and Rocky (and later Azmi Anshar, my bro-in-law) yesterday at Austin Chase.
Rocky thinks I should do what I do best (it seems!) -- comment about politics.
Marina says be what you want to be, write what you like. (my kind of woman!)
Azmi -- "whatever you like-lah".
Pressure, pressure, pressure. A different kind.
You are really bare and naked. You are so exposed. You can also be so vulnerable.
How much of my life do I want to share with others? How gung-ho should I be?
Do I do a Kak Teh? Do I do a Rocky or Sheih?
It is so easy to lose track, to be free in blogosphere. At the same time it is hard because you are your own editor, gate-keeper, and judge. You have to know how much to give and how much to hold back.
It is so easy to whack the government, political parties, politicians and individuals liberally and unrestrained. It is harder to do so tactfully, with maturity and style.
So I have, ahem, decided. No surprises. I will ------ be myself and write about anything and everything I like. That excites me. That stimulates me. That shocks me. And that pleases me.
Bread, butter and politics.
Now that I am on the outside, looking out, with a lot of time doing so, I think I will have a lot of fun. I am on a roll, people.
What a start!


Kak Teh said...

ena, why didnt you tell me you have started??? and what do you mean by do i do a kak teh?

am linking you at www.sentraalstation.blogspot.com pronto!

Anonymous said...

kak nuraina,
best nya dapat tahu kak aina dah mula blog. cerita sajalah apa2. tak kisah. politik atau peribadi (yg kak aina sudi share dgn kita). best jugak nak dengar cerita kak aina punya life story dari kanak2 di singapura, di jalan sentosa, di PJ, di Uitm, di Boston (ada Pak We, ke di sana?) sampai dewasa, anak2, perkahwinan, dan juga pasal Pak Samad.
Apa khabar Pak Samad?
Kami dengar dia ke Singapura? Ada a little bird kata, macam2 hal sebelum Pak Samad ke Singapura. betul, ke? ceritakan lah.


siti tanjung perak.

Anonymous said...

hi nuraina,
What a pleasant surprise. yes yes. about time too. 50 YEARS OLD!!!! you must be joking. then again..let me count. oh dear. yah-lah.
nuraina samad. long time at NST. what a waste. such a wealth of experience.
must be a good reason you decided to leave. let me guess. no no. care to tell us why. perhaps not, huh? let it be. let it be. move on, my dear. and I see, that you already have. editor-in-chief to boot, some more.
i know some of yr girls and boys at the NST. for real, mah, they were sad that YOU left.
ayoh. these young ones.
anyway. very excited that u have joined the bloggers.
i must thank rocky for telling THE WORLD about your blog. i had to search for it. i think his posting went kaput midway. i hope he fixes it.

Ta Ta

Yara said...

Hi. Got your blog addy from Kak Teh's blog. I am glad that I clicked on it and now have another site to visit to satisfy my craving for pieces written by very good writers that I know I can never aspire to be.

I have linked you to my blog to make it easier for me to drop by 3540 Jalan Sudin in the future.

Jo Kontan said...

Whoa !

Just hoppin' by KTC-O-B. :-)

Dengan pengalaman luas serta ber-latarbalakang-kan penulisan..

Sure best nii !!

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

Just a fellow blogger that is very anxious to read what ur gonna write


Bergen said...

Got to know about your blog via Kak Teh.

Anonymous said...
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cakapsiang said...

Just write whatever you feel is right, if you ask me... I would still prefer you to write about politics!

MarinaM said...

As a veteran of one month,I'd like to welcome you to the bloggerhood.Do what you like, after a while you'll figure out what you really want to write about. That's what I'm hoping for myself anyway. It's been fun so far.

wonda said...

Can't wait to read more. Blog on. We are honored to have Kak teh's friend as our friend too.

Anonymous said...

Singapore-born, eh?

Did you ever get the feeling that you should have remained in the "little red dot" down south? Seeing as how they are #1 in this and that?

I ask this in good faith, having being exposed to both the Malaysian and Singaporean ways of doing things.

Wondering Mind said...

Hi Auntie,

Syabas! Look forward to reading your rantings!

Azrin Zizal

MrHairALot said...

I think you should write as you wish, mixing your personal and profesional experiences over the years. I'm sure you have hell of a lot to tell and share with the blogoreaders.
NSTP is a poorer place without you, i'm sure. Maybe you start with your fun filled journey in Pakistan not too long ago with Mister Datuk and friends, especially the van ride through the mountains...we had such a laugh through it all, eh?

Shue said...

welcome.Happy writing! will definitely drop by frequently soon!

Walski69 said...

Welcome to the blogosphere... or bloggerhood, in Walski-speak. Just a fellow blogger, who's quite eclectic in subject matter that I try to cover... so the this, that, and the other format would do just fine...

Marina M is probably right... best to be yo' self... Welcome to the alternate cyber-reality they call blogging...

HeadLiner said...

More power to you..

KopiSoh said...

Kak Teh suruh I mai sini so here I am, welkam welkam to the "world of blogging". Let me introduce myself, I ni Kopi Soh from Fatty Poh's kopitiam, sometime kak teh drop by to relax, makan and sembang, kopi O awes free wan kalau senang hop overlah.

A Mature Student said...

Nuraini, hopped over from Kak Teh's blog to welcome you to the blogging world. Wow, now I have two professional famous bloggers to visit.....***feeling of pride***, also when you free, we actually meet at Firehorse's kopitiam everyday for a laugh.

tokasid said...

Salam to NS

jengok2 sini lepas dpt tau dr kakteh( cokelat).
InsyaALLAh with your experience dapat mencerahkan kemuraman negara.

Anonymous said...

Penulisan berkaitan dengan 'public interests' semestinya perngisian yang terbaik untuk menarik kunjunagn yang berterusan.....

Komentar berkaitan dengan isu-isu semasa dan polisi semasa semestinya menjadi pilihan para pelawat disini....

Selamat berIdea dan berkongsi kisah dan fakta sama ada baru ataupun terdahulu bersama-sama dengan kami.....


Anonymous said...

nuraina, as a former colleague, i welcome you to blogworld. good to hear from you. anyway, you were one of the most dignified editors in the nst. you were never harsh. you conducted yourself well. you have class, sister.

Anonymous said...


Being a journalist, i suggest you comment on politics.

In malaysia, politics rule every inch of a malaysian's life.. malaysian politics don't leave you alone... fuel, toll, education, stupid ministers, newspapers run down by politicians.

Not commenting on politics is like living in a cave.

Unknown said...

why is so much politic talk in 'bekas wartawan malaysia' blog?

do we really need politik to move the masses/rakyat?

i just went to ron and he sounded so happy because another blog is pop out.

and bila saya lawati, cerita politik lagi..why?

why cannot give more of non political issue , kita nak tolong banjir pun kene tenguk politik..how shallow kan?

mesti ada de-politiking cleansing mind, ini lah sikap sepatutnya untuk membina bangsa malaysia.

anway epi blogging to whoever u r.