Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Long Journey

The Start
Rocky's journey through uncharted terrain begins on Thursday, January 25 where his case will be heard at the High Court in Wisma Denmark, Kuala Lumpur, at 10am .
Let's walk with him.
See you there, Rocky. And we wish you all the best!
Remember, you are not alone...


Anonymous said...

Rocky Bru! There will be a batallion there for you. Not onlookers, but soldiers. Fight them for us, brother!

Anonymous said...


I wont be selling my mee rebus on that day!

I will be there.

Anonymous said...

Will be there in spirit. All the best and God bless.

Anonymous said...


"They" will not stop with Rocky and Jeff. Another expected casualty -- who writes (and edit as well) for a glc magazine (office in Sepang) is also in the firing line, literally and figuratively speaking!

Now U have been alerted (or shall i say warned?)on this!!


Anon bacul 2.29Am!

What the hell you trying to warn Nuraina about?

Just because you scare easily does not mean every one else scares easily.

Tukar taktik lapok tu! This is kurun 21 la dayus!

Anonymous said...

Kak Ina,

Blogging has made me realised our peculiar birthdates. I don't know what these numbers meant or its significance but each time I see two groups especially they are of the same religion fighting, I get a little paranoid. If I could use or make a difference regardless how small to stop further casulty, so GOD help me I will try to do so. There is something to learn from Saddam's hanging.

Anonymous said...

I do not know much about cyber laws. However, I think, there are a lot of reports in the blog can be considered "libel" accusations against many people before and now. Like Dr M, people branded him as mahazalim, mahafiraun and many others. He did'nt take action against anybody. There are also letters about business transactions, recommendations for some purposes and so on accompanied with the reports in the blogs. No denial nothing. Its its true or false? More things will be exposed once the hearing begins. I don/t thing sueing the bloggers is a wise thing to do. I don't know, may be they want to expose themselves for many other wrongdoings they have done.


Anonymous said...

Dear all,

Let both sides be sane about this whole process, the face off should be done professionally. Supporters of each not get carried away and be good examples to society.
After all, God is King and what goes around comes around and around.


Sheih said...

Dear Nuraina,

I trust you are used to all the UGUTAN.
I trust your dad has plenty to share with you too.

This is part of the game.

I am learning to enjoy it. I bet you had learned to play the game long time ago.

Stay strong to all of us. Stay together. Like the old saying BIAR PUTIH TULANG JANGAN PUTIH MATA.

Patah Sayap Terbang Jua!


Lubok Melayu: Hah Sang Wira yang bisa ku harapkan untuk membela sahabat2 ku, bangsa ku, agama ku dan negara ku.

Sheih: I will send u a poem by my arwah Pak Cik Tongkat (allayarham Usman Awang). Still looking for that poem. For now let me just say this:

Tiada kata-kata
Tiada ucapan
lembut atau kasar
yang ku takuti

Tiada ugutan,
tiada kekasaran
yang ku geruni

aku hanya
insan yang kerdil

tiada kuasa
tiada kedudukan
tiada jutaan wang

aku bersama mu
kekanda2 dan adinda2
tiada takut
tiada gentar
sheih-- they say i am my father's daughter. i never quite knew what that meant, until these past couple of weeks when i started blogging.
and i thought blogging was a cool way to pass the time, post-semi-retirement.
i know, though, i have bros like you, rocky, lubuk melayu, mat rempit....and sisters like marina and of course my own family.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:29 AM,
Threats. This is how criminals work, right?

Robbers always do that. They might get away after threatening the victims and whoever else nearby. Eventually, we do hope law catch up with them. Otherwise, we are worse off than living in 'cowboys' town.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

I found out from a friend today that his daughter and all her classmates in a school near Segambut were ‘forced’ to buy the NST by their teacher today for an assignment.

Hmmm… I wonder why all of the sudden… I hope it is not a directive from high above to help NST since people are boycotting the paper. Hope not lah. If yes, ini tindakan kejam. The poor girl had to ask extra spending money from he dad.

mokciknab said...

Dear Kak Ena,
Please send my salams to Rocky and Jeff; and please let them know that even thought we're jauh di seberang, our doa's are with them.

It doesn't matter how this turns out, because I think Rocky and Jeff has already won.



apa khabar orang di seberang? what a delightful surprise.
hope you're ok, alhamdulillah. and hubby and kids too..
Have just kirim your salam to rocky and jeff. and they pun kirim salam to you and thanked you for your concern and words of encouragment.
they are both fine. malaysia is fine..

and you take care too...

salam to you and family. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I find all the chest-thumping and irresponsible statements, which include threats to finish off and burn down the NST, against the NST very disturbing. Much as we support Rocky and Jeff, we must not let our 'emotions sway more than our reason' (with apologies to Mark Antony of Julius Caesar fame). We must not forget that it is not the NST which is suing the duo, but the employees, or directors, of NST. Let the courts prove who is a liar. Spewing mindless rhetoric will only hurt rocky and jeff. Let the duo and NST have a say. Right now, the so-called followers of jeff and rocky are behaving like mindless sods who spew hatred. They are like 'blocks, stones, worse than senseless things' (with apologis to Mark Antony again). And a reminder to motherduckers who claim they have stopped subscribing to the NST - we don't need irrational readers like you.

ChemistriX said...

Kak Ena,

You showed me the ropes when I was a naive cadet. I'll never forget the lessons you taught. While I'm on the neutral side (for now), i just want you to know that I appreciate your wisdom, respect your integrity and salute your fight and will always will. God bless!

A Voice said...


this is reality. Those in power will not be afraid to seize whatever is within their means to have things their way.

we are doing what small peopel like us can do. the place that hit them the most is $$$$$. they go tto report profit every quarter. bad press leads to bad business.

we can stop all this. just tell yr boss what to do.

even if you win, plse remember nst will go under. The trend is clear. yr mgmt sucks.

you can stop this or you goin down, man

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


"They" will not stop with Rocky and Jeff. Another expected casualty -- who writes (and edit as well) for a glc magazine (office in Sepang) is also in the firing line, literally and figuratively speaking!

Now U have been alerted (or shall i say warned?)on this!!

2:29 AM

Hello anonymous

Is this an advice or a threat to Nuraina to stop blogging?

Who are you? A friend or a foe?

So she is also in the firing line?

Hmmm by whom? That coward & balless Kali and his macai gang?

Woi berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.

Did he ask you to pass the message?

What are they gonna do to her? Do a Rocky & a Jeff? An Altantunya?

I am telling you this: If anything happened to her, we know who to look for.

Go run & tell this to "they" your master/masters, the pengecuts yang tak de teloq.

monsterball said...

I wish I can be there...but in reality I am needed urgently in my office. Just like to say...I am also with Rocky and all in spirit.

Pak Tuo said...

Salam Kak,

pernah suatu ketika saya terbaca ungkapan dari novel Prammoedaya Anantantor 'Keluarga Gerliya' begini flash backnya '

kata Saaman kepada adiknya Fatimah

'Tim,'didunia ini tidak ada tempat untuk orang yang tidak bersekolah,jestru itu kau harus bekalkan dirimu dengan ilmu supaya kau tidak dipertotokkan dikemudian hari.

Bilang saya kak begini;

'kita semua harus mengblogging supaya kita boleh membekakan diri kita dengan ilmu agar kita boleh mempertimbangankan antara fakta dan noda.

Maaf kak kerana telat memgimbasi comment kakak yang begitu bermakna dan bertuah kerana sudi menziarahi kami.Agak kesibukan sedikit.


Mr. TAR said...

kami, sebagai pembaca biasa yang bekerja di pejabat, tidak dapat (malangnya) untuk mengikuti "journey" ini secara dekat.

Amatlah saya hargai jika pihak Nuraina untuk meletakkan seberapa banyak update tentang perbicaraan.

Sokongan kami adalah untuk kebenaran.

Sekian terima kasih

Anonymous said...

Noraina, its going to be an interesting journey, anyway. Tolong sampaikan pada Rocky. Yang I rasalah tapi I mungkin salah, NSTP perlu ada hujah yang kuat untuk menang sebab setahu saya lah kalau ada pun Rockybru tegur syarikat, ia adalah berasaskan kepada fakta. Pasal circulation jatuh, syarikat rugi dan lain-lain, boleh ditunjukkan dengan bukti. CEO pun kena ada hujah yang kuat sebab Rockybru mempersoalkan prestasi kepimpinan. Rockybru boleh buat perbandingan pemimpin dulu dan sekarang. Begitu juga prestasi GEIC, memang boleh diukur. Malah, tindakan mereka ini boleh makan diri sendiri kerana kelemahan mereka akan terbongkar melainkan mereka melakukan sesuatu yang menakjubkan terhadap syarikat sebelum ini. Brendan pun sama..dia kena ada kes yang kuat untuk saman Rocky. So..nothing to worry.


Suci Dalam Debu said...

Please help us save NST from being hijacked by the you-know-who for their own devious interests.

Ramai yang akan menjadi mangsa kalau tak kawan.

To Ooi and Rocky, Agi Hidup Agi Ngelaban.

kingbinjai said...

may the force be with him

Anonymous said...

saya setuju dengan nstman bahawa issue saman 2 blogger ini telah menimbulkan banyak retorik, janji, ugutan, igauan dlll.semua kata-kata ini mesti dikotakan kalau hendak dianggap benar.

pada saya tak guna melenting dan meletup setiap kali isu kebebasan press, media dan sekarang ini blogspot dipersoalkan. berilah pendapat secara rasional tanpa maki-hamun. janganlah memihak semata-mata kerana nak sokong abang atau adik atau rakan sekerja yang disayangi.

kita kata orang pilih kasih, kita pun sama. kita kata orang sokong kroni, kita pun apa kurang? apa bezanya?

akhir kata saya yakin "nepotism" dan "cronyism" adalah perkara biasa dan sejagat. siapa yang kita nak percaya kalau bukan keluarga dan kawan taulan sendiri?

yang penting mesti ada mekanisme dan prosedur kerajaan yang mengawal/menyekat salahguna kuasa dikalangan orang yang berpengaruh.



to anonymous who claims to know me very well and to be just giving me a friendly warning about the risk of losing my job if i continued to blog.
i have not published your comment simply because i don't think you are a friend if you are giving me this 'advice' in my blog.
my faceless friend, do give me a call. i would appreciate that very much.

thank you


Anonymous said...

i won't be there...but my spirit will be there to support rocky bro..

Anonymous said...

Nuraina Samad,

I am sorry but I did not say i am a friend of yours, was only giving a friendly advice. I just know you and rocky, like everyone else who know you and rocky, pak kadiaq jasin and others.

Its ok if my comment is not published (and its ok too if this is one not either) because the point is u got my message. I think i am given by GOD this gift of knowing something would happened before they happened and that is when GOD allows them to happened. I was the one who alerted a young big shot days before his associate was killed when a slab of stone from a construction site dropped on his car and instantly killed him. I have given a another big shot (a VVIP and nothing less!) a friendly advice (to prepare himself and his family)that something drastic would happened to him as per his political fate after the Batu Talam by-election. Called this premonition or by whatever name you like but this is a gift from GOD i think, to do good to my fellow mankind. Also told Mr NST the options he has (and things that would happened and per my premonition) after he chose to sue Rocky and Jeff. Told him to think carefully about what he's gonna do and that if he choses to do what he wanna do (or already done) so he must not backdown midway (any which way)after he would see the consequences of this action to the newpaper, the party and the government's leadership. So the bigshot would ignore my advice at his others' perils.

Four your information, i do not have friends as i chose not to. They are only people who know me and those i whom i know. Just take care of yourselve and leave the rest to GOD. Insyallah, HE protects those who needs HIS protection.

p.s. if u are always around in BSC one day u would probably bump into me at TheDOME, sipping my favorite Cinnamon Latte.

Sesat said...

Dear Nuraina,

As I live in faraway land, I will not be able to join you tomorrow in person for the first round of this "David & Goliath Battle". Nevertheless, my thoughts will be with you all and I will be sending out positive vibes across the Indian Ocean. I was in KL last month, how I wish I am there now instead.

Go get 'em.

Anonymous said...

"Who said it's a man's world?" Well, the late James Brown did.

Cheer up, who know there might be some wise judges out there.



tak usah risau dengan anonymous yang mengaku tiada berkawan, yang percaya bahawa dia mempunyai "gift from God" yang membolehkan dia menelek sesuatu kejadian sebelum perkara itu berlaku. jika takdir ia akan berlaku, ia akan berlaku juga. doa dan tawakal. berani kerana benar.

nasihat saya, jauhi anonymous. orang yang tidak mempunyai kawan semesti seorang yang tidak mempercayai sesiapa dan tidak dipercayai oleh sesiapa.

jadi kenapa perlu kita percaya dengan dia?

nuraina sudah pun kehilangan kerja bila mennyahkan diri sendiri dari nst. rezeki orang yang tidak berhasad dengki murah, sebab itulah saya dengar nuraina sekarang lebih sukses dari masa di nst! kalau takdir hilang kerja kerana menegakkan kebenaran, rezeki yang lebih besar akan datang bergolek.

tak usah endahkan anonymous yang tidak berkawan.
biarkan dia dengan tea cinnamon bercawan-cawan.
di dome dia melangok melihat awan.
kalau dilayan takut kita yang jadi sawan.

teruskan, jangan undur.
kita bukan dari keluarga orang-orang yang bacul.
bakar semangat, jangan untur.
nyah kau lawan la'anat tidak bernama, tiada kawan, and tidak berusul.

kentalkan semangat, adikku. rezeki itu Allah yang tentukan. bukan anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina Samad,

Thats the problem with ppl like these, for he or she is also anonymous. They have no good words to say except for profanities. I shall not be exchanging words with this fella, for it will lower my self-esteem and the best part is that my words of advice are not for fools like this fella, since they do not understand what you say its best not to say at all. But then again, i shall not deal into this too much, it is simply a waste of time, even thinking about these ppl is a waste of time.period.
I will be there at the courthouse tomorrow to follow the proveeding and my best bet is that MOST of those who have been giving so-called encouraging words will NOT be there, simply they dont have the balls (in spiritlah konon!)to show their face for fear of reprisals. I will find you tomorrow, and in case you do not remember me (anymore), i shall make myself known to u.period.

Like i said, take care of yourself and ALLAH shall do the rest.

A Voice said...

You shd follow the way of pk kadiaq. No anonymous at all. IF they are so scared to hide even under a nickname, then what can we say...

Hi&Lo said...

Sdri Nuraina,

Thanks for adding voice to freedom and human decency. I join you and the crowd in spirit.