Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kak Teh's Book

Not Just For Beginners
TAHNIAH to my very good friend Zaharah Othman who is known to zillions as Kak Teh of the very popular Choc-A-Blog blog for her book "Colloquial Malay - The Complete Course for Beginners". The book is written with Sutanto Atmosumarto.
The book , I believe, was published in 2004. I, however, only found out about it very recently from another blog, Dr Ve Thru.
I am so ashamed. I have no excuse. I apologise.
Ah is the syllable by which we fondly call her. A wonderful person and to me, about the sweetest person to walk the face of the earth.
We became fast and firm friends when we first met on the 13th floor of ITM (now UiTM) in Shah Alam more than 30 years ago to start our three-year course in Mass Communications.
Ah and I, together with another Mass Comm buddy, Fatimah Abu Bakar, began our journalism career at the NST in 1978.
Before she could warm her seat, the pretty Kedah lass that she was (and still is), caught the eye and heart of our senior colleague by the name of Wan Hulaimi. They both fell madly in love.
But NST had plans for Wan Hulaimi. He was to be sent to London as correspondent. So they got married and went to the UK.
And England has been their home since.
Ah and Hulaimi have four (as far as I know) beautiful children -- Hafiz, Rehana, Norhana and Taufiq.
Once again, my very dear friend. Congratulations.


wonda said...

Ooooooo.... I love the phrase "madly in love". Kak Teh gave me her book as a Christmas present and I am using it to teach a student here.

~ GAB ~ said...

I have a lot of good things to write when it comes to Kak Teh as well. May be I know her through blogophere but I read much about what she had to write and it simply caught my attention with her style of writing.

I suggested my wife to go through and read Choc-A-Blog blog as well, and after much time she bought, finally she log on to Kak Teh's. And she fell in love with the dances of words Kak Teh if not the colors painted through her brushes.

Hard for her to take compliments from me sometimes due to her humility but I know deep down in her she appreciate it so much, knowing what capacity she's having.

I do believe her friend known as Nuraina is just as HEBAT.

Kak Teh said...

oh dear, i woke up to this? Ena, am so embarrassed laaa. True the book has the other co writer's name, only because he did the template for it for the indonesian book but every word is mine. Wish it could've been better.
Anyway, thank you.

A Mature Student said...

Nuraina, Ah also has 6 cats. She claims that what she feeds the cat depends on the sale of her book which I don't believe for a minute.
Ah, it's so nice to hear about Wan Hulaimi and Ah falling madly in love which I have never experienced. Apart from Wan Hulaimi, Kak Teh is also keeping a mysterious friend by the name of Abang Malaya. Please do read her blog in November, "Balada untuk Abang Malaya". :)
Though I only met Kak Teh once and we write and text each other, the minute I saw her at Hertfordshire, I could sense such a warm, friendly person in her and the love for everyone she meets. It is a pleasure to know Kak Teh.

You are very blessed to have a good friend like her and knowing Kak Teh, she would also say that she is very blessed to have a friend like you.

What a lovely article about Ah.....by the way, why 'Ah'?


Ah (kak teh) - - my dear Ah, i can see your cheeks turning pink. i know how you blush. hahaa... anyway, my intro on you was nothing compared to the tale you told about you, me and fati when introducing 3540 jalan sudin.

wonda -- good for you! I am not sure if Ah is also what her family calls her. But I think it is short for ZaharAH or zAHarah.

Gab -- thank you, kind sir. and i am glad we have people like Kak Teh to make us laugh. to touch us, in the sweetest way.

dr ve thru -- thank you for blogging on her book. we are all blessed to know Kak Teh and through her, many other nice people.
Looks like I have to order her book in bulk to help her feed her cats...

Slimlim said...

Ah, it is oh so nice to read about friends whom i had the pleasure to know, admire, and hold in high esteem especially as a young rookie then walking into the awesome newsroom in balai berita and work in the company of larger than life personalities like Wan Hulaimi, Zaharah, Fati and Nuraina.

Bergen said...

Wan Hulaimi is Awang Goneng. Salute, sir!

kingbinjai said...


Rockybru said...

wan hulaimi should write a book. on anything. or both ah and wan could write a book on their shared life in london, about london, about malaysians who have settled down in london, and, especially, about malaysians who pass through london.
i am sure the book will be a hit here. i am sure many of us need a guide on how to migrate to london.

Anonymous said...

Few people/businesses will be adversely affected, should you decide to migrate, Rocky.

1. Austen Chase BSC losing one hardcore regular.
2. The LIAR at Jalan Riong won't be able to pick on you but then again, am sure even if you are in London or anywhere else for that matter, you gonna carry on writing your blog. I guess, you could still have him fuming hot, jumping up and down no doubt.
3. The PLAGIARIST probably thinking it is safe now to start relocating somewhere, without you hovering behind his back.

Oh, where is my manners! Salam Nuraina. So that was you the other day. It was nice and a pleasure to know you, albeit barely.

gemglow said...

Hi Zahara,

You won't remember this but I met you briefly in your London flat one night in 1978. Then I was with Wan in our ST office in Temple Chambers in Bouverie St.

One night he took me to his home - I can't remember for what now. But I remember the pleasure of meeting you even though I dare say you cannot recall that incident.

I was working for the Singapore Straits Times then.

I made a brief contact with Wan a year or so ago but laterlost his email address.

Tho' hoary and shrivelled today, I still work for ST in Singapore. I have no problems posting my office email address here. plee@sph.com.sg.

Would be garteful if you can get Wan to make contact with me.

Thanks lots. I see you are a much loved person, judging from the comments from your pals in the blogs. This is your life's greatest wealth!