Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Relooking Cold Cases Of Missing Children

This is encouraging news - Bukit Aman has set up a federal police task force  to probe into cold cases of missing kids to determine if there are  links between past and present cases.

I've always believed that we should have had such a body by now seeing that there are just too many unsolved cases of missing kids. And those found -- turned up dead.

Already NUR (National Urgent Response) Alert is in place, although I can tell you that it is not being used as it should but that is another story, (not entirely the police's fault because NUR alert landed on their lap without any prior briefing or training or anything of that sort. One main reason is that it is called NUR -- people confuse it with The Women's Family and Community Ministry's Talian Nur, All  can say is -- I told you so)

Also read THIS.


Inspector-General of Police  Ismail Omar told the New Straits Times the findings of the task force would be used by investigating officers in new missing persons' cases.

My interest in children's welfare, protection, safety and wellbeing is deep. 

William Yau's case reminds me of the horrors of child abduction. Of course, until today, we are not sure what happened to the six year-old that led to his death -- his body was found in a river at Port Klang on Jan 25.
In my Saturday column in the NST on Feb 2, I wrote that the authorities should rethink the way they do things because their SOP has not helped in solving child abduction cases i.e. the killers -- except for a handful -- have never been caught.

Here is my article.

WE all want some closure in the death of 6-year-old William Yau Zhen Zhong. We had hoped for his safe return. We mourned when he was confirmed dead on Jan 24.
So now we wait anxiously as the police try to piece together details of his disappearance leading to his death and recovery of his body in a river.
His case -- as that of other children before him -- has affected not only his immediate family but our community because these cases are often emotionally-charged and with which people can relate to.
We are once again reminded of the horrors of child abduction.
William was found missing on Jan 16. But it was only on Jan 20 that his disappearance was made public. Immediately, the police, with the help of the community, launched a massive search for him.
The names of 8-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin who was abducted in August 2007, 5-year-old Nurul Nadhhirah Abdullah or Dirang as she was fondly called (March 2012), Tin Song Sheng, 7, Ang May Hong, 10, (April 1987) and Nurul Huda Abdul Ghani, 10, (January 2004) are all familiar names of missing children. These kids, except for Song Sheng, were later found murdered.
Song Sheng who went missing in Jan 12, 1996, was believed to have been abducted from SR(J)K Taman Rasah. He was never found.

(I should have also mentioned the names of these little angels -- five year-old Nini (Sharlinie Mohd Nashar) and 2 year-old Nisha Chandramohan.
Nini went missing while playing with her elders sister about 200 metres from their house in Taman Medan in Petaling Jaya on Jan 9, 2008 while Nisha was last seen on June 4, 2010 in Mentakab, Pahang.
Neither has been found.


manmanlai said...

Nuraina,it is time the top brasses in the PDRM do a deep indepth study and research in what is wrong in the implementation of the Nur Alert.For such low sucess rate,something must be structually wrong in the system.

At least Bukit Aman is making some headway for a start into looking at cold cases of children missing.Training of the officers is the most important aspects between success and failures.Still it is better late than never.Hope there will be better results from now onwards.

They should also set up a team to do a study of why there are so many criminals running loose as mongrels all over the country.When Bukit Aman is involved there is always light at the end of the tunnel.They are the cream of the crop.

the toothless fella said...

Most of the time there are no closures to the families of the missing children.Although they are assumed to be dead,or some even smuggled out of the country,it is just assumption.

Anonymous said...

I think that the time is riped for the Hudud laws be implemented,on criminals and child predators,as crime has gotten out of control.

Anonymous said...

I also applaud the police new effort. And I thank you for continuously highlighting issues relating to this in your blog. We are all parents, uncles and aunties to some young innocent children. We feel what the unfortunate parents are feeling.

I also believe that as our society modernize, we will see more cases of social ills that we see in most modern societies of the world such as in North America, Europe and Japan. In this specific case, we cannot discount the presence of psychopathic individuals who prey on children.

Maybe it's time for us to have a specialized enforcement unit the like of FBI specializing on serial killers or pedophiles.


Anonymous said...

Tunku Aziz has a lot to say about the DAP.Wonder what he has to say about missing children.As usual when it comes down to the people in power,he is just like any tikus.

the mean machine said...

Anon 7:10 am

Tunku Aziz is to busy bodeking,to pay any attention to missing children.He is working very hard attacking his former party DAP, to see that he is re-appointed by Umeno for another term as Senator,to his third term.

Anonymous said...

We need Abrahim Ali and his Perkasa to come tackle the criminals and pedophiles.When he is needed for national service where is he and his Perkasa goons.Busy chasing after the Allah and talking bibles.Crazy bitch this Ali Katak.

Anonymous said...

We have politicians and their cronies pitching the Muslims against the Christians,Malays against the Chinese,Indians and others.

When it comes down to criminals,these trouble makers are silent as a street mongrel who has lost her panties.Shame on these protectors of nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina,maybe it is time Bukit Aman tell HM Hisham in the face.Why have hundreds of thousands of Rela personnel,paying them allowances for what?Chasing GRO's of karaokes and couples committing khalwat in parks and hotel rooms.And shaking their bolas.

It is time for the Rela personnels to earn their keep.Go round up the illegals and criminals.Be usefull for once in their lifetime,these useless buta gaji lazy bumbs.

Anonymous said...

Aziz and Abrahim are two of the same kind.Barking dogs that cannot bite.

lesley said...

just an observation:

every media has its own bias..mainstream has been accused by the opposition (who endorse malaysiakini and malaysian insider for more balanced news which is bullshit, of course. just say "alternative news"-lah) but take Malaysian Insider, for instance.

Before 2008 GE, it was run by Pak Lah's 4th floor boys so their stories were all PRO Pak Lah and his adminsitraiton. Very one-sided, presenting all glossy news about Pak Lah's sleepy administration. REMEMBER why PEOPLE voted for the opposition? Remember the shenanigans of SIL?

After 2008, Malaysian Insider began taking a different turn...because, well, you know...so they became hostile to Najib's admin..and the entire BN.

so you can see all the spinning..they are run by MASTERspinners..ask around, people will tell you who they are.

one story about NUR Alert published by MI on Jan 13 2013..
it is a WELLKNOWN fact that NUR Alert or NURIN Alert was it was initially proposed was pioneered by a group of bloggers.

but, that was not mentioned and in a flawed report -- the MI reporter said "following her disappearance, Nurin’s uncle, Jasni Abdul Jalil, had been part of the pioneering group of concerned parents who initiated the original “Nurin Alert”.

Deliberately or plain laziness to check the facts -- it was pioneered by a group of bloggers and Jasni was invited by the bloggers to be part of the team.

The MI bosses, have issues with bloggers because of the history between one of them and one UBER blogger..

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.