Friday, February 08, 2013

Crime Watch..


Three things I feel deeply about -- crime prevention because it means safety for our families and loved ones and of course, in the long run and in macro terms, our country. And crime include crime against children.

Second:: education because it affects the younger generation who is the future of our beloved country.

Third: health because it is about our well-being and it is also about cost and affordability especially for senior citizens.

Not necessarily in that order.

This morning, my youngest sister Nina witnessed a snatch theft along Jalan Dato Abu Bakar just before the traffic lights at the flyover ( left takes you to Phileo and Taman Tun Dr Ismail and right takes you to Bukit Kiara, Bukit Damansara, Bangsar and on the KL).

Two guys on a motorbike. The motorcyclist was weaving in and out of the morning traffic and got to the right side of her car, actually in between her car (Kyron) and a satria on her left.

 My sister had already got her antennae when she heard a motorbike revving up from behind

Since she and her daughter were attacked and robbed in front of the gate at their house in Section 16, PJ on Dec 19 last year, my sister has been  more aware, alert and all psyched up.

.For instance, she quickly kept a keen eye on these two guys to see what they were up to.

The motorbike slowed down and then stopped when it reached the right side of her car. The guys looked at the satria on their right. The satria was heavily tinted.

What happened next was the stuff  you hear and read about or watch on Youtube -- the motobike then went ahead and turned in front of my sister's car, almost "squeezing through", and went to the left side of a car - a Kelisa - in front of my sister's car.

The  motorbike stopped at the left-passenger front window and in one swift and hard blow, the pillion smashed the window, put his hand in, and took out a handbag.

Meanwhile, my sister, was already so angry and was about to take a left turn but the motorbike fled so quickly to the left towards.

The victim (of the Kelisa), was seen taking left, stopped by the side of the road for a while and drove off.

Meanwhile, my sister felt so helpless. The other motorists probably did not know what had happened but if they did there was nothing anyone could do because the SOBs had sped off.

My sister had already known those guys were up to no good but was not able to run them down because they had not committed anything but was too late to do anything after they had committed their crime.

Although she was not the victim, my sister lodged a police report that same day anyway for the simplke reason that she had witnessed a crime.

She said she wanted to make sure that there was on record of a crime committed.

Some people are "malas" or are simply not bothered about making a police report --perhaps nothing of value was stolen. Or perhaps, they don't think it would make any difference.

Also, it seems, policemen in some stations refuse to take down reports of "minor" crime, especially if you have not been robbed.

If you don't report, there will be no record. Perhaps that's why the crime index is low because people are not reporting, or their reports are not accepted.


Old Fart said...

Well, your sister was wise. She has obviously learnt a valuable lesson from our dear Attorney General. Intention to commit a crime or even apeaking of committing a crime apparently is not a crime. You got to wait till they commit it. So, if they come to stab you with a knife, you are really not to defend yourself lest you hurt the person with the knife...Wait till he stabs you then you act...that is if you can still act. Don't ask me...ask the Attorney General to explain his idea of the law.

the mean machine said...

Nuraina,maybe if the few hundreds of thousands of Rela personels were to be deployed on the streets around the cities and towns,they would have overwhelmed the criminals.Afterall it is better then shaking their bolas and getting paid buta gajis.


Nuraina,it is time to set the record straight.Hudud law from now onwards in crime ridden Malaysia.Do you agree?

manmanlai said...

The only way to deter criminals and wannabes from committing or even thinking of committing crimes,in our beloved country is to give them the rotan.And in public,stark naked in Merdeka Square.

Tie them up on stilts,eagle spread their hands and feet and give them three strokes of the rotan with no intervals.Let them faint or drop dead,who cares about these animals anyway.This is the only way to ensure peace of mind,safety and sense of security for the rakyat.

the mean machine said...

Nuraina,if you meet Nasri please ask him how safe is Kuala Lumpur.If his hooligan son who goes around assaulting peace and law abiding security guards,also needs bodyguards to protect himself from criminals,then how safe is the city and the rest of the country.


old fart : if she had knocked them down before they committed the crime, she can be sued. one of them dies, she can be charged for manslaughter. it so happens that her gut and instinct were right, after the fact.

surely you are not condoning that we beat up people before they commit a crime?

and why bring the AG into this. This is a universal piece of law

Snatch Thieves do it for a living said...

You reap what you sow. Most people account that the majority of these snatchers are Malays youths. There are account of chinese and Indians too.

Why dont they work for the slime companies for RM600 per month?

Because they are not stupid. How can you survive on RM900 for living with broadband/ipad/hp etc.

So they turn to crime. It become a vicious circle. They do it because the good life. They do it because there are the victims with money that they dont have.

They do it because they can.

Maybe higher wages and a safety social net can lower crime rates. At least reduce the reason for needing to snatch money rather than slog at an oil palm estate.