Tuesday, February 19, 2013

He Is Still The Richest Malaysian...

From the NST
Hong Kong-based Robert Kuok has maintained his position as Malaysia's richest man with a wealth of RM45.7 billion, despite a 8.0 per cent drop in his fortune, followed by T Ananda Krishnan and Public Bank's Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow.

IOI Corporation Bhd’s Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng maintained fourth spot while the richest Bumiputera entrepreneur in the country is Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary who came in fifth, according to Malaysian Business in a report on the 40 richest Malaysians.

Flamboyant AirAsia chief executive officer, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes was ranked as 15th  with a weath of RM1.77 billion.

Malaysian Business said the wealth of the top 40 richest Malaysians was based on the value of their stake in listed companies as at Jan 20, 2012.

Ananda narrowed the gap with Kuok with a wealth of RM42.99 billion, but it was down by about 6.0 per cent this year, from 2011.

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the gaffe guy who know's said...

They never listed Umno/BN politicians and their families.What a sham.

Anonymous said...

Cronies,cronies and more rich cronies.Very sick people these leeches.Products of Umno/BN.

bludy busy misybodies said...

A few very rich billionaires is good for the inner circle of the very corrupted regime.A small group,their families and cronies sharing a large piece of pie at the expense of tens of millions of Malaysians.Nothing to shout or be proud of.A damned shame.

Unknown said...

hi miss,

i'm a journalism student who currently working on LAT's biography. I've search everywhere to find his contact number for interview purposes. However, i still can't get his contact number / email.

really appreciate if you could guide me on how to contact him.

your reply is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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RCI please... said...

What is wrong with UMNO and the Malays? What no gasp of astonishment and outrage?

A Chinese based in Hong Kong is allowed to be the richest Malaysian. A Hindu Tamil is the second richest. A Tamil Muslim 5th billionaire , a Tamil Hindu 15th billionaire.

Sungguh memalukan. UMNO dan kepimpinannya telah gagal menjaga kepentingan Melayu kerana kekayaan ini bukan di beri oleh British tapi di lakukan selepas merdeka.

Langkah dan semangat nasionalis Melayu perlu diserapkan kedalam UMNO supaya menjadi lebih jati diri dan sayangkan bangsa.

Hanya Melayu yang ada otak dan cekap saja perlu dipilih menerajui UMNO.

Jika dinilai dari kpi nyata sekali kepimpinan UMNO lemah, bangsa Cina dan Tamil billionaire, sedangkan orang Melayu mengemis di negera sendiri seperti kata mantan Presiden UMNO.

Di Korea dan Filipina, ahli perniagaan atau politik akan di siasat jika mempunyai harta yang diperolehi secara korup.

Setakat ini pemimpin tertinggi UMNO cuma gembira dilantik menjadi Chairman kepada syarikat bangsa lain. Mereka pula tidak mempersoalkan ke logiknya mereka makan gaji dengan bangsa lain.

Mungkin RCI diperlukan untuk mengkaji mcm mana mereka ini boleh jadi begitu kaya sedangkan kita yang lain cukup makan saja.

Anonymous said...

Do not waste time on these billiuonaires.If PR swept into power,most of these billionaires will be residing in Zimbabwe or eating nasi kandar with kuah ikan only in Kamunting.Hehehe.

the insider said...

The Umno GOM is only good at acting tough against opposition politicians.

When it comes down to a Mexican standoff,it has lost it's marbles against the invading Phillipino terrorists.A barking dog with no teeth.Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Ina,have you heard the latest rumours.That Locky Lru will be relocating with the Umeenos in Sudan in April.

Anonymous said...

Missy,you are a very smart lady.But what you lack are brains to write interesting articles.I think that it is because of warming that cozy chair in your office,getting a little complacent and lazy.Hehehe.

Nuraina's fan said...

Kak,the stadium roof in Terengannu collasped for a second time.How incredible.How unbelievable.How unreliable.Only in Malaysia,the land of the bolehs.

the punisher said...

Nine tenths of old Tony's money belongs to Umnoputras.He is just a front.Who else will get to buy an airline for 1 ringgit,walk into a bank and get hundreds of millions of loan for an asset worth 1 ringgit.Go figure.

Anonymous said...

no update yet,why still asleep?

Maximus Rambun said...

And Malaysians is the poorest people and in major debt?

Latest breaking news on Malaysian Insider..... BNM giving false picture about Malaysias hutang...