Thursday, February 07, 2013

Ex-convicts Rob and Rape..

I'm so sure that many ex-convicts -- those released when the Emergency Ordinance was repealed - are roaming our city and country roads.

Day in day out, you read all these chilling stories of people being robbed.
In Kajang, a factory worker was robbed by a taxi driver and his accomplice after she had boarded the vehicle to get home to Semenyih.

Police managed to nab the two perpetrators after the woman made a report. The two have a criminal record.

Now, this other case is even worse. So, ladies, please please take care.

A 26-year-old saleswoman was abducted, robbed and taken on a terror ride before being raped by one of her assailants in Kuala Lumpur early yesterday(Wednesday).

Here is The Sun report:

Her ordeal began when she was parking her car outside her apartment compound in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong at about 11pm on Tuesday.
As the victim, who works for a jewellery outlet in Sungai Buloh, was parking her car, a van suddenly drew up alongside.
Four men then rushed out and began smashing the windscreen and windows of her car, before dragging her into their van.
According to police sources, the woman was then blindfolded while one of the men went through her handbag for cash and valuables.
Apparently dissatisfied with the small amount of cash and her cellphone that they found in the handbag, the robbers forced her to reveal the personal identification number (PIN) of her bank automated teller machine (ATM) card.
They then went to an ATM machine from which they withdrew several thousand ringgit.
Her ordeal did not end there as the men then drove the victim to a house.
There she was threatened with harm if she did not give in to the sexual demands of a member of the gang.
It is learnt that the victim, who was blindfolded throughout the ordeal, was raped by the man while his accomplices watched.
At about 3am, the gang members dropped the victim off at an undisclosed location in Segambut.
The woman then sought the help of passers-by who took her home before she called the police.
Gombak police chief ACP Abdul Rahim Abdullah said police are on the trail of the gang members.
He said police are confident of identifying the men, who are believed to be ex-convicts.
"We are trying to trace from which bank branch they withdrew cash with her ATM card, and where she was raped.
"We believe this is the same group we busted last year and sent away to the Simpang Renggam detention centre, but they were freed following the repeal of preventive laws.
"We are working round-the-clock to track them down," Abdul Rahim said.


manmanlai said...

Nuraina,when these culprits are apprehended,the hudud law should be applied on them.They need to have that "thing" chopped off.

It is time the gomen should made good use of the draconian laws,of the Umno/BN to go after and punish criminals,not the opposition politicians.

Anonymous said...

We have to ask ourselves why are criminals so brave and daring when it comes to committing heinous crimes.Because they are pretty sure that the chances of them getting caught are very slim to non.

With the incompetent and irrelevant PDRM doing chores for their political masters,leaving the useless Rela members and Ali twins to maintain law and order,who can blamed the criminals of having such a mentality.

the gaffe guy who know's said...

Why can't these criminals,child predators and rapers,ended up beaten blue,black and purple or dead in lock-up.Like those politicians assistants,custom's officer or car thieves.Or the boy or the lady and others shot dead for traffic offences.

Only trigger happy and un-discliplined cops ended up hitting the wrong targets.


manmanlia: really? draconian laws?

gaffe guy: i am loss for words.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 1.58 AM, one of these days either your parents, sibbling or relatives will be the victims of those criminals. I suppose you are one of those who supports the abolishment of the so call"draconian laws" and criticised all action of the Police Authorities. In dealing with organised crime or hard core criminal, the only action that is most effective is by preemptive action or to proact. The citizen of this country feels that human rights is of utmost important the rights of the minority superseed the rights of the majority. In this case to protect the right of known criminal with arm length previous record is more important.Police investigation and action are always seen and perceive as cruel and abuse of power, especially when the case is refered to the opposition parties.So mr anoynomous who seems to be so anti Police, u had better be alert because with so many ex detainees being release with the abolishment of the so call "decronian laws, that was used by the authorities to proact, the chances that u will one day become victims has raised to about 150% and all this we should thanks the people who campaign against these laws. In fact i feel sad that the government succumed to the preasure mounted by the opposition, but time will tell whether its for the better or worst. In fact the public is now feeling the impact of the action taken just because of political considertion and preasure.If there is a raise in crime don't blame it on the Force..