Thursday, May 24, 2012

MP Says Petty Traders Are A Nuisance

I am sure they are. A terrible nuisance especially when you live in Bukit Damansara. That's not a busy neighbourhood. So, you can just imagine hordes of people outside your gate -- and their main aim is to be a nuisance.

They say they have a good legitimate reason to be doing what they're doing outside (Bersih chairman) S Ambiga's residence.

They've called themselves the KL Petty Traders Action Council  whose members' livelihood on April 28 was affected by the Bersih rally.

Making a statement there. Like you kacau kita, kita kacau you. So, deal with it.

But Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng says they must be hauled up for contravening Section 427 of the Penal Code.
Under Section 427, anybody who commits mischief and causes damage amounting to RM25 or more shall be imprisoned for a term up to two years or fined, or both, according to Lim.

The Deputy IGP (Khalid Abu Bakar) had reiterated that police action would not be taken against the traders because the protest was not an offence as it was in public space

Lim was quoted in the Malay Mail: "This is not a Local Government Act but a criminal act. The Deputy IGP must be sent back to Pulapol to re-learn all these Acts. Their (traders) action did not disturb Ambiga alone but all her neighbours as well."

Lim said, their act could be considered as public nuisance with the possibility of perpetrators being fined up to RM400 under Section 290 of the Penal Code.

(waaah...well said, YB. People shouldn't break the law!!!!),

On Monday, the traders  had marked out night market stall lots on the road in front of Ambiga's house in yellow paint.

According to the Malay Mail, this was part of the two-day protest, beginning today, where the traders are setting up 60 stalls to serve an expected crowd of 10,000 from 3.30pm to 8pm.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall has denied issuing them permits for the stalls.

Ambiga had said Malaysians must reject this dangerous trend which intrudes personal space.

"To be fair, the police and City Hall have been here since the night the yellow lines were removed. I'm very grateful to them for providing this level of protection," she said after meeting members from Pakatan Rakyat yesterday.

 I'd really like to see how this whole thing ends...


Anonymous said...

Please don't insult real petty traders who struggle to earn a decent living for them & their family.

Someone with an AP lesen, a chain of overpriced Ikan Bakar reataurants and fat concession for Kedai Ikan 1Malaysia is not a "petty trader"!!

Anonymous said...

me too :)

Hantu Siber

bruno said...

Nuraina,the Bersih protest is widely participated by Malaysians from all different walks of lives.From students to senior citizens.From blue to white collar workers.

These people protesting and intimidating Ambiga are supported by politicians.These protests show the immaturity of some people,especially politicians.

Targeting at Ambiga alone shows how low some people will go to try and get even with people whom they thought a threat to them.

Whether Ambiga is an activist or politician does not matter.This is a free country and people do not have to agree with everybody.Our politicians argue and scream at each other at parliament.Does this mean that they have to roll up their sleeves and go for a fist fight on the floor.

What these protestors and their instigators do not understand,is that just because they have differences,everything has to be taken on a personal basis.To take out on Ambiga alone shows the cowardly behaviours of these thugs.

Anonymous said...

tit for tat....

baru ko tau ganggu ketenteraman awam itu salah ye... bodoh punya peguam..dan semua yg menyokong Ambiga itu bodoh termasuk semua MP dan ADUN yang hadir..terutamanya Nurul Izzah,Khalid Samad dan semua dunggus yg hadir di rumah Ambiga tu..

Anonymous said...

Mereka bising ditempat awam bukan private property pun.. salah ke?? salah? habis tu yang ko kata tak salah masa pergi huru harakan keadaaan di Dataran ok je.. maknanya tak salah la kan..

Bodoh punya Ambiga, Samad Said dan Hisham Rais

Anonymous said...

Actually who ever said those petty traders may be having politcions as their supporters. correction, am not a politicion nor membersany parties but i hate the way ambigaand gang and the so call BERSIH yang KOTOR. I and many others we do not like the way BERSIH handle the demo. If i will vote the for the next GE ( ivote for a change and help the PR to win what did i get BULLSHIT DEMO)I will vote for BN and mind you if THE BN won not because it is not BERSIH but the BERSIH demo help us to decide not to vote for PR