Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tunku Aziz Should Remain Out Of Partisan Politics..

Frankly, when Tunku Abdul Aziz joined the DAP, I was disappointed. Not in a personal way because I don't know the man. I know of him, of course - him having been on board of Transparency International et al.
I thought, a man like him shouldn't be in any political party. In my eyes, he lost credibility. But that was just my very humble opinion.

When he joined DAP, he sang praises of the party. The only party he could trust and one that was good for the country ... or something to that effect. He was made DAP vice-chairman (and later a senator).  And why not? DAP described him as a "towering Malaysian".

Of course, it was a coup for the DAP. Like -  who says we are a chauvinistic Chinese party. Look at us -- a Malay as respectable as Tunku Aziz wants to join us. So, hurray for the DAP. Looks good on their resume.

Some three years later (which was just last month), Tunku Aziz got into trouble with the DAP leadeship because of his views on the planned Bersih 3.0 sit-in at Dataran Merdeka. He objected to it, saying that it was  against the law, He warned that it could lead to incidences of violence.

"I support any movement to ensure free and fair elections but when it comes to breaking law, I draw the line.
"Lonely as it may be to be the lone dissenter, I value my conscience more than anything."

Tunku Aziz expected what was coming -- reaction or some say, backlash, from the DAP leadership. He knew his breaking ranks and outspokenness would cost him. But he was prepared for all that, including not getting re-appointed as senator.

And the barbed wire came his way, He was no longer the towering Malay or Malaysian. He was a traitor. An old man. He should have known better than to make an opposing stand on Bersih. Not a team player, this man.

On Monday, the 78 year-old  said he was quitting the party.

He wasn't going to keep quiet, of course.

Some people feel like telling Tunku Aziz: We told you so.

And some people also feel like telling the DAP: We told you so.

Me -- I'd like to tell Tunku Aziz not to join any political party, after this. But I'm sure he's been told that.

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Lee said...

I agree with you Puan Nuriana.Tunku as a good man....a man of principles,
a man with honesty and integrity, should not be in partisan politics.
He is no politician, but he can still contribute to Malaysia in many other ways!Being in the Senate with fellows like Nalla and Ezam is ,perhaps, not ideal for him!