Wednesday, May 16, 2012

AS you all know, some people, including traders of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman , upset over their loss of income from the Bersih 3.0 rally held a symbolic protest outside Bersih co-chairman Ambiga's house by giving away free burgers.
According to the Star, last Thursday, some 10 members of the Malaysia Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Alliance (Ikhlas) set up a burger stall outside her Bukit Damansara home around lunch time.

Well, it seems comical but a friend, who runs a business in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, didn't think it was. He said Bersih 3.0  affected his business. And he was happy these people decided to show their protest outside Ambiga's house. Like - hah, padan muka, rasa ni.

(Oh reminds me of remarks a couple of Bersih activists said on twitter-- if those traders want to complain about loss of earnings, why don't they declare their earnings...maybe the Inland Revenue would like to know, and the rest of Malaysians too.  And I'm saying - excuse me, what kind of reaction is that? You don't support us -- go to hell with you! Is that it? Shame!)

But, ok ok -- as for the Ambiga burger stall protest -  I get the picture. This is a free country. And that area outside Ambiga's house is a public road.

Still. Poor, Ambiga, I thought. Kecoh-lah these people. Can't you people leave her in peace?

Ambiga told the traders to file their claim for the losses suffered in court instead of holding protests outside her house.

This is a troubling new phenomenon and a violation of my privacy. Bersih is not about me,” said the former Bar Council chairman.

Ambiga later lodged a police report at the Travers police station.

Anyway, everything's back to normal at her place now. The traders have left. City Hall officers and policemen are keeping watch at her home.



Anonymous said...

Why wasting tax payers money to safe guard Amiga's house when the Police and DBKL officers can do their enforcement works in many more critical areas of KL.Amiga should have asked the red shirts of PAS muhajidins to safeguard her house.

bruno said...

Nuraina,first of all Bersih is for a fairer and cleaner election.Does it meant that Umno/BN is cheating at the polls,or the EC is helping them to cheat.Well,that we have to ask them.But they wouldn't tell us the truth,even if they did anyway.

But anyway,Bersih is not just about Ambiga alone.She just happens to be the co-chairman of the organising commitee.But like Ambiga said why not sue the Bersih commitee for compensation.

But the protest in front of her house is more that just lost of income.It has more to do about politics.Well,like we all want to say it is a free country.So that is our right to protest.

But protest doesn't meant that one has to insult the other.Cooking burgers in front of an Indian's house,a vegetarian who doesn't eat beef and meat is an insult to one's beliefs and religion.What if it was the other way around.Indians selling roast pork in front of Muslim's homes.

Anonymous said...

In the final analysis, the sane are law abiding peace loving citizens.

It is alright for her and her group to break the law, create disharmony, rioting, cause grevious harm, cause economic losses to the innocent, but is not alright for the rest of us.

Her advise to take our grieviences to the courts, should first be given to herself.

Adait Aman

Anonymous said...

Can sell burger babi in front of Najibs house?

Anonymous said...

since you are on the topic, why no mention of the ex servicemen?

vinnan said...

Try offering the 'Ketuanan' heroes roasted pork0 in front their house. UMNO Muslims as usual do not give a shit about the religion of others.

hak55 said...

Conduct unbecoming of army veterans — Capt (Rtd) Hussaini Abdul Karim

MAY 16 — I wish to refer to the report “Group performs ‘butt exercises’ in front of Ambiga’s home” that appeared in The Star Nation today as written by Yuen Meikeng.

As a former army officer, I feel grossly ashamed by the antics of those who have conducted themselves unbecomingly by performing “butt exercises” in front of Bersih co-chairman Datuk S Ambiga’s house in Bukit Damansara yesterday May 15 2012.

What they did was not just ‘crude’ it was very rude They held the bizarre and ‘very low-class’ protest in retaliation for her organising the Bersih 3 0 rally on April 28 which they claimed had given the country a bad name It was reported that in the incident yesterday morning about 15 ex-servicemen were seen stretching and shaking their buttocks in front of her house.

As an officer like all officers of the Malaysian Armed Forces from the Army Navy and the Air Force we were trained as officers as well as gentlemen and we were and are still expected to conduct ourselves in an exemplary manner at all times even after we have retired or have left the service. However the group of army veterans led by the Malay Armed Forces Veterans Association president Mohd Ali Baharom who held the protest I believe is from the ‘non-officers rank’ and while not expected it is not surprising that they behaved in such a way.

Do they think that their approach would gain them supporters admirers or bouquets. No I definitely don’t think so.

Many soldiers who are not officers are troubled with a stigma that we term as ‘other rank mentality’ which make them unable to apply or use rationale in many instances and one of our duties as officers during our active service was to correct them whenever they misbehaved either individually or as a group but nevertheless while some are able to shake off that stigma after being corrected many are still stuck with it even after the leave If such a thing were to happen while I was still in service and if I were the officer-in-charge or for that matter any officer who was in charge at the time we would have disciplined all of them and we would have put all of them through a rehabilitation programme but since they are all now veterans they do not have any ‘officers’ to correct them anymore.

There are many acceptable ways to conduct a protest and to do so in a civil manner and one of which is to use the courts.

The other ways may be to hold a dialogue or send a protest letter I wish to categorically place the action of that group as not representative of the Corp of Army Veterans officers or other ranks regardless and that we detest their action.

Capt.(Rtd.) Hussaini Abdul Karim

Freedom Burger! said...

Opening a burger stall in front of Ambiga is a stroke of genius by peace loving malaysians.

Now it teach Ambiga and kooks you dont just create trouble and then expect to go home and then have a good laugh over thosai about how that traffic policeman was kicked in the head or how that police men was hit by a cone..

She must be bursting with pride as she received a skype call from
US on her bravery...until the burger stall turn up at her doorstep.

Now the demonstration is at her door step muahahahaha..

The look on Ambiga face must be priceless!!?? Hahaha... now what? she skyped to the US?

The Malays are giving free beef burgers in front of my house! They know where I live. Its ok for you in the US..or something like that.

As the Israelist said when they bombed crippeled palestine dont expect to be a revolutionair and die in bed..

So Ambiga and her family should not expect a 9 to 5 business of rabble rousing. This is not an office where you create chaos for others in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and then go back home to more back slapping...bravo..did you see the Malay boy who kick the police..haha...

Or the spider man who was jumping up and down the police car. The Malays are easily manipulated..

Anyway lets enjoy some thosai now...

And the Army veterans paid a visit too to the freedom fighter for the US.. in their own back handed way..(sic) which she deserved... and of course love being an LBGT fighter.

Anonymous said...

Everyone sues everyone these days. Nik Aziz has of course been slandered and the NST isn't worthy of lining the floor of a bird cage but is there anyway our leaders can move on from this pettiness and tackle the real issues of the day such as, education, religious freedom, hospitals, corruption, cronyism, free and fair elections, budget deficits, defence procurement, rare earth and jungle raised cows? That Nik Aziz is accused of being a Father of Infedels he should take as a back handed complement that he is sufficiently successful to be worth attacking and secondly that he loves all people equally, irrespective of their religion and as such has my respect over those who attack him who believe hate is a superior emotion

bruno said...

And what do the children and grandchildren of these butt dancers do,when they are ask by friends and relatives what their parents and grandparents are up to.

A real embarassment,shame and disgrace to the men of the armed forces,their very own families and country.Luckily these bunch of undisclipined veterans are among the very few of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers and veterans who have served the king and country loyally.

Lee said...

Petty traders doing petty things and turning Malaysia into a petty country!What petty IQ!

Lee said...

Intimidation is wrong even if it done by petty traders with petty mentality!

Anonymous said...

LEMBAGA HASIL DALAM NEGERI should take note of all those so called rtaders and businesses who claimed losses in tens of thousands Ringgit.
Have these people being paying taxes all this while.
Have they paid their workers EPF and SOCSO?
I bet these very people are those who sneaked out from LHDN.
Many so did not even bothered to pay EPF of their fellow workers including their own children and spouses.
Why I brought these up? Simply put we actually lost hundreds of millions to tax evaders.