Saturday, January 01, 2011

Stripping In Singapura...

Oh Singapura..
Hanya menanti masa,
Kehangatan menubuk dan merusuk
Terlalu lama belenggu
Bisu, pekak dan buta
Akhir nya
Ku telanjang
Oh Singapura...

You can't do so many things in Singapore. Really. Too many, just too many regulations to tell you how to live your life.
Life is so regimented.
There's just so much and so long you can take.

I'm just trying to, er, analyse why people are doing the craziest thing in Singapore.

Stripping, taking walks in the buff....oh...just being naked.

I didn't make this up.

"The recent surge of nudity, streaking and promiscuity, signs of a more liberal generation, has everyone scratching their heads in this once prudish city."

Imagine that? Read the rest HERE

Smouldering in Singapore...

Who said Singapore has no soul?


Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "you can't do so many things in Singapore?"
The citizens can enjoy life going about their day-to-day business without worrying about mat rempits striking at them.

They can carry sling handbags, clutch bags, leave bags by their side when they are at a food court enjoying a meal.

In malaysia, our rakyat won't dare to carry handbags walking along the road/pavement, those bangsat mat rempits will strike.

It is not safe to even walk along the streets such as ipoh, KL in the evening...say 8 or 9pm. It is safe to walk on the singapore streets. malaysians are prisoners of their own country....if mat rempits don't strike, those binatang2 from PDRm wlll strike - road blocks, beat u up, plant drugs and machette into your car and accuse you of being criminal, detain you.

Anonymous said...

Taxi drivers run their cabs via meters. passengers pay what the meter shows.

In malaysia, all taxis want to tawar harga ; they do not want to run their taxi by meter. Not only that, taxi drivers in malaysia may tie u up in a god-forsaken place, rob u, rape you, macam2 ada. Kan u tak tau? jangan buat bodoh lah u!!!

no taxi driver dares to harm his passenger.....

malaysia - mana ada system...its national carrier says it all MAS.

it is not even safe to travel on the federal highway...go and read Art Harun's blog, the lawyer. His recent blog tells how his friend's car was hit by a brick thrown by mat rempits. The driver got out of his car (big mistake) and was beaten up by 12 mat rempits till he was motionless. these 12 then took the driver's wallet and sped off.

Pray 5 times a day but commit so much crime ....malu lah kat umat Islam. cabinet ministers - ada pembunuh, perogol, perasuah, pencuri, penyamun, pencubit bontot betina, macam2 ada pun.

Nuraini, rakyat malaysia tak rasa selamat nak jalan ke LRT dari rumah pun.

Rakyat singapura memang ada ketenangan otak , tak payah khuatir anak2 mereka di rompak, di rogol di tengah jalan lepas sekolah.

Aku ada kawan di singapura...bahasa english anak2 mereka memang bagus dan pandai2.

jadi jangan lah tulis yang bukan2.
negara kangkung lah malaysia....dah nak karam dan kantoi oii!!!!!!!!!!!

cabinet minister malaysia - rice anak yatim is a rapist.

orang kampung

Anonymous said...

we need to clear our own dirty smelly backyard before talking about other people's backyard.

why dont' you write about the minister who is a rapist?

why dont' you write about the sultan who messes around with a punjabi girl? and, jais ke jakim ke dan ibrahim katak senyap aje.

tulis perkara2 ni.

Anonymous said...

You are being too nitpicking. These things happened. One or two times people do crazy things and become news.

No matter what you said, from my experience there for 3 years, it is a good place to live. Now, it is more open and fast becoming a party town.

Even Forbes magazine ran an article to call Singapore best place to live for an expat.

Singapore has a reputation for being tough on its residents, whether it's for chewing gum, jaywalking or drugs. But if you're offered a job there, you might want to consider it very seriously.

The tiny island country is the best place to live if you're an expatriate, according to a study conducted by HSBC Bank International, a Jersey-based subsidiary of the world's biggest company.

cleopatra said...

Hi Nuraina,

as you know, i have been your ardent follower since the first day you started your blog, courtesy (the announcement) by Rocky.
I so enjoyed your Tuesdays With Bapak.

as you know too, I hardly leave any comment.

This time I have to because I lived in Singapore for 10 years before returning to Malaysia.

So I know what I'm talking about.

True true..singaporeans are paid very high good life. but high cost of living, mah!

but, as you know in singapore, the good life comes at a price.

yezz. indeedy, there are many rules and regulations...governing our life and lifestyle. little little things.

You are right, really, that there are many things we are not allowed to do in Singapore.
but singaporeans have learnt to live with it.
they have no choice.

and Oh, we can't blog criticizing the authorities and the government. you'd be dead, man.
there is a law forbidding you from criticizing the Prime Minister. You've read about what happened to our opposition leader who did that. (May he rest in peace).

you may not know about the blogs (critical of the government) that have been ordered to be closed and, the blog operators? ...never mind...good news is that there do exist brave Singaporeans, though I'll have to search hard for them.

the others, well. they drive over to Johor and upwards to the north of the peninsular and have hell of a fun!

so, basically, singaporeans live and work in their little island. and for some, it's off across the across the causeway for good (very cheap) and stuff....

so, this stripping thing. could singaporeans be rebelling????

P.S, Nuraina. let me give you my 2-cents worth on this anon-whoever. as your loyal and ardent follower, i think i am qualified to say something. (I do have professional experience in this sort of things. trust me)
clearly, this b.tch knows you. People do not normally take a personal swipe at the blogger, even if he or she disagrees with the blogger's views. unless that person is basically a bitch. whether or not, the commenter is a friend, he/she is usually nice about it, even though the comments are hard-hitting. that is human nature.
so, i reckon, this anon knows you and must be sakit hati with you over something.
think about who this person might be, nuraina. someone who is upset with you. not someone close but someone you know.

take care!