Monday, January 03, 2011

Selangor-Federal Government on Collision Course

Now, Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim wants an emergency state assembly sitting to be called to amend the constitution to return the power of appointing the state secretary to the Sultan and the Mentri Besar.
At the same time, he announced that the new state secretary Khusrin Munawi will not be allowed to attend state-related meetings deemed confidential, including weekly executive council meetings.
Khusrin told a Press conference today that he is not a Barisan Nasional tool and has no personal agenda.
"I am just a civil servant carrying out my duties."

Now, why would you want to amend the constitution? The law is there and you want to change it because you are unhappy and tidak puas hati that it's not on your side?

I suppose it is your right.

Sure looks like it's the beginning of a very long prickly affair. Clearly political. But, of course. What isn't, huh?
Let's hope both sides can find a swift amicable solution/settlement.

Because if this drags on and on, I don't have to tell you that it's the people who will suffer.

I vote in Selangor.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Why? R u educated. Can u not see the miscarriage of fairness? R u even blind. Or r u simply partisan and want to be on the good side of BN. What is the quality of our journalist today, it is pathetic. I said this b4 on yr site, guess it must be inborn in u. When u pray next, sincerely say that u are sincere. In this way u will get the harshest of punishments or otherwise from Allah

Anonymous said...

Adik Nuraina,
Khusrin Betul, TS Khalid Benar. Che Det pernah kata..'Adil' kita perlu lihat disebelah mana kita berada..Rakyat..He3..


Anon@8:41PM: Let me are frustrated?

Anon@9:52PM: Betul tu:-)

Anonymous said...

Who said the people will suffer. S'gor is better off and could function more effectively without a SS like Kushrin.

Who said the law is not on their side. The law is always on their side. The SS is a state post and is created u/d Art.52 of the S'gor Constitution. For the PSD to post a Federal officer to a State post, you must get the approval of the Selangor State Gov't.

I think you are law and politically savvy lah. Khalid's action to amend is a face-saving device to the Sultan, whose political aide said the Sultan has consented to the appointment of Kushrin. That is in stark contrast to what Khalid had said at his press conference, to wit, the Sultan acknowledging that he has no power under the State's constitution either to accept or to reject the appointment. Sultan has no power but the MB has power.

Even without amending the constitution, Kusrin's appointemnt is illegal and unconstitutional. Just read what Ex-Fed Judge Kadir Sulaiman said in MI: Under the Fed and State Consti, the MB has a right to choose his SUK.

Anonymous said...

Adik Nuraina,
Wow zaman sekarang berniaga orang lebih untung dari unta da..Ramai wanita 1 M'sia yang pandai sekarang dlm politek tapi saya nak calun adik wanita 1 M'sia bijak berpolitek. Bleh x?..Rakyat..He3..Jangan marah'
-sender rakyat Penang lo.

Anonymous said...

A classic case of "I want my crony", or else....

Would it not be a good case of check and balance in the troubled state? The PR team has always been the saviour of so called justice, especially when the flavour is right.

But flip, flop and fly does not augur well for Selangor and their rakyat.

But, whatever the issue, the poor Menteri Besar is in a quagmire of sorts. He has to please the Sultan, Anwar, Azmin, Sivarasa,Gobalakrishnan,Ronnie Lieu,Elizabeth, Tian and infact the whole population of Selangor.

Everyone is watching, dear MB. And please remember the PR battle cry of no cronies, check and balance, transparency, democracy and practice what you preach.


Anonymous said...

Pn Nur,

Apa2 pun beri Jawatan tu pada orang lain... Khusrin..Jusa C aje dah tu pun bukannya faham sangat/cakap Inggeris... KSN pun tak le cerdik sangat...

Anak Selangor
Diploma aje..

Anonymous said...

Jangan AIBkan orang kalau kita belum tahu kebenaran nya tulisan kita akan mengadili kita nanti.....tulis yang benar cakan biar benar bertndak biar benar Allah menjadi saksi

Anak Perelih said...

dan kenapa pula KSN pi lantik Khusrin tu...?? sedangkan ramai lagi orang yang lebih layak darinya??? Adakah perlantikan Khusrin tu bermotif politik.. utk menggugat perjalanan kerajaan selangor??? Khusrin mengatakan beliau bukan tools of the BN... tapi selama ni segala tindakan beliau menunjukkan sebaliknya... tanya lah Dr. Asri, bekas mufti Perlis...

Anonymous said...

Now I know the quality of yr blogging. Any comment that is not in line with yr thinking will never see the light of the day. Ahhh....just like the Umno owned papers. This is my last sight of yr blog.

Kusrin is a low qualified Jusa Grade C officer who could hardly speak English. This is according to the Committee who interviewed the short-listed candidate. Appointing him to a Jusa Grade A officer's post obviously rattled the whole of the malaysian civil service esp amongst PTD officers of Jusa Grade B. They will be seething with anger at the foolishness of Sidik, the KSN who allowed himself to be politically used by Umno.

So much of Malaysia's public service. Appointment to key post is based on how good you are at being Umno's lapdog..or how good you are at sucking up to Umno's leaders.

This appointment of Kushrin is an issue between the State Government and PSD/PSC. Yet I read Umno's lawyers are joining the fray. Don't you think any legal opinions in support of the PSD/PSC action from come from their own Federal Cunsel or from the AG's Chambers. Umno's dirty hands is written all over in the appointment of Kushrin. Beats me, that you support such underqualified federal officer to be the State's SS. That fella is not impressive at all judging from his press conference. He should be an officer of a lower grade ie Grade 54.


let's put it this way. I am nuraina. and you are anonymous.

i dare say what i want to say.

unlike you, i don't make accusations and sweeping statements. unlike you, i am not emotional.

you think what khalid is doing is right and good for the state just becos he doesn't like khusrin -- well, that's your right.

and if i think he's over-reacting and making a mistake and a prolonged impasse is not good for the state -- well, that's my rightto say it.


sorry anon whoever you are.

i have chosen not to publish your comment.

my right. thank you.

eva's haven said...


this is what you all a sandiwara. and this is being staged because Pakatan is in deep shit.

listen to Khalid -- he admits that there is no illegality, But the appointment is not valid.

You got it, woman! Yeah! the way, what's all this about anon-whatever?

that bad, huh?

Chin up, Nuraina.



hey, woman! how're you? How's New York?
thanks. this is not a real crisis. it's a bogus crisis.
the malays say "caru pasal".

anyway, about that anon-whatever. nobody. Just a pathetic b*tch. yep. a woman, my guess. an unhappy one. poor thing.

hey, thanks for popping by!



i mean "cari pasal".

Anonymous said...

MB is chosen by the rakyat.
meaning he has the trust to run the country.
He needs someone he trusted and can work with him well.
Federal Government collect all taxes and supposedly provide grants from tax collected from these states.
When Mahyudin said federal fovernment wont share money collected from federal tax with the state goverment because they dont like who run the state government this will backfire.
Mahyidin justifiy this by saying Selangor is rich.
That is also the reason they plan to overthrow the present state government so they can control all activities including projects MEANT for Selangor.
One of the modus operandi is control civil service in Selangor.
If not, why suddenly, this not KHusrin want to be in office at 6.45 am? Not before the sun rise?
WHy? He suddenly decided to pray Dhuha in the office after the sun rise?
And why he is so anxious to visit all district offices?
It is really weird that hes trying to jump the gun. On all normal practices, a state secretary reports directly to the MB and NOT to the Sultan. AND of course nothing to do with the KSN OR the PM himself. This week alone, he has shown that he reports only to the KSN aka to the Prime Minister who appointed the KSN. What if Agong appoint KSN without PM's knowledge? Ok? And KSN does his liking.

Anonymous said...

sgor MB doesn't understand the meaning of "federation" and "government servant"...No matter who/what controls the state, they are all part of the federation. And by that virtue, there are some positions within the state administration which are to be filled by "government servant". It can be a BN state or a PR state - doesnt matter. The same governemnt servants will be posted there. So Khalid should leave the selection of the candidate to PSD and stop the polemic on the issue. Penang state government also have SS, Pegawai Kewangan and Pegawai Undang2 from the federal government. Why no issue there? My advise to Khalid is to just bit the bullet and move on. Frankly, like many of my friends who voted for PR last time, we are sick and tired looking at Sgor govnt antiques. You know you we will vote for next time. You failed us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraini,

Malaysian Insider posted an interesting article by NH Chan on this issue. You can read the full text at

I hope that this article will be helpful for us to understand it better.


Anonymous said...

Jangan kalut. Petition the Sultans of Terengganu, Pahang, Johore, Perak Negeri 9 and Perlis to appoint SUKs without consulting the MBs. If nothing happens then we shud accept Khusrin as Selangor SUK.

Frm: tak kalut

Concerned said...

Kak Nuraina,

I think this is not cari pasal issue and has important resonance for the whole concept of federalism in this country.

As you know this relevant parts of the Selangor constitution was amended in 1993 by the BN government (read Dr Mahathir) to take away (a) the right of the MB to be consulted; and (b) the right of the Sultan to ask the State Service Commission to reconsider its recommendation once. The original provision provided a sort of tri-partite compromise, the state service commission recommends taking into account the MB's views and then forward to the Sultan who can ask the commission to reconsider if he doesn't feel the individual is the right person. The state commission can of course ignore the MB's views and resubmit the same name to the Sultan in which case the person recommended will become the state secretary. However, the MB is the elected rep of the rakyat and the Sultan is the titular head of the rakyat and ignoring both their concerns/ comments would create a constitutional/ political crisis. Since it is a political crisis, then the question of political legitimacy (after all we are a democracy and not a permanent bureaucracy which holds elections) is important and the MB being the head of the elected government has political legitimacy so a state commission that acts positively against his wishes is not behaving responsibly.

That provision no longer exists because the current provision simply says the relevant commission shall select the state secretary. There is a debate whether this is the state commission or the public service commission, and I won't opine on that because I don't know enough about that point. Let's assume is the public service commission which is a federal agency. So we have a federal agency (controlled by the coalition who is in opposition to the state) appointing a state secretary who is objectionable to the MB Selangor. Forget the legalities for a second and think whether that is a responsible federal government and a federal civil service acting in the best interest of the people of selangor (including yourself). So don't make this as the MB trying to show off - he just wants to make sure he has state officers that he could work with. Remember the saga of the Perak state secretary and legal officer who refuses to act on the instructions of the then MB.

Anonymous said...

The Federal Govt is the worst culprit when it comes to politicizing civil service appointments which shud rightly be made by the appropriate service commission. Did the commission have free hand in appointing the KSN, the KSUs and the SUKs without consulting (read: getting instructions) from PM, Ministers and MBs/CMs (of BN controlled states)? I certainly couldn't believe that for a second.

frm: apa macam?