Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! Let's Move On...

I'm getting old. If you ask me what I remember to be unforgettable or memorable events in the country this year, I'll probably hold my breath for way too long, and still find it hard to recollect more than five.

I do remember that they are all not so nice political stuff, and tragedies.

Around the world, I remember the rescued Chilean miners because it was a miraculous thing. And people the world over followed their lives in the pit, and the rescue that followed. That was a near tragedy that had a very happy ending. If the world had mega loudspeakers, we could hear the sighs of relief and joy when the were all safe above ground.

At least that's one wonderful event I remember.

And then, the globe-shattering Wikileaks.

On the home front, I just wanna say that our fabulous Tigers' stunning performance that led to victory in the AFF Suzuki Cup, was a superb end to the year.

And it's a public holiday. So enjoy. Stop bitching just because you hate the Barisan Nasional.

Let's move on.

May you have the resolve, stamina, willpower and conviction to not break the resolutions you have made.

Have a Very Happy 2011!


de minimis said...

Kak Ena
HAPPY 1.1.11!!!!!


Happy New Year Boss!

charleskiwi said...

The Malaysians Malay are Indonesians really but how come the Indonesians were so well disciplined and had the event free of incidents ?
It must be their ability to control and at the end the Indonesian team won the day. Even though Malaysia won the overall results but watching the two games you must say the Malaysians won the home match on cheating especially the crowd using laser on the Indonesian players.
To me there is nothing to celebrate or rejoice the most important thing in sport is the discipline and surely the Malaysian fans hasn't got any of what fans of Indonesian got !

Mr Bojangles said...

...yeah. Sorry for the Indons. They did their best but our wiras were better. Better luck next time.

Now we hear their maid was jumped upon, by a Malaysian minister no less. Not that the maids were spared by other "me-Boss, you-slave" bolehlanders as they worked their maids to the bone.

But I do wish, as the new year begins, we, especially the high and influential press and bloggers, would spare some thought for those less powerful than us Tigers. And ask that some justice be done, rather than pretending that nothing happened, and avoiding all mention of that travesty to another human being. Just as we like to be the first to mouth our sanctimonious drivel only when it suits us.

Hava Nagila, y'all. Wherever you may be.