Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt's Uprising...

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak -- a man so out of touch with his people.


Anonymous said...

Exact parallel here

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Anonymous said...

Is rosmah in touch with the people?

Anonymous said...

He still doesn't get it, does he?

Fires his whole cabinet when he should be the first one to go and appoints his right-hand man,a former chief spy as the new vice VP - which is 30 years too late.
Tis a case of old wine in new bottle.

Hello, Mr Mubarak, Sir! Time's up. Your people don't want you-lah!!

They want a new government.

Anonymous said...

Is this Mubarak for real? Desperately hanging to power. Is he blind to wht's going on in hs country. He is not listening to the voice of the people. Well, he hasnt since in power the last 30 years.

The people want CHANGE. REAL REFORMS. That is what they want not cosmetic change by putting his OWN man as vice president and appointing a new Prime Minister.

Demontsrations in major cities in the country going into its fourth day yet he's still not moving his fat @#$!

The sooner he joins his Tunisian counterpart in Saudi Arabia, the better it is for the people of Egypt!

Idzan said...

Congrats Dato' Ena.

Anonymous said...

Congrats datuk aina

Whispering Jack

bru99 said...

As Salam Nuraina

Congratulation, Datuk


Anonymous said...

salam Puan

Taniah le dah Dapat Datuk..

He he he

Dah dapat datuk tu jangan cerita mengampu aje...Cerita le yang BENAR..

Taniah lagi


Dari Peminat Selayang.

Basree Rakijan said...

Congrats datuk nuraina!

Unknown said...

Dear Nuraina,

Sad what is happening in Egypt. But the real worry is the safety of almost 11,000 Malaysian students in Egypt. My niece is there and she is stranded. They are not able to call out. Currently, they can receive call but we are not sure until when as there are reports in the net that the Egypt mobile networks will be shutdown today. As such it is difficult to organise any plans to move out.

There are rape cases as well.

It is manageable if the number of Malaysians in the affected country is small. However, it becomes a complex issue to handle the situation in Egypt since there are thousands of student.

So maybe it is important that the Govt. start thinking crisis management in foreign places where there are thousands of Malaysian student. I state Malaysian students because these are young people with minimal exposure to the hardy bits of life and still under the care of parents and the Govt (Govt scholars).

Nice to know that Indonesia has brought back 6,000 of their people back. Japan, India, Turkey and many more...
Malaysia???? When I wonder we will be efficent and not too laidback.

Nafizah G Khan

matdeboq said...

Datuk N.S.,!!

Tahniah Datuk NS.!!! Maka bertambah lah, Datuk2 di alam cyber ini.

Anonymous said...

Adik Nuraina,
Tahniah dapat 'DATUKSHIP' ari nie. Lepas nie kena panggil apa?. Apa-apa pun kawan saya gurau, dia tak mau Datuk tapi klau datin ok la..Rakyat..He3..Jangan marah gurau saja, marah' kena jual la.
-sender Rakyat Penang lo.

The Phoenix Foundation said...

As of 01/02/11, I have to call you DNAS!
Good Grief! it sounds like some forensic gobbly gook!!!!

NAS is how I will always call or refer to you!

No whatever they say, since you took over as ME of NST, there has been a return of the old proper journalism & writing.

My wife , has actually began scanning the NST{maybe becoz female!!!}

To say I am proud of you sounds very patronising!

However, it is my feeling that of all the difficulties that your family endured all those years,particularly when the ol'man was incaserated, I will now say with a whole lot of humility & pride, WE are proud of you.

Godspeed, NAS.


Anonymous said...

Tahniah Kak Nuraina


Old Fart said...

Aiya, don't be so humble la. Want to congratulate you also don't know where to go and do it...and have to do it here...Can open a post or just that or not? Datuk!!

Anyway, heartfelt congratulations. I still owe you a mojito. Havent' forgotten


anonymous 6:21PM:

here in malaysia?

malaysia is certainly not egypt.


anonymous 2.40am: i'm sure she is.

Anonymous said...

and that is why u got your datukship if u say she is in touch with her people.

jon said...

anon, 8:06AM said;
"and that is why u got your datukship if u say she is in touch with her people."


stick and stones, kan, kak ena?

this one must hate rosmah. and dengki you! LOL


Old Fart,

no need-lah for a posting.

anyway, thank you!

and it's nice of you to still remember the mojito. virgin?

take care.


jon: stick and stones...:-)

to: Jeya, rakyat penang, matdebog, idzan, whispering jack, bru99, peminat selayang, basree, northerner & kumbang:

Thank you!

Old Fart said...

I remember my debts..only thing is how to get you and arrange for it la.Maybe BSC sometime!! Can irritate some anti-Bangsar types.....