Saturday, January 01, 2011

Selangor-Federal Government On Collision Course

Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim is so pissed with the Federal government. And in this case, its chief secretary Mohd Sidek Hassan for announcing Mohd Khusrin Nawawi as the new Selangor state secretary.

Khalid and his guys have already got a candidate. They don't want Khusrin.

He has accused Sidek of violating the constitution, of being irresponsible, unprofessional and wilfully ignoring Selangor's selection process in choosing the best candidate to fill the state secretary's post.

As far as the federal government is concerned, the appointment falls within their jurisdiction. Besides, the Sultan of Selangor has endorsed it.

So what? - says the Selangor government.

A deadlock.

No solution means there's a strong possibility of this controversy going to the courts.

Here's part of Khalid's statement:

"Perlu dinyatakan di sini, tindakan Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan itu bukan sahaja melanggar Perlembagaan, tidak bertanggungjawab serta tidak profesional malah boleh dianggap bermotifkan politik; sebagai salah satu usaha untuk mencabar kredibiliti Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Selangor.

Lebih merunsingkan saya, tindakan Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan tersebut telah menghantar mesej yang tidak sihat iaitu kemampuan dan pengalaman bukan keutamaan dalam mempromosikan kenaikan pangkat pegawai kerajaan. Mesej ini sangat bahaya apatah lagi sememangnya perkhidmatan kerajaan acap kali dikritik sebagai tidak efisyen."

Read the Selangor MB's statement HERE.


Anonymous said...

Kak! the truth is Sidek himself is a mediocre. He is at his position now is becoz of his kaki bodek attitude but performance nil.
Go and ask him when he was in the USA, what did he do apart from being the kadam of a minister.
Well, begini lah nasib Malaysia as the top civil servant himself is shit and he is breeding more shits.
Apa nak di kata kak.

Anonymous said...

The SS is a Jusa A post. How in God's name Sidik promoted a Jusa C fella, who cannot even speak good English, over and above more deserving and better Jusa B officers from the PTD service sums up the stae of the Malaysian Public service.

It is not merit, experience and capability that counts. But how best can you pander to the beck and call of those corrupt Umno leaders. And the public service and the civil servants are supposed to be apolitical and impartial.

What a corrupt and servile creature this Sidik is. Looking for a plum job in a GLC after his tenure as KSN expires,I suppose.

Legally this issue is between the Selangor Gov't and Sidik as the KSN. The SS post is created by the SElangor gov't and it belongs to them. You just can't send any Muthu or Ah Chong or Kushrin and expect the Selangor Gov't to just accept it. And what in God's name should the Sultan, who is only a constitutional monarch and who is expected to act on the advice of his MB, wants to get himself involved in this controversial appointment beats me. Must be on Umno's urging and nudging.

Anonymous said...

Only Miss Kavitha can save Selangor now. Talk some sence, when drinking together, and listen to songs from kc and JOJO.

The sultans of Swing

Anonymous said...

This blatant act by Fed gov is planting seeds for future Malaysian republic. The Sultan should seek advice from the MB and none others with regards to the running of the state admin. How could a person from putrajaya met and advised sultan in the absence of the MB?

Lee said...

The action of appointing someone who, for whatever reason, is not wanted by the Selangor State Government, does not speak well of the so-called "top civil servant" !
The MB should have been consulted !
But, then, he only "menurut perintah"
Someone is trying to sabotage the Selangor State Government, or at least make "life difficult " for YB Khalid.My guess is that it must be someone very powerful from UMNO !

Anonymous said...

Which sidek are we talking about? If its Misbun, Razif, Jailani or Rashid Sidek, I can vouch for them- they are WORLD class but if its the PSD sidek, well, we all know lah he is VILLAGE kelas!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Civil servants r low class coz the people leading the country are of that standard...(singapore counterparts say so mehhh)


Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraini,

Malaysian Insider posted an interesting article on this matter which is written by NH Chan. Hopefully we, Malaysians have better understanding.