Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lonely No More....

Last Saturday (Dec 18) Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud married a (very much younger) Lebanese woman in a very private and closely guarded ceremony in Kuching.

The name of the CM's new wife is still not known. Sources say that she used to be a flight attendant and is 28 years old, although this (her age) has not been confirmed. Some reports just said that she is in "her 30s".

Lucky devil the CM is, I tell you.

Anyway, the akad nikah was held at the groom's official residence in Jalan Demak in Kuching and attended by family members, close relatives and friends.Their union was solemnised by state mufti Kipli Yassin at 9.30pm, followed by a short bersanding session.

The very private affair had about 200 guests.

The chief minister's press secretary, Amin Sahmat declined to disclose any details about the bride or the wedding except to say that an announcement would be made later, and that a wedding reception would be held next month.

Taib has been single since his wife, Laila died of cancer, in April last year.

They had been married since 1959 and have four children ( all older than the bride).

See the reports HERE, HERE

Well -- all I can say is -- Selamat Pengantin Baru!


Anonymous said...

Lucky and competent...
Anybody who says otherwise is just jealous...

VP said...

Definitely...the Thief Minister of Sarawak has to be competent,if not how to sapu habis!

Anonymous said...

I thought he needed a nurse-cum-maid more urgently. Me, jealous??? No, no, the young bride has to cope up with quite a bit, there's kids, some bad habits, and worst of all, an imminent "widow-ship" looming in the horizon. There are whispers going around, his kids are far worst than can be imagined!
Nobody's jealous, we are laughing here. At last the old man has a soft spot. But I must say, she is beautiful, no doubt about that. I hope everyone treats her well. Amen.