Monday, December 13, 2010

Wikileaks ....Why We should Just Chill....

How exciting and deliciously vicarious to read stuff about what was said by some diplomats about foreign leaders and sovereign heads. Among other things.

And what good ole USA was up to. Confirms what we all think about US leaders, and American diplomats. Just like them spy books and movies.

Yep. Shame on you, America, for all those lies about Iraq, Afghanistan the world. We knew you were lying. Wikileaks only confirmed it.

And now, it's for all to see -- how the US is handling freedom of information, freedom of the Press and all manner of freedom(s).

The US simply cannot. The world's biggest hypocrite.

(Look what they've done and doing to Julian Assange? )

Oh. Wikileaks. You game-changer. How you have re-defined diplomacy and the landscape of freedom.

And such tittle tattle. Such gossip, courtesy, Wikileaks. Those opinions. Anyway, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, flawed or otherwise.

And diplomats are supposed to be sending their two cents worth on important people and the political situation of the countries in which they are posted, to their bosses back home. That's part of the job, if not their main job.

Whatever the tittle-tattle is worth, it has caused much embarrassment to some people. That's as far as it gets.

The next time you're with an American diplomat, you know what to do. Feed him or her with your God-honest opinions. Or not...

More than 250,000 diplomatic and embassy cables obtained by Wikileaks, surely something must be said about Malaysia. Surely.

And by no other less then Kiasu Singapura. Were you surprised? Heavens, no!

Let the diplomats from both sides, work it all out. Can't wait to see how that is.

Then there was this.

The thing is -- what was said may not be the truth. They're people's opinions. They're not the gospel truth. Even if it's from Singapore's minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

So, you may feel ever so slighted and infuriated. Like this. Sure, you tell him, guys!

Don't get so defensive. Like this,

You can have a positive effect. Like this. But you don't have to believe them..

Anyway, no point in getting worked up.

Just chill, and relax.


Anonymous said...

So what if Singapore calls Malaysia lazy, dumb, incompetent, fat, blah, blah, blah...

I wouldn't want to live in pressure cooker Singapore.

Spit also cannot wan. Rubbish also must discard p-r-o-p-e-r-l-y loh.

So draconian. So rigid. So kiasu.

I love the laid back attitude here in Malaysia. Can spit. Can throw. Can makan whenever whatever. There's always a choice.

Proud to be Malaysian.

najib manaukau said...

Anon 11.01a.m.,

Be honest you just are not qualified to go to live in Singapore or any other countries. Also with people like you that is the reason why Malaysia will always remain in the third world !
And please don't say you don't want to live in Singapore and just all the lazy, dumb, incompetent, fat blab, blah, blah you just want to run 50 meters in a 100 meters race.
Please grow up !

Anonymous said...

Work vely vely hard in Kiasupura so I can go gambling at casino and eat 10 times a day? No thank you.

Proud to be Malaysian

p.s proud to drink own fresh water