Monday, December 13, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim Has Joined Akim...(Akim?)

Oh, it's a little-known party in Kelantan. It's full name is the Malaysian People’s Justice Front.

And with Zaid Ibrahim as a member, it will not be little-known no more. That's a promise.

Its president Zakaria Salleh said today Zaid - former Umno, former Parti Keadilan Rakyat member -- joined the party last month.

Zaid's resignation from PKR took effect on Nov 19.

How timely. Zaid may even want to be its president. Akim is scheduled to hold its annual general meeting on Wednesday to elect a new leadership.

Zakaria may even offer to move aside to give way to Zaid.


Anonymous said...

It's nice for Zaid isn't it? Now he can make his dream come true by becoming the President of a political party. Something that he was unable to do in PKR. Wish him all the best.

Anak Perelih said...

what a fitting to zaid.... he can be the president in no time...

Anonymous said...

Zaid has potential. He also has this certain celebrity look. Like a chef, talk show host type celebrity. Maybe travel-talk show?

Anonymous said...

What a dissappointment. I would have thought Pas would be a better choice for him. Then he can stand in his former seat of Kota Bharu. He stands a good chance to win under Pas ticket. No point becoming a President of a party and not winning a seat for MP.

I'm sure Pas can accomodate a seat for him. He is more consistent than Ibrahim Ali whom Pas unwittingly offered the Pasir Mas seat. They must be biting their finger nails out of regret. Ibrahim really had them.

maae said...

Salam Nuraina,
1.Everybody in Malaysia free to join any political party as long he/she has the ambition of being a true leader.
2.A major problem of course,the spirit within,to be a true malay that cares for Islam
3.Well,good luck anyway to Zaid,not to simply forget the founder of AKIM.