Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Code Of Ethics For Judges..

My heading should have a question mark at the end.

"New Code Of Ethics For Judges?"

Here's the NST front page report:

KUALA LUMPUR: If ever a judge is confused as to what he can or cannot do, the new Judges’ Code of Ethics 2009 makes it clear.

Among others, a judge cannot:

Be close friends with a lawyer;

Be involved in a case in which a family member is

Give public comment about a pending or impending proceedings that might be heard before the judge’s court;

Be involved in charitable fund raising or membership solicitation; and
Permit others to convey the impression that they are in a position to influence the judge.

Click here to read the rest of the report.

Our judges really need to be told what to do and what not to do.

I thought when anyone takes the oath to be a judge, he or she is supposed to already know all the don'ts.



Legal Cat said...

Becaus we have none our judiciary is what it is today. After all to err is human. Politicians take oath too

Fairminded said...

How about being close friends with political parties, especially the current ruling coalition and also, influential UMNO politicians. Some recent bias verdicts that went against the opposition left much to be desired and disgraceful to the judiciary!

Purple Haze said...

Is NOT considering an Article of the Malaysian Consitution (where relevant and in plain English) tantamount to misconduct ?

YM said...

It's not a progressive act. It's a clear indictment on absolute deterioration of standards, morality and conscience. Again it is treatment of symptoms and not cause. Tighten the judicial appointment committee. Get the first class brains with first class integrity, then we don't have to tell judges that dancing with the devil is bad even though you didn't go to bed together! Political will, for heaven's sakes!

Retrogina said...

This is what a retired judge has to say:-

"In my time there were no written and gazetted code of ethics. Judges by convention were supposed to know what they can and cannot do. Now with this new code it is a good thing as everyone knows how a judge is to behave in and outside the courts and if one goes against the code anyone can make a complain and once the judges knows this perhaps they will behave well. In the past people were afraid to complain and there were no set procedure to do so. The present code by far is not a perfect one but it is a good start."

Anonymous said...

So, we need a judge to judge judges to be judged by other judges?

Well done!


aiyomanaboleh said...

You mean some of the judges are not aware of those universal values and need to be reminded of them?

Sad for an institution so admired before.

Old Fart said...

When we find it necessary to set these things out for our judges, that speaks volumes about the capacity of our judges to think. Does it mean that we can now contest verdicts by subjecting our judges' capacity to think?

Anonymous said...

On 29-10-2013,I left early in the morning to attend court hearing at Palace of Justice on my companyleave application to Federal Court.The main issue is that High Court judge had breached Judges'Code of Ethics 2009,paragraph 7(2).The five panel of judges acknowledged that there is a remote link of judge wife to respondent but cannot accept the Code was breached despite 7(2)stipulated"or is associated in any manner with the case".The leave application was dismissed with cost.It is sad and frustating fighting for justice and it look like for the judge where no interpretion in the Code,the Judge can make decision to protect another judge by giving reason that is suitable to them.So,where will I go to get justice for injustices of the judge?