Tuesday, June 09, 2009

PAS Against Sisters In Islam

Sisters In Islam must have been pissing PAS off with their "liberal" ideas.

PAS wants SIS to be banned, accusing it of carrying out activities that were found to be contrary to Islamic teachings and principles.

The party alleged that the group’s activities were “dangerous” that could cause confusion among Muslims.

Last Sunday, PAS, at the closing of its muktamar, urged that SIS be investigated by the National Fatwa Council.

The party said SIS should be declared "haram" if these "liberal elements" in SIS were found to be against the teachings of Islam.

Pas has also called for a rehabilitation programme for its members.

SIS programme manager Norhayati Kaprawi has lambasted the party for adopting what she dscribed as "scare tactics".

"This smacks of a vigilante mindset and approach," she said.

SIS has got several high-profile women, among others, on its side -- Pas' Dr Lo'Lo' Mohd Ghazali, DAP's Teresa Kok and Wanita Umno's Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

I think PAS stand smacks of prejudice. It also shows how intolerant the party is of others who may not be singing the same tune.

It's akin to saying that SIS has strayed from Islam.

That is a terribly serious accusation.

On what basis is PAS making that allegation?

It's not good enough to be making such an accusation and then ask another body to investigate.


MJ said...

I think the declaration of anything (whether it's SIS or otherwise) as "haram" is already stated as if these "liberal elements" in SIS were found to be against the teachings of Islam.

Anonymous said...

The PAS that you see/meet during election campaign is not the real PAS. Their leaders won't scold Teresa Kok for not covering her hair with scarf when they campaign together.

The PAS that you see during the muktamar is the real PAS. If, PR were to run this country, PAS will implement PAS' cleric-centric policies. They don't have to change the constitution to implement their policies. They can do it at the ministries that they take charge.

The Erdogans in PAS are not dead, there were never born in the first place. Teresa Kok should heed Karpal's calling for taubat.


joenathan said...

I am sure this asinine view has not been endorsed by the main leadership in PAS.Such primitive suggestion can only come from a few individuals in PAS,who are power hungry, who give two hoots to the credibility of the party working hand in hand with some powerful dark powers,from outside PAS.

Certainly the timing of their criticism of SISTERS IN ISLAM has got some bearing on the unity talk with UMNO,which Hadi was talking about.If not why only criticize now and not earlier?

I am sure the much revered Tok Guru Tuan Hj Nik Aziz,would never endorse such archaic view of his followers,if it is to score some brownie political points.Sad to see how politicians can manipulate the people according to their whims to gain political mileage,even at the expense of disrespecting a wonderful,kind and humble leader like Tok Guru Nik Aziz.This what would happen,when the people blindly support politicians.This is also a lesson for PR and all proponents of change,for giving blind support.

Anonymous said...

I think there should be women against the taliban movement.

Satria Asia said...

Their thinking is decidedly 7th century ... PAS is a party of chauvinists ...

AnakMelaka said...

Either you're with PAS Islam or against it ala George Bush.

Keep it up PAS, if Najib calls for GE now, BN will easily win 2/3 despite Perak!

Donplaypuks® said...

This is a clear demonstration of the bigoted, Talibanisque and Ultra Iranian Mullah mentality that is at the core of PAS.

And that's all the reason we should never let them remotely near the reins of a majority power in the Federal Government.

Anonymous said...

yes ban SIS... merosakkan akidah remaja sekarang..

Anonymous said...

SIS doesn't have expertise on Islam but behaves as if they are experts in the field. Let's leave it to the expert. If you have legal problems you go to lawyers not loyer buruks. If you face medical problems you approach doctors, so on and so forth. It's worst if you let half-baked "experts" run the show. What happens if I, a non-doctor, prescribe medicines for my "patients". Are you comfortable?

frm: SISA

Kamal Shah said...

Baru2 ini saya menjawab persoalan yang di bawa oleh seorang anak muda tentang halal haram nya lelaki dan wanita yang bukan muhrim bersalaman. Dia kata Haram tapi saya kata Halal. Waa bukan main marah dia pada saya. To cut the story short, sebab saya kata halal ialah bukan kerana saya tak tahu hukum TETAPI saya mengatakan HALAL kerana PEMIMPIN MELAYU ISLAM BUAT TAK DAK SEORANG PUN MUFTI, ULAMA, USTAZ, PENDAKWAH BEBAS, yang satu kem dengan pemimpin tersebut yang menentang dan menegur pemimpin. Malah bukan setakat salam, berpeluk pun ada....

SIS should be banned. Want to know why? We have proof. Tons of them. SIS must be banned of course and not only that, they should be rehabilitated. Akidah jangan dipermain, Syariat jangan diperkecil, Ugama jangan dipermudah, SIS terlalu banyak bermain 'api' dan SIS naik lemak bila ulamak kerajaan, Mufti tak buat apa2. Refer cerita yang pertama tadi dah la....


Anonymous said...

Sokong Bro,
SiS should be ban forever. Agama bukan benda yang boleh ikut sedap mulut beb..dan bukan juga ikut sedap akal...kena ikut AlQuran dan Hadis semata-mata..tanpa soal dan tanpa keraguan.

So So said...


Meanwhile, Selangor Islamic Religious Affairs Department (Jais) director-general Datuk Muhammed Khusrin Munawi was supportive of PAS’ call, noting that the group was too liberal when it came to issues relating to Islamic family law.

He said most of SIS members were not qualified to comment on Islam as they did not have an Islamic studies background.

Selangor Mufti Datuk Mohd Tamyes Abd Wahid agreed, saying SIS’ activities and efforts were contradictory to Islamic teachings.


Anonymous said...

Why don't they ban UMNO ? That surely has strayed.

Anonymous said...

I don't really think a ban is necessary. SIS is more a women's rights activitist. It tries to empower Muslim women, and there is nothing with this.

The fact, however, remains that they tend to use logic, and just logic when presenting their arguments.

This is where they go wrong. For example, they have, supported by so-called legal experts like Haris Ibrahim, been saying that the Quran does not say that Muslim women should wear the tudung.

If you have been following their argument, nothing is based on what the Quran says.

No reference to any ayat (and there are at least two that clearly states the need for women to cover their heads. The rationale is not to surpress but to protect their morality).

Yes, one can argue that wearing the hijab doesn't guarantee good morality. Agreed, but it is written in the Quran.

If we go by the same argument, then why do we fast then? We all know that the body needs food. We can accept the rationale: it is the time to give the body and spirit a break, cleansing of the body and soul, the eyes and ears, and for us to understand what the poor have to go through, etc.

Islam is not a rigid religion. No religion is. But I do get irritated by people, especially Muslims, who try to put down their own religion because they lack the understanding, and refuse to learn.

Those who wear the tudung shouldn't be discriminated against. Yet, you see policies like airlines and hotels having this no-tudung policy. Drinking is allowed but not tudung staff. That is a matter of choice.

Put it in the right perspective, and educate that this is a choice we have to respect, but do not put people down.

It would be as huge an injustice as branding all Christians who regularly drink and yet attend Sunday mass without fail. Christianity doesn't subscribe to intoxication, not because the church is trying to surpress, but because drinking leads to people losing their senses, and health problems.

If you explain it this way, and tell people they have the right to lead their own lives, then it is fair.

But in the case of SIS, it had resorted to lies, at times, just to support its arguments.

That is wrong...it is a matter of aqidah, and you shouldn't play around with it.

shamsuddin khan said...

pas is not against sis but trying to fishing votes from majority muslim. one of the reason many young muslim voters esp in klang valley voted for pr in the last election becoz bn govt too lenient to islam liberal, even give their leaders column in one newspaper and she used it to bashing `kaw-kaw' the respected clerics such as ibn taimiyyah and so on who have good respect from majority muslim in the world.
so, pas want to show to the majoritiy muslim/ malay that they care for akidah. don't forget 95 percent voters in manik urai are muslim malay.

mns2121 said...

All muslim shall not support SIS since it was acted and behave against or not accordance to Islam teachings. And I strongly support that her name changed to others since her name purely mislead other muslim to believe they are championing muslim women.

Anonymous said...


sudah jangka perkara ini akan dikecohkan oleh blog ini dengan berbagai tohmahan. sedangkan resolusi asal hanya mahu supaya ia di siasat.

kenapa bila pas buat banyak sangat komen menghentam. tetapi bila lim guan eng menghalang Utusan malaysia dalam aktviti kerajaaan racist di sana tak pulak di hentam walaupun mereka kata pejuang kebebasan bersuara.


Kamal Shah,

Tak boleh macam tu, Bro. You're judging them according to your book.


Sia Ena

Anonymous said...

Agama tidak merendah-rendahkan martabat mana-mana gender malah agama sebaliknya yang membetulkan sikap manusia terhadap manusia yang berlainan gender. Oleh kefahaman yang betul ialah agama membawa kebaikan tetapi manusia itu sendiri yang cenderung melakukan keburukan.

Sikap suka membeza-bezakan gender telah lama hadir dalam pemikiran manusia. Ia bukanlah sikap baru. Ia menular disebabkan manusia yang terbeban dengan cabaran sosial dan ekonomi yang berkaitan dengan gender tidak dapat berfikir panjang sebaliknya mengambil jalan mudah untuk mengatasinya.

Ini bukan persepsi tetapi realiti. Realiti ini bukan saja berlaku di negara mundur atau di satu penjuru dunia tertentu saja tetapi tanpa sedar ianya masih menggejala secara meluas termasuk di negara maju. Realiti ini bukan satu dongengan tetapi disokong oleh fakta dan kajian oleh pihak profesional dan tidak berpihak. Artikel berikut adalah contoh realiti yang dimaksudkan:

U.S. Births Hint at Bias for Boys in Some Asians

Published: June 14, 2009

“Demographers say the statistical deviation among Asian-American families is significant, and they believe it reflects not only a preference for male children, but a growing tendency for these families to embrace sex-selection techniques, like in vitro fertilization and sperm sorting, or abortion.” — The New York Times.

Kesimpulannya: Apa jua sikap negatif (pilih kasih, jahat, diskriminasi, bias dsbnya) yang ada pada manusia adalah atas pilihan manusia itu sendiri. Usah kaitkan pihak lain seperti agama dsbnya (pihak ketiga)dengan konflik yang timbul antara manusia dengan manusia.

Tidak salah bagi mana-mana golongan berusaha menegakkan kebenaran tetapi asal usul dan susur galur kepincangan yang timbul perlulah jelas dan pasti supaya jangan nanti ada "Pihak Ketiga" yang tidak menjadi punca kepada permasalahan antara dua pihak yang berkonflik yang akan dipersalahkan!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kenapa ban? Oh no..please no...

Inilah satunya pertubuhan yang benar2 ambil tahu pasai kebajikan kami kaum wanita... tempat untuk membuka suara dengan apa yang tertutup selama ini.


majezan said...

The choice is yours.
If you want to adhere with SIS,go ahead.
If you want to adhere with PAS and its ulemas,go ahead.
Hell is for the Muslim.
Heaven is for the Mukmin.
I go for the latter.

Anonymous said...

If you call any organisation with any particular name, that name must be reflective of the concepts and believe of the name.
Islam is and will continue to be a religion. The religion of Islam was not founded over philosophical thinking and years of arguments.
the religion is based on what the believers have been believing as the revelations from the Allah th almigty Allah to his most beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be Upon Him.
So how do Muslim practice the religion? Simply based on what the prophet practices throughout his life and also the practices of his followers during Prophet Muhammad's time. And these are according to the Quran and the prophet's sayings and practices.
So, if this NGO wants to call themselves Sisters in Islam BUT would like to change the practice here and there and based them on western secular approach, why on earth you want to be considered sisters in Islam? Incredible.
It is more like Sisters Againts Islam or Sisters againts Islamic Teaching.
Why must the word Islam be used for this NGO when most of the time they are against the Islamic teaching per se OR would like to define it according to their secular western approach???
It is not just PAS need to say that. Any ordinary Muslim who practice Islamic teaching would be surprise to see an NGO with the name of Islam yet go against Islamic teaching blatantly.
So please, get another name, whatever it is.
Dont treat Islam like the Europeans treat Christianity.
Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

I think if the name of the movement is "Woman rights group" then it will not be so controversial but the group is named as "Sisters in Islam"

Now this will be a bit confusing for the non-muslim.

For the Muslim, they would expect that this movement advocates the principles in of Islam.

The MAIN PROBLEM is that the leaders of SIS are not well verse in the teaching of Islam to give perspectives of Islam.

The CONCERN is that this will raise confusion among the Muslim.

They are a lot if non-Muslim who are confused on the real issue.

A good example would be, for example,

Suppose, there is a group call Sister of Catholic. Well suppose this group start to give perspectives which are contradictory to the teaching of the catholic religion then there will definitely will be objections from the Catholic estblishment.

Joan of Arc was burned and killed because one of the reason, she dressed up as a man. If there is a group call Sisters of Catholic, they would not dare to raise objection as they will gate the same fate.

What PAS is asking is that SIS is to be investigated by the authority, that is all.

If SIS do not raise issue which involve religion, then this problem do not arises.

Jay bee

CINTA suci abadi said...

Kita kena siasat SIS, pasal nampak jelas macam ada gulungan munafik di dalam nya dan jadi dalang musuh musuh islam.sungguh bahaya.
Pokok pada Islam ialah iman, sekira seorang sudah penuh imannya mereka tak mempersoalkan pekara yang remek temeh.apa yang di suruh oleh Allah itu yang di patuhi tanpa ragu ragu. Terang dan jelas orang yang mendukungi SIS ialah orang yang refused untuk memahami Islam secara terperinci dan total.Mereka sengaja tak mahu mendalami Islam atas sebab tertentu, takut bial sudah betul memahami mereka terpaksa pakai yg menutup aurat. Hukum hukum Allah ada rahsia tersendiri tak mestinya ada logik .Contoh bila Allah mengharam kan makan babi adakah pasal babi bawa penyakit ( memang dulu babi bawa tape worm dan hari ini terbukti lagi dengan H1N1 )tapi ini bukan sebab sebenar pengharamannya.Rahsianya masih disisi Allah SWT.Yang pokoknya ini satu ujian Allah kepada manusia, menguji adakah manusia mematuhi arahannya, sebab Allah tak zalim bila mengharamkan babi ,di adakan makanan yang lebih enak dari babi.Kemungkinan besar siapa yang makan babi begitu lama akan terhijap hatinya dari menerima hidayat dari Allah.Apa pun sebab nya tak penting bagi orang yang percaya ada hari pembangkitan. Pn Nuraina, bukan kah Puan seorang yang suka baca Alquran?

PahNur said...

"We run around in circles and suppose, when the truth sits in the middle and knows". =Stephan Hawking=
In this case, "truth" is the "good interpretation of the Quran, the words of God Himself". I wonder if the people screaming "Islam" actually are talking about the same interpretation of Islam. Maybe that is where the problems lie. Basic is to comprehend, WHY GOD BOTHERED TO SEND US HIS GUIDANCE in the first place. WHY?
And if the answer includes to "defend oppression especially amongst women and children, which has been the "history since the beginning of time post Eve eating that darn apple", then people are talking on the same turf, not in a "men from mars, women from venus" sense of it......

Banning is simply a shortcut from thinking and rationalizing. It's driven by pure insecurity and laziness actually. It's like a mom telling her teenage kid to "shut up!!" after knowing that she was about to loose an argument with her kid, or it the argument is going to take up a lot of time felt wasted, when actually, a healthy argument would prove beneficial to both sides. That is why God had told us to be humble, not infested with ego, for ego blinds foresight and makes one myopic.

Actually this banning SIS thingy is kind of a free advertisement for SIS, ( just like when Najib bans net sites, people crashed the net to satisfy curiosity), now obviously more women would want to find out the truth behind SIS...

I think SIS should just tell these people (I'm using the term "people" because avowing the actual term in my mind won't get my comment published and that would be a shame) a simple fact and that fact would be "We are doing this simply because it is the right thing to do", stop sounding defensive. If you are in the right, what is there to be afraid of? If you are right, you are right. In order to know whether who is right and who is, well, not actually wrong,perhaps more of misguided by underutilized gray matter, we need to get back to basics and what best if it is non other than the words of God, the Quran. Problem with the words of human, everyone's got an agenda......

Anonymous said...

Saya pernah terlibat secara aktif dengan kumpulan IbuTunggal.. terlalu banyak perkara yang perlu pembelaan sewajarnya..

Nasib kaum wanita sekarang bukan lagi macam zaman dahulu. Tanggung jawab yang dipikul teramat beza.

Biar balu atau janda (cerai), tugas berat menjaga anak2 kecil (seperti saya, masih menyusu bayi dan yang lain diperingkat sekolah rendah). Ramai dari kalangan kami juga terpaksa menanggung ibubapa yang uzur dan sudah tua.

Segi pembahagian harta pusaka masih samar (balu), pemberian nafkah anak (janda), dan keadaan ini menafikan hak terhadap anak2 yang tidak berdosa. Masa depan mereka tercemar kerana tidak mendapat PEMBELAAN dari mana2 pihak yang bertanggung jawab.

BANYAK perkara yang kaum wanita perlu dibela dan saya rasa, SIS adalah satu pertubuhan yang mengambil berat tentang perkembangan MASAKINI masaalah yang sedang dihadapi oleh kaum WANITA diNegara ini UNTUK MEMBUKA SUARA.

I can go on for days with all the problems faced by our group.. as for now, there is simply NO PLACE for us to approach for HELP!! Forget about the govt agencies, they send those who have no inkling of what our problems are all about.. sekadar datang hidang jamuan, gedik sini sana dan bersurai.. MAAF, thats for REAL, Shahrizat, please take note...


Mankind said...

Let's hear what Charlie Chaplin spoke...

Anonymous said...

SIS memang pertubuhan sesat...borders on kurang ajar. How can one question the Koran and still claim to be a Muslim? SIS should just be banned and its members sent for rehabilitation. Dont play the fool with Allah's religion.

God is great