Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Good To Be Back?

I'm talking about me.

Today is my first day (back) at work at NST. Homecoming, in a manner of speaking. "Sirih pulang ke gagang", some friends echoed.

First day after three years "in absentia". I won't go into detail of my leaving NST in March 2006.

A coincidence. I first joined the newspaper in July 1978 as a cadet reporter.

Never thought I'd go back to NST, to be honest. Never thought about it.

So. Good to be back?

Ask me in two weeks.


siakap said...

Lucky you. I wish you all the best and hope NST will be on the top again, isyallah.
See you at NPC soon.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina, my Mama asked me to ask you, How come you went back? purr purr....meow!

bro brotherhood, said...

As-Salam Sis Aina,..
Congrats & all d best in ur undertakings,..till den..b safe,..heheh,..wat else can I say,..(,")

abd naddin said...

Saya gembira puan balik NST. Sungguh gembira. Kerana ini memberikan harapan baru kepada NST untuk memberikan laporan yang lebih adil, bebas, dan hanya berpihak kepada fakta dan kebenaran. Selamat

Anonymous said...

Congrats Nuraina!

Enjoy the home-coming while it lasts ... that's all i can say.

de minimis said...


Does this mean that I must by more copies of NST now? :D Tho' you said to ask you about whether it's good to be back, I don't care. I still want to offer you my congratulations on your "homecoming".

ilene said...

Welcome back Nuraina! Let's hope for the best. Don't expect too much though coz things may not be the same as how it was before.

Anonymous said...

haha...1st rocky and now you..

coincidence? or part of a bigger plan??

no matter...we understand..all the best!

uncle gedek said...

Have fun..!

Pak Zawi said...

It is certainly good to see you back in NST. Hopefully you can bring back some life to this once great paper. I can still remember the days when NST was selling about half a million copies daily.

Satria Asia said...

Congratulations Nuraina! Wish you all the best. Quite amazing isn't it? Rocky back at MM and you at NST -- who would have thought after the upheaval ...

Anonymous said...

It's always better second time around. Believe me! I've been there, done that.
You know what they say about athletes having a second wind?
Aina, enjoy your "second wind".
Good luck.


Apanama said...

All da' BEST! Ha ha ha ... jangan lupa ROTAN.

Donplaypuks® said...

Best wishes. Hope no dramas!!

And don't pull the punches.

SK said...

Hey Kak Aina, have fun there!

Anonymous said...

Wonder where Alley Oop's been? Is he coming back too?

Best wishes with the new headaches ahead.


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back Boss. Wish you all the best and hope the good old days of working in the NST will one day be back. Best of Luck and All The Best to You!


Retrogina said...

Kak Ena,

Didn't sense enthusiasm from your post. But i wish you well and very happy for you. Give your heart out ok. Looking forward in 2 weeks time.

What's your position in NST?

luah fikiran said...

SALAM. SAYA UCAPKAN TAHNIAH KEMBALI KE NST. SELAMAT BERTUGAS. Saya ada posting terbaru dalam blog saya "". Tajuknya:"Mana Pergi Janji "Kerajaan Berjiwa Rakyat? Aduan Kepada Perdana Menteri Tidak Mendapat Respons" . Mohon, sekiranya puan fikirkan wajar, dimuatkan dalam blog puan. Tkasih

gram.kong said...

Congratulations.Wish you all the best.

Tok Kemuning said...

Well we will see how NST could pull back all those readers that had left. The last time i read NST or Berita Harian or Utusan was in 1998.

The only main sream media that i read today is The Star.

The rest pretty much i am following your bog, rocky, tunku, Bakri, Kadir Jasin, Kuda Kepang, Marina, Harakah etc. Lately Zaid Ibrahim and Anas Zubedy etc.

Anyhow...Good luck with your new appointment.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kak,

May my favourite neswpaper - despite it all & over all these years - get a revival it deserves.

All the best.


Anonymous said...


A very good news indeed.

I was an ardent reader of NST and your political column years ago before you left. You made Joceline Tan of Star look puny in your analysis of current affairs.

It will be sometime before the readership of NST is on the rise again but at least in the short term, readers can expect the quality of news reporting to be back with NST.

My words of wisdom borrowed from Mohamed Ali, never throw the first punch, but when you do, knock them out!


JBingkasan said...

Bulatan sudah genap pusing, harap kepala tidak pusing.



Anonymous said...

Hi Ena,

Congratulations and All the best for your homecoming to NSTP Group.

I hope to see changes that makes the newspaper a better read.

The position brings with it a certain commitment and dedication.

Take care and just be prepared for changes when there is a change in the premiership....I am certain you are well aware of that. So enjoy while it last!!

Best regards

Ex NSTP Ad Dept

Anonymous said...

Can you make NST independent? I have been seeing a lot of one-sided coverage. Hope you can make the difference.


Anonymous said...

u never thought of going back to nst? if so, how did you end up there? im confused. someone sent an application on you behalf? someone called you and appointed you without you asking for it? this us really confusing ..


anon@7:37PM, (floyd)

u are one confused person.

which part is difficult for you to understand??

Basree Rakijan said...

Congratulations on you appointment as Managing Editor, NST! I am sure the paper will prosper further with you around. And I will be watching. He he.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina ...
If it feels good .. Just do it.
Wali Kota

Anonymous said...

Good luck Kak Ena. Report the truth and restore the pride of journalism.

You can do it..

Maverick SM said...


Congratulations! I am happy to hear this news. Would we still have laksa?

Anonymous said...

Nuraina now i know you are just not a pretty face...just go for it.




Thank you. I'll remember to knock them out! :-)

However, on Joceline Tan, a very good friend of mine and former colleague (she was with our reporter and then writer with New Sunday Times), i'd have to disagree with you with regards to her journalistic skills and ability. she is no puny writer.

thank you.

kipas emas said...

Kak Aina,

Congratulations, wish you all the best.

Hope the Force that owns NST not turn you to be another "Kali"
or Darth Vader etc...

- Your fan -

Satria Asia said...

Congratulations Nuraina!

Anonymous said...

aina dear, tahniah ! akan abandon the bintang for nst !