Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuesdays With Bapak

Saudara Anwar -- Tuesday April 1, 2008

It was the summer of '78, as I recalled. Ok, ok...so everyday is summer in this country. Always wanted to use that phrase.

Sometime in '78, after I had just started work with NST, I was assigned to cover an event at Yayasan Anda in Jalan Pantai Bahru.
The person holding the Press conference was Anwar Ibrahim.

I was 22, fresh out of college. Did I know who Anwar Ibrahim was? I'd be stupid if I didn't.
He was the student (mahasiswa) who fought against poverty for which he was detained under the ISA.
He fought for the poor.

Every Malaysian student knew Anwar Ibrahim. And as a student, I was a Guevara-ist. Very anti-establishment. I might not have been from an impoverished class but I certainly was not removed from the problems of poverty and the disenfranchised.

Now before I proceed, this is not an apple-polishing piece on Anwar, ok? Just something anecdotal about my first encounter with every mahasiswa's hero then.

Back to the Anwar Ibrahim assignment my dear editor (the late) Pak Cik Dahari Ali sent me to -- I took the assignment as I would any other.

I cannot remember now what the assignment was about but I remember lucidly some things Anwar uttered during the Press conference and my meeting with him after the assignment, as though it was just yesterday. And this I could never forget and something I have related to my friends and family who by now must already know the story by heart and in detail.

After meeting Anwar, I began to understand the meaning of charisma. Really. I'm not stupid and was not born yesterday. But, I know what charisma is. I'm sure many others too.

I was a newbie. A rookie. But I was not nervous because I had done my practical training with NST in my second and final year.

I was quite lucky because my sister, Maria (Kak Ton), was a senior journalist (with Bernama then) and I knew many of her friends in the Press. They treated me like their younger sister.

At the Anwar assignment, I met (the late) Norijah from Bernama. She made me sit beside her throughout the Press conference.

Arwah Norijah was one of Kak Ton's dearest friends. She was warm and witty. I liked her a lot.

After the assignment, as usual, all the reporters would approach the man-of-the-hour for further clarification, to say hello/goodbye, have a chat (if he/she was a close contact) or whatever. Press people are friendly people. They usually hang around....part of the job.

By the end of the assignment, I was impressed by what I saw and heard. As simple as that.

I remember, in reply to a question (I forget what it was, but I can remember the reply), he said: "......we are brothers in Islam " (to the Muslim reporters) and "we are brothers in humanity", (to the non-Muslim reporter who asked the question.

I liked what he said. I still do.

Everything over, Norijah and I were at the table in front where Anwar was still talking to reporters.

Norijah made herself visible to him, which was not hard, if you knew Norijah.

Anwar looked up and smiled. I think he knew who she was.

He looked at me and smiled.

I, of course, smiled back.

"Nuraina, from NST", I offered.

Before Anwar could say anything, dear dear Norijah said: "Ni anak Samad Ismail."

(I was -- and still am -- a little uneasy whenever anyone introduced me that way. Not so much because of how I'd react but more of how the other party would.)

I was about to say something to Norijah when Anwar unhesitantly, said: "Aaah...Pak Samad. How is he?"

You see, for me at that time, I'd get moved very easily by anyone who asked about Bapak.

I replied: "Alhamdulillah....he is fine."

Anwar, his face a little grim: "What does he do to pass the time?"

Me: "I think he reads the Quran".

His face softened. He took three books on the table.

"Here, please give Pak Samad these books," he said, and proceeded to scribble something in the books, one by one.

"Please, you don't have to sign the books... the Special Branch takes a look at them first and if you have your name there....", I said.

Anwar looked up, smiled and continued to scribble.

"That's ok. That's ok... Not a problem," he replied, as he kept on scribbling.

Anwar handed me the books.

"Please kirim my salam to Pak Samad," he said.

"Inshallah. And thank you," I replied. So impressed was I by his "fearlessness" of the Special Branch.

I decided there and then that I liked the man. I didn't know him and I didn't care.

Norijah seemed pleased that she introduced me to Anwar. I was too.

The following Tuesday during our meeting with Bapak at the police station, I handed the books to Bapak.

"These are from Anwar Ibrahim. He signed them and dia kirim salam," I said.

"Ya kah..Waalaikumussallam." Bapak replied, as he looked at the gifts from Anwar.

I asked Bapak whether he had ever met Anwar.

No, he said. They had never met.

"Please tell him thank you, and kirim my salam," Bapak told me.

Me: "Ok...Inshallah."

I never met saudara Anwar after that, until much much later.

Sometime after Bapak's release from detention, he accepted an invitation from his "girls and boys" at the Star to be its editorial adviser.
It was also the same time Anwar was invited to join Umno.

Just before Anwar joined Umno, he met with Bapak. That was the first time they had ever met. And, certainly, it was not the last.


Pak Tuo said...

Dearest Kak,

Who could forget the 'Baling Protest'.DSAI was the Main.

I was a wee lad then.In 1975 incident I was still in Form 3 and at the time the student demo was on it was school hols and I was sqarting with my cousin bro studying at INTEKMA then(UTM)Jln Gurney.Together with my cousin brother and his campus band wagon we march off to mesjid Megara for the demo.
It was my very first experience on what democratic process and the how brutal the FRU is.
As a 'wee lad' I observed what the FRU did to fellows student whom was questioning how 'just the just world is'.
My cousin bro.was charge for illegal demo aat MNegara and a few of my cousin bro stdying at UM,ITM then was sack from their respective college.
Some how thats not the end of the road for them and are rather all of them are well in upkeeping now.

As time goes by,AKUI was enacted,thus no more student power.I remember the hooray by the MSM at that particular incident.We the activist were the scumb of the society and that how they protray the student activist the.
Remember it was the Peace Movement and Anti Vitnam War period.
Thus the spill of student power was very much the order of the day.

After the Student Demo in 1975,it was much later in 1982 and the only time I met DSAI personnaly.He was a Deputy Minister on Belia dan Sukan.I was desperate for financial support and thus my only hope was MARA Loan.
I am not the bright one but dare to take the challenge arriving at Heathrow alone with a haversack and merely 100 pound and does not know where to keep until I meet a Bruniean and he directed me to M'san Hall at Marble Arch and the rest is history.
I was accept to at PCL,in the mist of term got no sponsorship.
I am a person.as a minang proverb says"Seketek Budi nan diberi,selombah omas dilaboh'

Yes,DSAI came to my rescue and I almost drown in fighting in persueing my eduction quest.

Dato Sri,if you are reading this Thank You very much for the support on my Mara Education loan application in 1982 and still furnishing the repayment.
That is the only time I met him and never cross path since then.

I am grateful for the recommendation made on my application and completed I did.
From a lay man preception.
'BudiMu dikenang Dato Sri'.

Anonymous said...

i say man ... cerita la apa tajuk buku tu ke, apa yang anwar tulis ke ... cerita macam tak habis, dear ...

Rockybru said...

Yep, Sdra Anwar has that charisma gift. It's something about how he seemingly looks into you.

I remember his last press conference, the afternoon before the night they arrested him and locked him up under the ISA. He was cool, composed, calculating. At the end of the press conference, he went around shaking everyone's hands. Many reporters were visibly moved.

He came to me and said, "Rocky, they can do this to me. They can do this to all of us."

Anonymous said...

I agree with what u say about his charisma, I dont know him but on one ocassion whn he was a speaker for an event (forgot what it was) everyone was clamouring to shake his hands, and i realised that he's got this special AURA around him. You'd want to look and be hypnotised
Siti Annie

Anonymous said...

Nuraina said... It was the summer of '78, as I recalled. Ok, ok...so everyday is summer in this country. Always wanted to use that phrase.


I always tell people we have two seasons in Malaysia, summer and fall. Then I'd add, "Not autumn, mind you. Just fall."

"So what fall?" they'd ask, mystified. "Rain!" I'd tell them.

I know, I know... joke tempang. ;D

MYSON said...

yeah...he is one of a kind

surely people will not forget him for his AURA

the indie story said...

Betapa beruntung menjadi anak Samad Ismail.

2 novel orang tua Sis Nuraina yang pernah saya tekuni kalau tak silap
"tembok tidak tinggi dan Hud"

bayangkan saya sudah kunyah naskah itu sewaktu berumur 15 tahun. Berat bukan?

Sekali sakala saya kaan baca semi biografi Pak Samad Ismail..terbitan DBP.

Kalaulah saya berpeluang berkerja sevbagai wartawan dibawah tunjuk ajar beliau, alangkah indahnya.

Boleh hari-hari kena carut! heheeheee...

Apapun Samad Ismail permata yang terlalu berharga. Suratkhabar bergeraK!

Orang tua ini bukan sebarang wartawan. Betul2 punya wartawan...

BaitiBadarudin said...

Since we're in the reminiscising (?) mood, allow me to recall my memorable first interview with DSAI at the then Yayasan Anda. He was in baju Melayu and me in my skirt and sleeveless blouse wished I had worn my kurung or kebaya. Be that as it may, I didn't have the feeling that he minded that much.
Wonder why he also likes the song "Isabella"? Haha dan perasan ...

Anonymous said...

When someone talks about Anwar it always reminds me of my My friend Zainal E (I am sure you know him.)

He was fully resposible to bring Anwar to limelight at one time .Remember the report "flashed" by Zainal that Anwar may join PAS that prompted Umno vaterant like Datuk Harun to immediately wooed Anwar to UMNO's armfold ?
In fact at that time PAS leaders really has no intention of offering to Anwar!
Please dont post this if this would make Zainal uncomfortable.I have not meet him forlast few years

Anonymous said...

Tak ramai nak masuk penjara atas prinsip yang diperjuangkan. Itulah Datuk Seri Anwar yang saya kenal. Regardless what TDM says about him.

Kak Teh said...

aaah, ena, that summer of 78 - that was when our fates were sealed. You were assigned by Pak Cik Dahari to do stories on politics while I do stories on children in orphanage, and fati did stories on celebs. Our future was mapped out then.
Having said that, my first interview with Datuk seri anwar was at the churchill in London. and the last few in Dublin and in London. Just weeks before his arrest.

Charisma? Those days when anwar ibrahim gave talks at malaysia hall, the hall would be full, the crowd would spill out to the pavement of bryanston square.

when some other ministers came to give talks, officers had to go out to the canteen and persuade people to make up the crowd.

and ena, yes, I remember summer of 78, and later winter of 79 we met up again in London, remember?

Anonymous said...

Kak Aina

I understand what you meant by Anwar's charisma. I was a student in UK in the early 90s and crossed paths with DSAI (visiting UK as Education Miniter)in the foyer of the Malaysian Hall while DSAI was on his way to the surau to perform his Asar prayers. We were all dumbstruck. He emanated somekind of energy and we all could just gape - words left our mouth AND minds.

A few years later I had the fortune to be "saved" by K Wan - DSAI was in political wilderness by this time - I was about to cross a road in Bangsar when I heard a lady shout "Look out - moto nak lalu!" - I turned around and there was K Wan - softly reprimanding me to be careful in the future of impending motorists. I said thank you and shook hands with her. She was smiling and graceful. Before I knew it she was ushered into a white MPV by a minder and drove away.

LazerJuan said...

Charisma he has in abundance. Not forgetting the gift of the gab..KJ may disagree...A refresher course, the many Armani suits, the questionable education policies and also the association with corporate entities (remeber ABRAR)...Anwar is truly a charismatic man of mystery..(not the Austin Powers kind..emm on second thoughts)..anyway, just a humble observation...lets not get too carried away with charisma ...Hitler had tonnes of it...on a brighter note, so does Mawi!!! p.s. sorry if this posting appears for the 3rd time..am a novice at this.

Unknown said...

ahhhhhhh, how nice butterflies and roses and everything nice...don"t worry nuraina, as soon as Anwar is Prime Minister, believe me he will be, I have never met a man with such lust, you and your adoring blogger fans will be richly rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Sdri Nuraina,

That's an historical recollection.

Might it not be better put to posterity? As in a book ...?


Anonymous said...

charisma no doubt. there's a lot one can do to gain support. championing the poor is the easiest and high on emotions. He knew that for his political mileage.

after he was sacked, he was quick to raise the people emotions too. that is not cool.

Still, his involvement with US government, Magnum's Nalakarupan, "close relationship with Joseph Estrada (?), among other things, still makes me wonder whom he really is.

Bergen said...

Aura - you either have it, or you don't. Mawi has it. Most of us don't. Pak Sheikh got a lot of it because of the things we went thru'. One shouldn't mess with a guy who went thru' what Pak Sheikh had to go thru'. A guy like that is hardened to core. A guy like won't leave a fight half way. A guy like that makes a good leader. Everyone should vote him in as the Malaysia's next Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Am just wondering why does Tun M has so much of phobia about sdra Anwar ? Fears of retribution or the guilt of the past has overpowered the man?

Talk of abuse of powers as DPM in those days ? What about the abuses of the PM of the day then?

The latest salvo fired by Tun M about sdra Anwar being agent of Western powers and suitable only as PM of Israel....No response needed sdra Anwar.

Come on Tun, be graceful with your elder statesman status. Malaysia is not only all about Najib Razak and UMNO. Both these may protect you and your future generation`s interest, yes. Even Ku Li is not getting your explicit endorsement

One wonders at times if the Tun truly have the nation and the rakyat`s interest at heart?

Time to move on...

Yes sdra Anwar, sdra Hadi, sdra Kit Siang and Barisan Rakyat move forward. Show Malaysians and the world that Malaysia has a credible, progressive, united future goverment in waiting.

Time for BN - UMNO MCA and MIC to go on a long vacation of no return.


1 April 2008

Mior Azhar said...

Kak Ena,
This almarhum Norijah, was she from Terengganu. She passed away in early 90s due to cancer, right? If yes, then I knew her too. Only I used to call her Ibu, as she was my uncle's sister in law.

and Anwar Ibrahim... they said he's not relevant. Haaah!

Violet Ann said...

anwar, i met him during a ceramah at terengganu.

and yes....he still have the charisma mcm dulu2. =)

Anonymous said...

I met him at a conference. He came in wearing an expensive looking light colored suit and gave a very insightful speech. He got a thunderous applause. He had to leave after giving the speech and took the time to shake hands with the participants. I remembered thinking " This will be a Prime Minister that we will be proud of...".

Before he left, he turned to wave and I swore that he waved at me. My friends sitting next to me argued that he waved to them. That's aura for you - he makes you think that he looks only at you...


pak tuo:glad you managed todo what you wanted.

rhydet: bukan buku anwar tulis. tapi tak ingat-lah title buku2 yg dia hadiahkan.

anon@1:10pm: i know....you may not like him, you may hate him..whatever. but you cannot deny that he has charisma.

mekyam: haha... you are priceless. and tumpang all you like. you're always welcomed to. :D.

myson: yeah... his aura.

moderator: betul ke ni?

baiti: hmmm...i am wondering too...

anon@2:27pm: Saya rasa TDM mungkin setuju dengan kenyataan tu.

Kak Teh: yep...like it was just yesterday...winter of '79....

Anonymous said...

Talk about charisma. Just imagine, a lot of chinese and indians just couldnt stand the sight of him when he was with the Barisan. Now just ask any indian or chinese and they are all overawed by the man. Me included. He is more than charm, he is messianic.

Hi&Lo said...

Some people are unforgiving towards Anwar. Is he an opportunist? Maybe he was. But he deserves a second chance after his kangaroo trial and incarceration on trump up charges.

A leopard cannot change its spots is a worn-out cliche. We are not leopards or any animals which are ruled by survival instinct.

We are human beings and more than animals. Even hardcore criminals can turn over a new leaf, tho the probability is small. But still, there is a flicker of hope.

Pls do not write off a person just cos of some perceived opportunism of his past.

Anonymous said...

Hate or love Anwar, but he remains a loyal son of his nation and people. There is a problem however, and that is: Anwar is ahead of his people. To some people, they can't get it as a result. That's who great leaders have been. Always mysterious. At the age of 25, Anwar will spend 2 years in jail faighting for poor Malays and an end to rural poverty. I wonder which UMNO warlord spent days in jail for the sake of Malays. Of all UMNO leaders, Anwar is the only one who didn't use the Malay name to get personal contracts, land alienation, APs and quoatas. I wonder who has betrayed Malays, the one who all along has established his honesty in seeing more fed Malays or the ones who rob Malays in their own name? Hidup Anwar.

There is no doubt that Anwar will PM sooner than we can imagine. In fact, within this year. He has a spirit that you can't conquer or subdue. He doesn't give up neither retreat. He represents many and his dear wife and children epitomize the ideal Malay family. You have never wavered, you have never faultered and you have never failed. Welcome sir.


anon@3:03pm: that's really cool.

lazerjuan: nobody is getting carried away with charisma.
i have a very good memory of many things. good and bad.
so, thanks but no thanks to the refresher course.

however, thank you for visiting.

Iskandar: who are you. wonder? if you think this segment is "all butterflies and roses and everything nice", well, thank you. I didn't think I was attacking Anwar, nor anyone. so, thank you for thinking it is nice.
as for anwar's lust to be PM? if you think so. i'm sure he'll agree.
and as for me and my adoring bloger friend being richly rewarded when anwar becomes PM?
hmmm..and why would we be ichly rewarded?
who among my blogger friends are "adoring", and why?
iskandar...i don't want to be rude..but..

anon@3:32pm: hmmm...don't think anyone will be interested.

anon@3:33pm: hmmm..actually quite confusing. championing the poor is the easiest...?
hello...he was detained under the ISA, man.
you tell me if you think it is easy to champion the poor and get detained!

you're not alone...many people still wonder..

bergen: dunno what to say..

mior: i think she was your ibu. yes..she died of cancer (of the liver, i think). she lived near taman megah, PJ.

after 2004, everyone said anwar and keadilan were irrelevant.

i think barisan nasional made him more relevant than he ever thought he would be.

anon@4:22pm (sicko); TDM and Anwar are not the best of friends, you know that. so what do you expect?

they are both very strong leaders, with very strong support.

i died the day the feud between them started because i have the greatest regard for TDM and admiration for anwar.

that was the day malaysia died too. ok ok..i am being so dramatic.

the truth is, i have strong views about many things. i am critical of both men because no leader is perfect, nor beyond being criticised.

bailey: as a journalist, you will definitely cross path with anwar.

roslina: hahaa....what did i tell you?....


rocky's bru: i know i know....
we may be dazzled, wowed blah blah by anwar..but that doesn;t mean that we cannot see his faults, his imperfection.

you were very critical of anwar. of course, i was less so.
we were also critical of TDM when he was PM.
i think we were critical of many leaders then and now.

Anonymous said...

The saga of Anwar vs Mahatir and how Anwar was pinned down in 1998 can only be captured by Chinua Achebe in his acclaimed book: A Man of the People which he wrote 45 years ago. By then, Anwar was in High School. The author of the book is a Nigerian intellectual of immense knowledge and unparalleled literature critic. The African icon talked about politics of demonization and character assassination in relation to nations, their colonial powers in the then emerging Africa which has gained independence in the early sixties.

The writer wrote the book in the wake of Africa’s independence where close to 35 countries have gained independence in the early sixties simultaneously. By then, the most important thing was independence. Africans were happy to have chased out the whites and reclaimed Africa. They hated any African who collaborated with the Whites by then. A traitor he was called. Te writer however wasn’t happy because as he captured in his epic book, the new African leadership will cause misery, pain, corruption, nepotism, greed and suffering. They will do worse than the chased out Whites. In order to sustain themselves, the writer foresaw all evils and machinations. By then, what he wrote didn’t happen but he prophesized. However, in the same year that he has published his book in 1966, what he wrote happened almost in a prophetic way.

Achebe wrote that whenever an African leader will feel the heat of a strong leader in his government, and that he can’t remove him through popular vote or casual sacking; his only method will be to blackmail him and relate him to foreign powers and accuse him of treason. Remember, Africans were happy to have gained independence; so anyone who was accused of treason was a villain and cursed. This was when Tunku was the PM by the way. The book has no relation to Malaysia but it talked about how desperate leaders will handle tough competitors ruthlessly.

Ironically, the book gives a fictional example of how such leaders will handle their worthy competitors. In the set up, there is a powerful PM and a powerful and popular Finance Minister. Chinua writes that the PM instructs the Finance Minister to “salvage” some companies as he needs to woo voters for the next elections and also as he has shares in those companies. Typically what Mahatir did to Anwar; albeit Mahatir wanting to salvage his sons’ companies.

However, the Finance Minister declines that order saying it will harm the nation since there was a economic recession and that the economy couldn’t sustain such a venture. The PM is enraged and he moves against his powerful and popular Finance Minister. He sacks him and his close friends on one night. The next day people come to the streets and protest saying the Finance minister was a good man (typically Anwar too). Knowing that he can’t convince people easily; the PM resorts to treason charges. He addresses the nation and even sheds tears in live coverage accusing his Finance Minister “of working with foreign saboteurs to destroy the nation.” The media is government controlled (typically Malaysia) and they do the spinning.

Many people buy the PM’s story and even start blaming the Finance minister whom they regarded as good yesterday. The Finance Minister is jailed, his hand broken and his house raided. (What happened to Anwar) and his close companions create a new party. It is after a long struggle that the people come to know the truth, after the PM’s government is overthrown by the military due to excesses, cronyism and corruption. Prophetically, this happened in Nigeria in 1966 and the book was nicknamed: The Prophetic Book. The writer was even jailed briefly and he fled the nation later.

In our context, this is what has happened in Malaysia. Mahatir knew Malays hated Jews since they mistreat the Palestinians and knowing that Anwar was a man of grassroots and a Malay nationalist who was also more mannered than he was and who probably has the best wife and children given to any male Malay political leader today, he had to accuse Anwar of working with the Jews to destroy Malaysia. I have never seen a more prophetic incident than what Chinua Achebe wrote in his book. However, in Malaysia, there is no military takeover but people’s takeover. What Mahatir did to Anwar is what Chinua Achebe explained in his time immemorial book.

The fact remains Anwar is far the most loyal and lovely son of Malaysia. Only that he is smarter than his Malay contemporaries by being a go getter politician who has extensive networks and foreign knowledge to know how to market himself and Malaysia. His competitors and UMNO warlords lack that finesse, so they resort to character assassination and base accusations. Thank God that we came along way as a nation to know much. They say Anwar works with Jews. Absolutely there is nothing he did nor has cheate anyone. However, working with Jews is neither a crime nor an anti-Islam undertaking in the first place. Our Prophet (pbuh) did work with them as he built his nation. The question is: did Anwar support the Palestinian cause? Yes he did more than Mahatir. For Badawi, he is not aware of what Palestinians are. Talking to your enemy, engaging your enemy, learning your enemy, outmaneuvering and befriending your enemy for both tactical and strategic reasons and humanistic reasons are measures that can only be taken by few chosen and highly intelligent men and women. The unfortunate thing however, is that some poor Malays and intellectually handicapped Mahathirites engage in flimsy issues for personal greed and grandstanding. It is interesting that Mahatir has to pay millions in order to have a photo with US leaders and accuse others of treason simply that they are more influential than him. Pathetic.

Mahatir destroyed our institutions because he wanted to an institution himself. Israel is strong today for one reason: good institutions. Israel's chief enemy Hassan Nasarallah of Hezbollah said last year: “I love Israel for one reason: Israel is a nation that draws its strength from its institutions and that’s why it wins because no Israeli leader can elevate himself above the interests of the nation for personal gain. But Muslim leaders always want to the institutions themselves and we always lose.” Mahatir, we have lost because of you. You want to be declared a semi-god. Thank God that Anwar is on his way to Seri Perdana willy-nilly. Go and scream if you want.

Anwar’s case also reminds what happened to his best friend: incumbent Turkish PM who is also facing new challenges today. They almost suffered the same fate but the two men who are loyal to each other comfort each other always. Anwar was the 1st foreign leader to be welcomed by the Turkish PM after he won the re-election convincingly in July 2007. He also has 25 year relationship with the Turkish President who is a close allay of the PM and he too suffered the same fate. It is a log story but they are men of substance and ability. Truth can't be submerged however long it takes to dawn because that's against the creation order of God.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuraina. Yes, no doubt DSAI has the charisma... I remember following a friend to see him when he announced joining Umno from Abim... and I think despite the years he still has it. But its a pity when I look at the "people" around him... more and more of them are "using" him to further their own political ambitions, not much different from AAB&SIL&Co... I suppose its true afterall that once one is in politics, its like someone trying to clean up the sewer, no matter how good you are at it, "terpalit jugak"... but, someone has got to do the job, right? Take care & salam.

Anonymous said...

Fadhallalah, I do agree with much of what you said about DSAI. However, I do believe that there are people around him who put their personal interests above everything else, and these are the very people who will bring him down again... irrespective of the DM factor... if DSAI is not careful this time around, I believe these "leutenants" from his own inner circle will "finish" the "job"... I just hope he would realize it before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Sis Ena
I''ve shook hands with Rocky and you, but yet to do so with DSAI. Given all his exploits and achievements thus far, my most memorable recollection of him was his behaviour immediately after being promoted as the Finance Minister. He's like a birthday boy who has just received a brand new and canggih toy. That wicked and delicious smile. Strangely, I was expecting that post to be given to Rafidah.

I remember reading an interview given by Mukhriz (last year?) where he said that he would do anything to prevent DSAI from rejoining UMNO. Is that still relevant? Allow me to pose a couple of Qs:

1.Was DSAI "corrupted by the UMNO's culture?
2. Has he got what it takes to springboard Malaysia to greater height?

My inclination is, to paraphrase Time Out Kuala Lumpur (First issue - Apr. 2008), DSAI is sub-zero, sexy and futuristic.

Peace folks.


Anonymous said...

Kak Aina,

As a M'sian Chinese, I will definitely support him if he is sincere in his political moves. To be fair to all races, religions and community. In the past, Chinese are afraid of him as he is considered to be a Islamic Extremist.We need a PM that is concern for the welfare of all, not just a selected few. If he does that and with his charisma, he will made M'sian proud.

Anonymous said...

Give him some breathing space. He has gone through a lot. Macam Pak Samad lalui juga. Atas dasar prinsip beliau dan Pak Samad difitnah dan di ISA dan penjarakan. (Dalam kes Anwar, kedua-duanya sekali). Dia boleh pilih jalan mudah dengan ikut sahaja apa Mahathir kata tapi itu bukan jalan orang yang bertaqwa.

Tentang budak sekelilingnya, saya percaya beberapa tahun dalam penjara telah cukup mengajar beliau untuk mengatasi ini semua. Kalau Azmin yang dimaksudkan, Azmin juga telah melalui banyak ranjau dan duri. Beliau telah menunjukkan kekuatan yang tak ramai antara kita yang cakap macam bagus ni lalui. Kita tidak lalui 10% daripada apa yang mereka lalui. Muhasabahlah diri dan yakin dengan perjuangan. Takbir.....

Anonymous said...

anon 12:51

Who are the "lieutenants" who are clinging to Anwar to get positions and plunder the nation? Can you name (one) them so that we remove them? At least name them, lest the whole story becomes a fairy tale. Anyway, Anwar is smart and smarter more than ever before. He has seen fire. He knows where and when he can go wrong. He has learnt people and what trust, betrayal and evil means. So have your peace.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:24 & Fadhallalah,
Semoga Allah swt berkati nawaitu kita yang tulus ikhlas. Inshaallah after a term in office (IF DSAI gets to be in PM's Office, that is), we'll get to see who these people are, because by then it would be difficult for these cameleons to comouflage their true colors...

Hi&Lo said...

Fadhallahah posed a question to Anon 1251 on who are the people who exploit Anwar for their own self-interests.

Recall Anwar was thrust into the ring to challenge Ghafar Baba. All the VPs and supreme council members of Umno threw their weight behind Anwar.

Anonymous said...

A different comment -- about the man to whom the books were directed.

Years ago, I read that old book by James Michener about the personalities of emerging Asia. In it, he recounted his encounter with Pak Samad in Singapore a day before his detention by the British.

Years later, I was watching that infamous TV interview in 1978. King Ghaz thought he had the better of Pak Samad, could hardly contain himself. But anyone watching could see that Pak Samad was the one having it on him. I especially loved that line when Ghaz asked him "for what purpose", and Pak Samad replied, with the hint of a smile, "for my purposes lah", never saying what they were. And it reminded me of that line in Michener's report about seeing him on the front page of the Straits Times being carted off to detention: "And he was still smiling".

While the Ghaz's of the world are practically forgotten, the Samad's will always hold a special place, no matter their foibles, for the role they played in the nation's history.


nstman:is he not?

hi&lo: indeed, indeed.

anon@10:08pm: that's really touching.

fadhallalah: thank you for the comment. but i would not so readily use that parallel bt the dictator and TDM.

dhahran: Indeed...take care.

anon@12:51am: as with many leaders, there are always the ambitious advisors and greedy ahngers-on.

aMiR: DSAI is anathema to many loyal Umno leaders and members. They see him as a traitor. To as many others, he is a patriot, true citizen of this country ebcause they do not believe the "lies" about DSAI. Anwar has many loyal supporters.
to yr 2 questions: 1. i really don;t know whether that is true at all.
2. we shall have to wait and see, shan't we?

salam and take care.

Anonymous said...

To answer Amir's question 1.

It was Anwar that corrupts UMNO. not the other way around. the mid 90's money politics... Being finance minister, Anwar was rather powerful and it was a period of good money. He bought men but somehow Anwar's plan to challenge DrM at that time did not materialise.. Alhamdulillah. UMNO was a lot different in the old days, prior to anwar's entry. And his legacy of money politics carries through in UMNO. picked-up by young KJ..

Now comes an interesting new topic....
KJ used to be a great admirer of Anwar.
Is he still? After Anwar's release from prison - wasn't he the guy that brought Anwar's passport to Anwar's home? What was that!??? Does he really have to do that? so necessary? Can't they use Fedex?

Now we all know one of the reason of BN major lost was the KJ factor. Is KJ working on the inside to destroy UMNO- now seems possible with the current hu-ha - and that's a new conspiracy i'm beginning to see .

It's interesting to see the links between the two. Both seems to have good links with singapore anyway.....

I cant see a person that goes around the world to gain foreign support as futuristic.

From the days when Al Gore was in KL, till recently in India trying to get India's PM support on Hindraf (he did not succeed btw), that to me smells some intent of insincerity . definitely not my leader.

In the 70's every students is rebellious. Anwar seems at home with street protest, even after he was sacked as DPM in th late 90's. not much progress there. back to the future...

If anwar is such a forward thinking, it would be something else. something unorthodox.

charisma alone is not enough. I've listened to his speeches. BIG TOUGH words though..don't know what they means sometimes. And sometimes i felt he does not know what they mean either.
Well most people get impressed anyway.

but i still prefer the plain simple words of DrM. those simple words is so straight and easy to understand. What he says always worth listening. and Pak Lah speeches?. I rather watch TV3 cerekarama

SweetMM said...


Tak silap dulu penuh gambar Anwar kat atas meja auntie kat NST masa zaman Anwar bujang hehe those were the days.

Pak Tuo said...

With Permission Kak,

**Fadhallalah And Annon 10.30pm
answering Amir's question.


'kalau begitu menderita lah kami
Ampun TuanKu.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.30 pm

Thank you for your views. Buat susah-susah aje.

To better comprehend corruption in UMNO, one must not discount reverse takeovers (RTOs) entirely. Remember Renong/Fleet Group, Hicom/New Serendah Rubber, Cahya Mata Sarawak and a slew of other billion dollar RTOs in the
early 90s. For social scientists working in the area of crony capitalism and political connections, this is still an unexplored frontier.


din said...

kali terakhir nampak dsai bercakap di lse (london school of economics) tahun lepas tak salah saya. crowd kat dewan penuh sesak dengan penuntut, penghuni dan mat/minah saleh pelbagai kategori dari profesor, peneraju tink tank dll.

seperti biasa segala yang terhujah dari dsai semua bernas dan soalan-soalan sensitif dijawap dengan penuh diplomasi.

masa dsai dipecat dan diaibkan,ornag tua saya yang tak pernah ambil pot pasal politik, terus berkecimpung aktif mejadi tenaga kerja pakatan rakyat hingga ke hari ini.

segala rakyat berbilang kaum dan bangsa turun kejalan raya kota kuala lumpur, menzahirkan sokongan kepada dsai. rasa saya, kalau menteri lain, hatta tun pun tersungkur, tidak bisa ada demonstrasi besar-besaran sebegitu rupa.

saya salah dari dari ratusan, kalau bukan ribuan yang pernah merasa duduk dalam sangkar polis kerana memperjuangkan 'justice for papa'

satu dari dari 44 hari perbicaraan sendiri, pada waktu rehat, saya sempat lari kemahkamah sebelah untuk mengikuti perkembangan perbicaraan dsai.

bila dsai masuk kedewan, semua berdiri, terasa remang bulu roma tempias aura dsai.

hari-hari rakyat beratur nak masuk kemahkamah untuk mengikuti sendiri liputan perbicaraan.

port yang paling popular kalau zaman bicara, ialah tebing masjid jamik. dapat melambai bila dsai mau pulang ke sungai buloh.

sekarang api reformasi marak kembali, mari kita sama-sama pulihkan kembali segala yang bobrok dengan malaysia.

okt black 14

Anonymous said...

Yeah Anwar got the charisma. It might be a gift or a curse to him. I hope he will use it wisely. Hopefully...

phillix-starscreamer said...

allow me to make my comment. i truly respect datuk anwar, but i sometimes question his integrity. it's very hard to personally relate with someone who keeps changing his stance. how are we ensured that he will remain who he is if and when he gets in power?

Anonymous said...

Charismatic, yes. But it takes more to rule a country. You need integrity. Stance. Beliefs.

THAT should be the ideal leader os Malaysia. Is Anwar all that?

mob1900 said...

Reading this I felt like a 3rd person looking in, your experience with sdr Anwar seems to be vouched by so many and even a few detractors I knew of, gave the experience more depth in truth.

Tun M is of a past era, now Sdr Anwar, going through the last test, he should be at helm, charting our next course. Doesn't matter if we like him or not. We have put up with incompetency, corruption, discrimination and so much injustice in the past, do not let our own prejudice against this talent named Anwar deprive this nation of good leader.

The Bystander said...

i was actually googling for "dahari ali". he was my grandfather. good to know there are people who remembers him.