Saturday, April 12, 2008

Need Some Help? start your blog?

Read this.

So, you Yang Berkhidmat wannabes -- there's a lesson to learn from your seniors.

Don't say stupid things.

Remember this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and, of course THIS!


Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...


Better late then never.... and ofcos no more monkey's club lah ni... kena cari nama lain lah


Anonymous said...

You rock, sista!

Orang Malaysia Mudah Lupa.

You need to remind them these things.

Shabery acting like he "dapat wahyu" sounds good so far but how am I not to be cynical after all that had happened.

These fellas should take a page from Teresa Kok, a working MP who enjoyed interactive online relationship with her constituents.

Its cool ain't it, to enjoy a direct line to your wakil rakyat?

Anonymous said...


Kesiannya dia orang... belas pulak I rasa.

They think blogging is like some kind of a miracle cure-all for their earlier idiotic beastliness.

Have Blogs, Become Instantly Popular!

So sad!

This is a case of monkeys see, monkeys do. Who are the monkeys now? :D

Hafidz said...

what credibility does these blog even have?

setting up blogs just because they lost the GE? pathetic.

and to top it off, they're even announcing it out in the news - i don't about you guys..but i honestly think it is a move thts counter productive.

but thts just me.

Shanghai Fish said...

My dear,
It's a new band and they play a new song and now they all dance to a new beat...that's all !

Frightened to be left out of it all sooooo...change the band lah !

Anonymous said...

Dear kak,
That article seemed funny in a way. Especially by saying "If you don't blog, you're no leader." Hilarious in a certain sense, really.
I wonder if he thinks that bloggers are qualified leaders then?

Anonymous said...

dont worrylah Kak

Apa si namanya?enggak kenal gue!

GobloKing said...

Our future blogging leaders will do well to remember that - once part of the blogging community

1. They will then be gobloks themselves

2. They will have to bear with all us "kurang ajars" out here who wants answers to a LOT of issues from them

3. They will have to stand us calling them many names other than YB (can be "yang bulls**t" no?)

More critically, They will have to learn how to write and read properly!

OH OH sorry sorry
I forgot!

Many of our esteemed leaders are not necessarily educated in our own fine education system here; so..obviously reading, 'riting & 'rithmatics would not be an issue!

Happy Blogging All you dear YBs

Anonymous said...

All these while, these gobloks maybe have no time to blog, because they were busy 'cari duit besar'.

Now I believe they have all the time to blog. But, again, what is the use of blogging, if you are not sincere?

Silly gobloks!!!!

Kak Teh said...

will it be called govblog?

Anonymous said...

after all they have said and now they're trying to blog... joining our club ... i feel like their invading our privacy! well, mine, at least.

i guess i'm bitter!

Anonymous said...

All bloggers should support Pak Lah who is the top Malay. He is better than Mahathir and his son. Pak Lah has been trying to bring Malaysia into the dunia moden but many Malays and non-Malays are stupid and believe the lies of Anwar, PAS, Mahathir and his son, even HINDRAF,etc. Pak Lah is the least he did not have UMNO deregistered like that mamak Mahathir who calls himself a Malay.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i think of all the YBs who has started blogging, ali rustam's the suckiest. i doubt he'll ever learn.

Anonymous said...

Kak Teh said... will it be called govblog?

hehehe! and maybe shortened to


to match the yuck! stuff they usually utter. :D

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...u r so crude!

bayi said...

It's really funny and ironical. The ministers have called the bloggers all kinds of names and degraded them and now suddenly they want to join the bandwagon, even if it is full of monkeys and women!

Rockybru said...

I just came back from Khir Toyo's blog. Two weeks and over 200,000 visitors. He rocks, eh?

Anyway, his latest posting is an eye-opener. Khir is a Majlis Tertinggi member and he's asking Pak Lah, on his blog, to make a quick exit plan and hand over the baton to Najib in order not to totally lose the respect of the people and Umno members.

He's written it down, black and white.

Wonder if Umno would take action against Khir as they did against Zaharin (who was sacked by Umno for what he wrote in his blog).

Anonymous said...

Why does it feel like they're just jumping on the bandwagon without knowing what they're supposed to be doing and why they should do it?

drshamsulAnwar said...

Bukan senang nak jatuhkan monkey coz monkeys can use their hands and feet for holding on to branches, and don't forget some arboreal monkeys can use their tails, too.

So monkey pun monkey laaaahhh ....

shar101 said...

Umnoputras who wish to start blogging shall henceforth be called 'bloppers'.

A typical daily conversation among these umno bloppers would go like this -

A - Kau dah baca blop aku hari ni? Panas beb!

B - Alaa.. kau ni ingat hang terra ke. Semalam I bukak sepuluh blop, bruder. Mana lah tahu, YB atas nampak, gerenti tekejut. Haa.. lepah tu, masuk buku putih dia untuk perhimpunan nanti.

A - Hai.. sampai gitu cara-nya. Apo yang ko tulih kat blop-blop hang?

B - Halo, bruder. Ko ni lembab betui. Ketinggalan IT lah. Buat aje kerat dan tampal.. mat saleh kata 'cut N paste'. Tak payah nak pikik. Apa yang ada kat akhbar utama, ko ambik, lepas tu hang 'KNT' lah.

A - KNT? Pingat baru ke tu? Aku nak juo.

B - Laaah ai. Kesitu pulak. Oii! Kerat and tampal. Hang potong kat akhbar, masok kat blop. Habih cerita. Tanggung beres.

A - Ohhh.. camtu ya. Tahniah beb. Aku tabik spring. Ko ni betui celek IT lah. Malam ni aku nak buat dua puluh blop baru ikut cara KNT. Utusan, BH, Metro..

B - Eh nanti dulu. Ko jangan KNT berita melayu, bruder. Padah nanti.

A - Habih?

B - Hang KNT berita NST, Melayu Mail atau pun Star aje. Ambik satu pun cukup. Lepah tu, tampal masuk semua blop-blop hang.

A - Satu cerita, dua puluh kali? Ko ni dah hilang akai ke?

B - Hah! Trick dia senang je. Tiap-tiap blop, hang tukar pon.. fon.. entah lah, aku pun tak pasti cakap mat saleh ni. Yang aku tau, abjad bolih di-tukar tukar.

A - Betui ke ni?

B - Betttoool! Apa yang hang takut, beb. Mamat kat atas tu bukan tahu sangat nak baca inggeris. Janji nampak berlainan.

A - Ko ni penipu habih.

B - Alahai.. bruder. Nak hidup. Tak tipu, bukan UMNO kan.

A - Jom kito blop bersama.

Pak Zawi said...

Blogging alone wont be enough unless you have the right content to fill it up. With the kind of shit they have in their heads I doubt anybody will ever visit their blogsite a second time unless they are criticizing their own leaders. Dr. Khis Toyo is doing just that now and I bet his site will become more popular now.

Pak Idrus said...

Nuraina, Good.

For someone to blog they must first understood the philosophy of Blogging. It is not just a place for posting information only. It is a sphere where the freedom of information ranges in all its forms.

Dedication to the right of the ideal of the Freedom of Expression is fundamental for any blogging to be accepted by the citizen of the net world. Mere having a blog, worst still if someone else doing the posting would surely remain as a cobweb in cyberspace.

Anyway join in the gang and enjoy the Freedom of Expression. Have a nice day.

Old Fart said...


I will not underestimate the UMNO bopers, as someone has suggested we name them.

They might just write some sensible and clever stuff.

If you think they were idiots and bozos, that is because in UMNO they know that that is what it takes to progress within the UMNO heirarchy and also their utter contempt for their fellow citizens.

Evidence of it is so clear. People like Zid Ibrahim who tries hard but still sounds like an intellectual everytime he spoke got the short end of the stick very quickly. Total bozos like Nazri, Zam, Toyo and M2T go places. You see it is Kerismuddin's keris antics and idiotic statements that have pushed him forward and similarly Khairy surely could not have pushed himself up UMNO's ladder through his Oxfordain etiquette and pin stripped mannersims.

With blogs it is personal. They know it is people like Nuriana who have set standards here and they have no control over the standards. And they are likely to get rotten egg thrown literally speaking for trying to be their UMNO personalities.

But I shall have to presume that they will only write in Malay to keep the likes of me from ever reading them.

Anonymous said...

Aren't they just the greatest adherents of the adage "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em"?

I swear I can see egg on their faces.

Old Fart said...

Anyway, why do we make it our business to promote or direct traffic to their sites anyway?