Sunday, April 27, 2008

Please Welcome.....

to blosphere -- Haslina Usman, eldest child/daughter of Sasterawan Negara (the late) Usman Awang and his (late) wife, Hasnah Din.

(Usman or known by his nom de guerre, Tongkat Warrant, passed away in November 2001 at the age of 72. Hasnah or Cik Senah as we knew her to be passed away two years earlier.)

Haslina has started a blog "Memoriku ....My Memoirs". Click here.

I heard her mention this to Rocky at my dad's birthday dinner last night. I was pleasantly surprised.

Well, I am glad that she has started blogging and I am going to claim credit for it. I was cajoling, and persuading her to blog. I knew she was interested in starting a blog but she just could not find the time to get started. Also the idea of exposing her life, as it were, was a little daunting. Looks like Lina has got over much of her initial apprehension and "fears".

I think I should share the credit with her daughter Katriyana who started blogging (You Want A Piece Of Me?) in August last year. Nana must have been instrumental in helping her mom start her blog.

Lina is our "adik". We all grew up together (in Petaling Jaya) as our parents were very close.

As children, we saw a lot of each other during weekends when Pak Cik Tongkat and family would visit us or we would visit them.

Haslina, married with two children -- Katriyana and Taufiq -- is working to re-publish her father's works as well as to publish his un-published poems and short-stories.

Besides her publishing work, Haslina is a wonderful baker. She, her husband, Rahim and their children live in USJ in Subang Jaya.

I should also mention that a son of another Sasterawan Negara A Samad Said also blogs.

Helmy is Samad's eldest son and his blog is Luluhkan Hatitku. It is here.


Rockybru said...

hey, good to know that the great Usman Awang's daughter and grand daughter are blogging! If Tongkat Warrant was alive, I am sure he would blog too!

Norizan Sharif said...

Terima kasih kerana memperkenalkan bloggers baru. Gembira dapat membaca coretan yang pelbagai. Kepada semua, GO-BLOG!

Anonymous said...

Blog to expose the grievance of their ancestors?
Or, grievance be only exposed via book and poem?
The Grievance of top guy in Judiciary system!!
A MOCK to the Judiciary System or the Ruling Party?

They are not history but continuing in our Daily Life!!

My friends, they were bullied by Lawyers who are paid but can choose to attend no court for a year without any report to clients or delivering a piece of Defense to be amended + Counterclaim!
Yet the clients were chased off by calling Police when the lawyer cannot provide a photocopy of a document he had shown the clients minutes ago!
In the last round, he used force to chase clients off to fall over the stair case and keep slapping, bumping, kicking and pulling hair of his clients!

When Judges cannot defended themselves, can normal people had a hope in the Ugly and Dark Judiciary ? Especially when Bar and its DB turned a deaf ear or eye blind towards their buddy fellows?

Blog to air or to bring about Change?