Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Special Guests For Dinner...

Tomorrow at the J W Marriott, the Malaysian Bar Council plays host to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and former Lord President Tun Salleh Abas at a dinner.

Datuk George Seah, one of the 5 Federal Court judges who were suspended in 1988, is also expected to attend the dinner.

Seah and the 4 judges were suspended for granting Salleh an interlocutory order against the tribunal which tried him for misconduct.
In other words, for coming to his defence. The others were (the late) Tan Sri Wan Sulaiman Pawanteh, Tan Sri Mohamed Azmi, (the late) Tan Sri Abdoolcader and Tan Sri Wan Hamzah.

Azmi, Abdoolcader and Wan Hamzah were later reinstated.

Wan Sulaiman will be represented by a family member.

Also at the dinner will be de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim who is said to have been instrumental in having the dinner organised.

The judges will be there with their families.

The Prime Minister will deliver a speech, "Delivery of Justice: A Renewal of Trust".

How will justice be delivered, as Rocky had asked in his bru, or, as someone had prodded - will justice be delivered at all?

Will the event be a circus, yet another had wondered.

Can't quite say, can we? But it will definitely a momentous, if not, historic occasion.

I will be there.


Donplaypuks® said...

Now you can see why Maha Firaun is fighting to be BN Chairman and force Rip Van Winkle, out.

Maha Firaun does not want pandora's box to be ever opened becoz it contains a lot of s..t that will likely put him behind bars for the rest of his dictatorial life!!

Unfortunately for Naha Firaun, there is no escaping justic, one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Nuraina,

Didn't know about this piece of news. Am looking forward to getting to know what results from the dinner. Let's hope that some good would be done.

Will be waiting to hear (or read, really) more about it here.


M.I.H said...

Let's hope Pak Lah isn't trying to score points by using Tun Salleh Abas issue. It would be a sad occasion if he does that.

Please don't screw this one up Lah!

Anonymous said...

Definitely, this occasion will never at any moment be part of history.

Why. please tell, should we open old wounds?

Move forward..and create another chapter in history by giving all Malaysian irrespective of race or religion a comfortable place to live in.

Anonymous said...

Should it should have been "TUN Mohamed Azmi" ?

Harris said...

It's high time that the Government put right to what is due to these honourable justices . Although the damage has been done but at least it will ease the pain.

bayi said...

Looks like there is some good work done behind the scenes. I hope so, for the sake of the country. This will help bury the ghosts and allow us to move on.

Anonymous said...

TS Azmi Kamaruddin was the one that suggested for a letter to be sent to HM the Agong defending on the constant 'attacks' by Dr Mahathir on the judiciary.

That letter (26th March 1988)implicated everything .. as to the Agong it shouldn't be posted, must be handed by hand over an audience. It was sent thru' the Private Secretary.Other Rulers of state didn't complaint.

Should also invite TS Lee Lam Thye ... as NST dd 31st May 1988; The acting leader of the main opposition party DAP, Mr Lee Lam Thye, said; "The Prime Minister's decision ... is highly deplorable, most unwarranted and contitutes a direct confrontation with the judiciary meant to instill fear."

GobloKing said...

What Rocky said is true.. What couldn't AAB have done in the past 4 years that he is trying to do now?

Isn't it too little too late?

Yes Yes Yes
Give the bloke a break

Or is he merely finding support amongst the enemies of his enemy?

My heart always goes out to the wronged defenders of our Justice System.b

Anonymous said...

Why can't anyone take TDM to court for all the injustice he has done during his dictatorial rule?

What's going on with the Bar Council. still not enough evidence? we're talking about bunch of lawyers here...

And Justice in Malaysia suddenly in proper state just because Anwar is released under Pak Lah Rule?

I guess justice is served to BN too under Pak Lah.
We have a leader that has no control of stuff under his nose.?

Pak Lah is like promoting tranparency, etc blah blah...and in the end, everybody can do what they like, say what they like, F*#k each other as they like.

And what do we have...Lembik

Too hard we call him mahafiraun.

We malaysian are too fussy nowadays.

So yes, put that 84 yo man in prison bout 22 years

everybody will be happy now.

Not sure what this dinner will achieve


Anonymous said...

I would have thought that a more important issue for the nation right now is TO GET RID of AAB, SIL&Co. before he pulls down the whole country... this is a clever DISTRACTION from the REAL issue... Zaid is trying his best. And as for Tun Salleh Abas, is it not enough for him the RM Millions that his SIL got from the various contracts for Scomi? I can now see why the bar Council is singing the contrarian song... always has been all these years... wonder whose interests thay are really keeping? Where are Al-Ghazali & Al-Shafiee Pak Lah?... I thought you were looking for them and not Salleh Abas?

Anonymous said...


This is good. It's the best time to exploit the PM when he's at the weakest! After PM leaves, the Bar Council should fight to have a royal commission to look at the abuses committed by PM! In fact, lets have a commission after each change in govt!


Anonymous said...

PM, please do what needs to be done, do not dilly-dally anymore. Let your conscience guide you and act on what it tells you to do! Do the needful and move on to the next. Change the negative perception many Malaysians have of you. You still have the chance to stamp your mark in history. Do not let this opportunity passes you by!

Old Fart said...

Yes finally. But of what use is this when its value to the mover is secondary to the main villify and to spite Mahathir and hopefully save himself in the process.

The suddenness in this could also be indicative of his own premature exit very shortly. At least he walks of with one legacy..He put the judiciary back in order!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think, all the personalities in BN Goverment at the material time,including DSAI and Pak lah were at guilt,because of no protests from them.At the main cuprits were those involved in the in delivering the wrong judgement . They all were in fear of the authority, which is not an excuse.

We were in 46, fighting for Tun salleh, but DSAI and Pak lah were not with us . In fact they were both defending Tun M's decision.If any trial to de conducted should not both of them be put on trial too as the partners to the crime?

If we want to have very independent judiciary then let The Agung reselect new Lord President from new list of Judges without the involvement of the Executive.( the executive is not involved in preparing the list, the list can come from bar council).This is to ensure that the Lord President would not obliged any more to the Executive.

Anonymous said...

What will be the menu for dinner? I sincerely hope justice will be served together with good food. Badawi can at least extend a sincere gesture to those wronged by his predecessor, now his fiercest critic. It would be somewhat Machiavellian to admit to your critic's wrongdoing but be praised for your magnanimity in apologizing for it. Mahathir would have approved except he is the one caught at the wrong end!

Mr. Smith said...

Being a clairvoyant, I can see the scenes unfolding.
The PM's speech will be insipid, disheartening to the audience but laced with some caustic remarks targeted at his predecessor.
Yes, a political sppech with one purpose.
No need to be euphoric, as always, the PM is always an an anti-climax.
The whole affair will be a washout unless he apologies to the judges.
FYI: Justice Hamzah is also "the late".

Monsterball said...

Kak Nuraina,
I most certainly hope our PM has the political courage to do whats necessary to put this blot on our country's behind us.

Making amends to the judges who were wronged is a very important symbolic step - and has significance far beyond that. It is a first step in recapturing the independence of the judiciary.

The original intention of the Constitution of Malaysia is that the Judiciary is a Separate and Equal institution compared to the Executive.

It was never meant to be a mere subsidiary of the Executive.

Anonymous said...

Abdullah MENGUCAP!!! WAKE UP!!! Do what is RIGHT and we will vote for yOU in next PR13!!!

Do all your best to SERVE us be it Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional!!

Justice must seen to be done! No MORE CORRECT CORRECT CORRECT!!!

Anonymous said...

knowing pak lah, he may yet shoot himself in the foot again...! and by the way, everyone in the 1988 umno supreme council at the time should apologise! including tun hamid omar n several other judges who screwed tun salleh behind his back

Anonymous said...

The 26th March 1988 letter reads ...


Mengadap Seri Paduka Baginda Yang diPertuan Agong Malaysia Almutawakkil Alallah Sultan Iskandar,DK., yang sedang bersemayam pada masa ini di Istana Negara, Kuala Lumpur yang ada dengan beberapa amat kemulian dan kebeserannya.

Ampun Tuanku beribu-ribu ampun,

Adalah dengan ini patik sebagai Ketua Hakim Negara mewakili patik sendiri dan juga mewakili hakim-hakim seluruh negara mengangkat sembah memohon menyatakan hasrat patik sekalian mengenai dengan perkembangan pertalian di antara Pihak Pemerintah(executive) dengan Pihak Kehakiman.

Pihak patik sekalian berasa kecewa kerana bermacam-macam komen dan dakwaan-dakwaan yang telah dibuat oleh Yang Anat Berhormat Perdana Menteri terhadap Pihak Kehakiman bukan sahaja di luar bahkan di dalam Parlimen.

Tetapi walau bagaimanapun patik sekalian bersabar dan tidak suka menjawab lemparan-lemparan ini dengan secara umum kerana tindakan semacam itu tidak seimbang dan setara dengan kedudukan hakim-hakim di bawah Perlembagaan. Dan lagi sebagai kebudayaan orang-orang Melayu tindakan yang sedemikian tidak manis dan berpatutan.Adalah diingatkan bahawa patik sekalian adalah hakim-hakim yang dilantik dan diberi tauliah oleh Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku dan juga Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu untuk mengekal, melindung dan mempertahankan Perlembagaan. Yang demikian amatlah wajar bagi patik sekalian bersabar demi kepentingan negara.

Selain daripada itu dakwaan-dakwaan dan komen-komen itu telah memberi satu keaiban kepada patik sekalian dan mengganggu ketenteraman fikiran patik sekalian pada menjalankan tugas dengan teratur dan sempurna. Patik sekalian berasa malu kerana tidak dapat mengelakkan pandangan hina yang timbul di kalangan mereka-mereka yang tidak mengerti mengenai kedudukan patik sekalian di bawah Pelembagaan.

Maka warkah ini adalah sebagai satu usaha untuk menyampaikan hasrat patik sekalian kepada Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku mudah-mudahan segala lemparan-lemparan yang tidak berasas itu diberhentikan.

Sekianlah patik memohon ampun dan menjunjung sembah.

Patik yang memohon

(Tun Dato' Haji Mohamed Salleh bin Abas) Ketua Hakim Negara Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

I thought that the good old George Seah has passed away.

The Phoenix Foundation said...

Will we the poor rakyaat be able to see this life?
Will this event be open to all, I repeat all media?
Will those of us that smealt all of the tear gas all these years be allowed to have a small teh tarik at JW Marriot?
Will the Rt.Hon.Ambiga{President Bar Council} allow us who ran the barricades in 1988 & stayed on all these years 2 be present?
Please No More Sandiwara!

The Phoenix Foundation said...

In 1988, we ran the barricades!
We smealt the teargas!
WE ran into parliament on the Sat.Aft.
WE stood outside the Court doors while the Registras, hid the selas!
Today, we are marginalised & JW Marriot is the areas for Ambiga!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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