Sunday, May 13, 2007

Zam Oh Zam!

Our Information Minister Zam is singing quite a different tune. But I'm not complaining, though it does make me wonder about him and, really, what's in his mind, what he believes in and what he understands. And how easily he gets influenced by others.

Here's his message, rather, his directive to RTM officers.

KANGAR: Use the short message service (SMS), blogs and websites to keep abreast of new information technology.
That's the directive Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin has for RTM officers.
“Many officers are still using outdated methods in disseminating information and are not maximising advertising space to the fullest.
“Sometimes, their thinking may have prevented them from taking a more radical stand in effecting changes,” he told a press conference after chairing the National Information Council (NIC) meeting at Putra Palace Hotel here yesterday (Saturday, May 12).
He said that before blogs or websites were up, RTM and newspapers were among the popular sources of information for society.
Of late, he added, more would resort to getting news from blogs and websites. However, only the intellectual society was able to gauge the reliability of information derived from such sites, he said.
Zainuddin said he met the president of the French Printed Media Association in France who voiced out the growing threat faced by the printed media from blogs.
“I’m not disputing blogs as the latest means of disseminating information through the Web but there is this fear that information posted on these sites are baseless and not obtained through reliable sources.
“Not everybody who reads them can differentiate the truth from the rumours,” he added.
He also said there was a proposal for RTM to put up information in the form of “wall newspapers” at bus stands like in China for easy accessibility to information from the Government.- Sunday Star


Ahirudin Attan aka Rocky said...


There is a clear change in heart here. Zam seems to know French better when it comes to understanding what blogs are. I hope his latest remarks is a sign that the government is finally overcoming its phobia of blogs. I can't help but be a little skeptical though. With general election just around the corner, perhaps there is an instruction not to antagonize blogs too much. Mindful of this, I look forward to an All-Blogs meeting with the Information Minister sometime soon.

shar101 said...

And I want a front row seat with my own loud-hailer in case he turns deaf to questions.

Anonymous said...


Now I get it.

The need for professional and unprofessional bloggers.

The Information Officers are the Professional Bloggers

And all the rest of you....amateurs, unprofessional....possibly, unemployed, liars and seditionists..and what else.

mysweetlady said...


We should know by now that the majority of our half-past six ministers have been consistently inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina, as always you are full of it,have a good look at yourself

some one who knows a lot about you..