Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dr M in Langkawi's ICU

We pray for Dr Mahathir Mohamad's recovery.
Here is Rocky's report on Dr M's progress. Rocky posted the latest after midnight (very early this morning.) This is not a rumour.

Update, after midnight
Marina Mahathir is now at the hospital, with mum. She said her father is "stable but not
yet well".
A reporter told me some of the journalists covering the meeting between the Prime Ministers of Singapore and Malaysia were in Langkawi to check out the former PM's condition. Mukhriz Mahathir spoke to them about 11 pm. He said Tun Mahathir may be flown to KL.

Original post
I heard a little while ago that the former PM was warded for observation about 4pm after complaining of breathing difficulties.

Tun's aide Sufi has confirmed that his boss is in Langkawi Hospital. His condition is said to be stable.

I am on the move again so please watch out for updates elsewhere. Thank God for Blackberry and experienced aides.

Bernama, the government news agency, has the story here.


Nora from Clemfour said...

Kak Aina,
Tumpang lalu... I left this comment at bro rocky's blog. Sorry to copy-patse it here

Let us all pray for TDM's recovery. Hey in the TV3 8 o'clock news last night heard tat guy talking something about blogger and the rumours. Is he referring to you??? Are you in trouble again brother????

Will always be with you. Take care bro.


p/s All Done...you can update my new link already. Had email you.

mis_tey said...

I hope TDM will recover soon. You will be in our prayers.

syed syahrul zarizi said...

Semoga tun cepat sembuh

Zawi said...

There is a comment posted on MT under the Malaysias Waterloo that some thugs beat up RPK and he is now hospitalised in Pantai medical in Cheras. Can u check if this is true?

Zawi said...

Somebody posted a comment about RPK being beaten up last night. Can you confirm and post your answer in MT under The Waterloo's of Malaysia?

WANSHANA said...

We pray for Tun Dr. M's speedy recovery, insya Allah...Aamin.

MarinaM said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers, everyone. He is well enough to be transferred to IJN today.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Ena

On behalf of myself/my husband and our friend here in New York we extend our sincere support and total recovery from TDM's illiness.

We share our prayers and Allah's blessing.


mysweetlady said...

Sebagai seorang rakyat yang menyayangi & menghormati Tun atas jasanya kepada negara, saya berdoa agar Tun kembali sihat & sentiasa dipelihara, dilindungi & dirahmati Allah SWT.



thanks. i'm already on it. will post any confirmation on this.


UPDATE on Zawi's query:

A close associate of RPK contacted RPK himsself. Here is the sms from RPK's close associate:

"Nuraina, I just spoke to Raja Petra. he is perfectly alright. He is aware that there are rumours about him being beaten up and even hospitalised."

So, Zawi, it is not true.

mekyam said...

Just read Rocky's update and MarinaM's comment.


My heart feels lighter now.

P.S. Praise the Almighty too that the RPK rumour is just that. Phew!