Sunday, May 13, 2007

PM's Okay

This afternoon, Rocky in his Bru flashed a filler about the Prime Minister collapsing while on official duty in Lumut.
He did not have details -- only that he was told that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had collapsed while presenting keys to residents in Lumut.
Rocky said he would be updating us on the report but told us to keep a look-out for the news in Bernama.
Later, much much later, Bernama flashed this (at 8.38pm):

LUMUT, May 13 (Bernama ) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi denied rumours spread in the internet that he collapsed while attending a people feast and officating Dataran Hadhari at Teluk Batik, Lumut at noon.

Then at 9.43pm, Bernama had this:

LUMUT, May 13 (Bernama) -- "I am well. Don't worry," said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, refuting a claim spread through the Internet that he had fainted while attending a people's feast at the launching of the Hadhari Square in Teluk Batik here Sunday afternoon.
"I will continue with the programmes that been arranged for me," he told reporters here Sunday night.
"The doctor had conducted several tests on me including ECG, blood and blood pressure and these were found to be normal," added Abdullah who was examined by his personal physician Dr Sanjiv Joshi.
Earlier when presenting the keys to nine recipients of houses built under the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC) community service programme, at the people's feast, Abdullah appeared to be losing balance and almost collapsed but was held by Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali and BNBBC acting chairman Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar.
Abdullah who arrived in Perak this morning to close the BNBBC community programme, had earlier joined the BNBBC members in building homes for three families in Kampung Tanjung Burung in Ujung Pasir, Pantai Remis.
The Prime Minister continued with the gotong-royong by planting trees at Kampung Batu 4, Segari, near here, before moving on to Teluk Batik to close the community programme and join the people's feast.
Abdullah said his condition could be due to the heat as the weather was very hot and his lack of sleep last night.
"I'm relieved now (after the doctor's examination). At first I was worried too. I thank the Almighty that I'm alright," he added.
He recalled that after giving his speech, he sat on stage and when handing over the house-keys to the recipients, he felt terribly tired.
Meanwhile, Dr Sanjiv said Abdullah's condition was due to heat exhaustion.
"From the medical examination, his health condition is found to be good and there's nothing to worry about," he added.
Dr Sanjiv said the heat exhaustion could hit anybody as the temperature was reported to be at 44 degrees Celcius.
"The Menteri Besar noticed that I appeared unwell. So I sat down and when I felt better I continued handing over the keys to the recipients," Abdullah said, adding that he was then examined by his personal doctor.
Asked by reporters whether he felt he was going to faint, he said he did not.
And on how he was feeling now, he said: "I'm alright. Don't worry, I take care of my health. I will continue with tonight's programme."
Raja Ahmad Zainuddin said he was at the function and the claim that the Prime Minister had fainted was not true.

Anyway, from tomorrow (Monday May 14), Pak lah will begin a two-day informal meeting with his Singapore counterpart Lee Hsien Loong in Langkawi.

Interesting to note that firstly, Bernama flashed the one-para report hours later and only to deny the "rumours" (of Pak Lah collapsing) in the internet. And the following (full) story had in its intro a denial of the "rumours".
Demonising the blogs/bloggers? You know -- the internet (read:blogs) had the "rumours" not the real story. So don't go trusting the blogs no more, y'hear!

Oh, please. Give us all a break. What's with the denial? Bloggers didn't "claim" that the PM collapsed.
I don't know what the PM was told. But there was no rumour, no claim that the PM had collapsed. Just an unconfirmed report. Rocky never said it as a fact. He was given this info, presumably by someone who was there at the function. He told us to wait for Bernama, the government news agency.
News is spread real time, for goodness sake.

The fact is the PM was feeling under the weather and by his own admission, and his doctor's.
People saw him almost losing his balance and almost collapsing but was held by the Perak MB. Well, thank God for the MB being very near the PM!
And listen, that wasn't a private function.

Whatever it is, we are thankful our Prime Minister is ok.


zewt said...

that's good news indeed. If he is not well, i am sure the country will be in chaos...

Nora a.k.a Anon Fm. Miri said...

Well sis,

There just wanna to tell the public tat blogs/bloggers are rumormonger. But in actual fact it was the other way round. Now the Main stream media will start to spin again and again about blog he.. he.. he


Kata Tak Nak said...

Next they will report that some bloggers said that the PM has been poisoned, then its regisration time for all bloggers.

mutalib saifuddin said...

hmm. well you've said that Rocky's blog is CREDIBLE, so it is. Yes he did not confirm the news.

but i believe in this, mdm, of what you've said.. "Why should we be afraid?".

D!Qgital STUDIO said...

I've posted this on Rocky's tapi dia bukan morning man jadi my comment tak keluar lagi.
I wrote " saya blogger yang bodoh ..
I actually click on the "collapse comment" ingatkan dalamnya ada cerita how Pak Lah collapse !!!

Zam have to classified me under "stupid bloggers"

J.T. said...

I agree with Nora. Another opportunity to spin. How many times already? I have lost count. Surely, they will run out of ammunition one day. Then again, Malaysia Boleh!

Susu Lembu said...

alhamdulillah, ada bagus jugak banyak pak sauk dan kaki angkat. mereka bersedia sauk perdana menteri kita sebelum rebah, angkat sebelum jatuh. kalau macam gitu, bagus lah. jangan sokong bawak rebah.

Dear Nuraina,

i agree with you. someone must have told the prime minister something else about what rocky bru and the internet were reporting. someone must have been feeding information so that the prime minister hates bloggers.

i agree with you 101%:- what rocky bru wrote was hardly a "rumour"; it was real-time reporting.

bernama used to do that - almost real-time reporting. yesterday it waited more than half a day to issue the flash, as nuraina pointed out, and another hour or so to come out with the prime minister's explanation that he was OK.

laju tu! macam kereta lembu! no, macam lembu!

mob1900 said...

It was never a rumour.
A collapse is a collapse period.

If my car couldn't start in the morning what should I say?
Itu kereta sakit...bukan rosak...