Saturday, May 12, 2007

All-Blogs Meet Anwar

The National Alliance of Blogggers met with Anwar Ibrahim at 3.30pm on Friday (May 11) at his Section 16 office in Petaling Jaya.
The former Deputy Prime Minister was asked on his relations with Dr Mahathir, his views on Pak Lah and Najib Razak, on Umno, Parti Keadilan Rakyat's defeat in Ijok, the party's preparedness to face the general election, Article 11 and the economy - among the wide-ranging issues.
The informal meeting was about an hour. Tea, coffee and kuih-muih were served.
Among the bloggers were Ahirudin Attan, Jeff Ooi, Nuraina Samad, Tony Yew, Bernard Khoo, Li Tsin, Jed Yoong, R. Rajahram, Stephen Francis, A Voice, BigDog and Ancient Mariner.

Also read Rocky's Bru , Tony Yew's and BigDog's take on the meeting.

(Photo: Stephen (at left) and Ahirudin listen as Anwar gives his views.)


a malaysian in riyadh said...

Tony Yew also has a posting on this, incase you are not aware. Chatted with adik at TWB lounge yesterday and learned from her that lol is not lots of love.

Hi&Lo said...


Every saint has a past and sinner hope.

In all fairness, everybody deserves a second chance to redeem himself. A man's past is no indication of what he can become.

Most historical figures did not have a rosy beginning. At some point conscience struck them and they became movers and shakers of history.

Remembered Musa Hitam when he was in the corridor of power said he was not shy to admit he had ambition to be PM. He made a distinction between a big and large ego.

A big ego makes himself important while a man with a large ego wants to contribute to society at large.

BigDogDotCom said...

I was embarrassed when Rocky said amongst the bloggers are very pro UMNO blokes but not-so-fond-of-Pak-Lah and his head conveniently turned towards me, with a smirk. Anwar Ibrahim eye balled me, with the same smirk as if he exactly knew what Rocky was talking about and I am the person, around that table.

I was bush-whacked, by my own leader! Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahaha :)

It was lucky this was at the end and I could get away with it. Phew! :)


aMiR: thanks... i have linked Tony's take on the meeting.
oh... i logged on but no one was around.
no, aMiR, LOL is not lots of love...

Hi&Lo: Couldnt have said it better myself. HL.

BDog: I could see that...

hani said...

I think All-bloggers are doing the right thing.

Some have expressed their misgiving that All-bloggers had gone to meet Sdr Anwar. Why not? Just because he is seen as a has-been politician & a spent force who has an agenda?

Even so, who are we to decide for the All Blogger who they can meet and who they cannot?

On the contrary, by turning down AI’s invitation, the All-Bloggers would be going against the very principle they believe in – freedom of speech.

Hi&Lo said...


LOL for "lots of love". This speaks well for you, a man of love. ^_^

adik said...

If one is a-political it means he or she does not take sides. So I do not see why all the fuss abt the bloggers meeting the former TDM.

Why can’t we let him have his say?

Just as I would love it if the Alliance of bloggers also arrange a series of meeting in future to see our ministers and leaders of the ruling coalition & the opposition parties.
That would be fair kan?

But I was made to understand it was Dato Seri Anwar who initiated the meeting with the bloggers.

At least Dato Seri Anwar isnt shy to admit that bloggers do play an important role and have made an impact on society.

Unlike of course or (Mis)Information Minister who out of fear and ignorance is sees bloggers as a threat.



Adik: All-Blogs as a group is non-partisan. we meet people. we probably will make a stand on certain issues that affect bloggers.

BUT, i must say here that individual bloggers would have their own political predilection, or not at all. it is each blogger's choice to be partisan or otherwise, but his or her views are her/his own.
that is the freedom a blogger has -- including the freedom to be or not to be partisan.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Well, at least we bloggers now know who our friends are.

Personally, I am not too keen on meeting anybody who like to generalize and is downright bloody hostile and calls me names even before we have a chance to meet.

zewt said...

oh, how did the meeting go? honestly, i would love to meet up with him.

will check out the links to read more.