Monday, May 21, 2007


A year ago, on this day, Ahirudin Attan, former executive editor of the Malay Mail/Sunday Mail and former Business Times editor, created his blog, "Rocky's Bru".
The rest, (ooh, I hate cliches), as they say, is history,

So, here's to more years of the good stuff, bro!


J.T. said...

Happy Anniversary Rocky. Keep churning out the good stuff. :)

nstman said...

Wow, it's been a year since Rocky
started his epochal Bru. What a difference a year has turned out to be. Also Nuraina came out with a gem of a blog a few months later. Wow, within a year. Anyway, Rock and Nuraina, you made a difference, and blogging has never been the same ever since. Keep it up, brudders and sisters. And not to leave out old warhorses like Jeff, Shanghai Stephens, Elizabeth Wong, Susan, Zorro, Deseirita, aisehman, Kadir and so many more who I inadvertenly forget to mention. Thanks for making our lives richer. Thanks for bringing together Malaysians of all races, creed, colour together. You know, my mornings have never been the same ever since. Cheers.


thanks ena. thanks nstman.
btw, big dog thought the elephant was him.

rocky and dogky.

mysweetlady said...

Happy 1st Anniversary Rocky.

Rock the boat brother, rock the boat!

Oooo ooo ooo!

Pasquale said...

Oh! Nuraina! You love him so much don't you! Muah muah I love you too!
(BTW! Have you seen any of my former girl friends lately!

Pierre Elliot Trudeau!