Monday, May 07, 2007

Just A Little Birthday Party

Saturday, May 5 2007 @ Shakey's Pizza, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
5pm to 7pm.
Birthday party for nephews Jazzlan (14) and Farhan (5) and nieces Sofia (10), Mariam (9) and Soraya (6).
Just a small gathering of family and the kids' friends. Food was the reason the party was at Shakey's. The children's favourite.
Pasta and pizza - what else?
I told myself to watch the portions but then decided that it was okay because I'd be working out the next day which was today (Sunday).
As luck would have it, it rained early this morning. I am a morning work-out person, so it was a no-go for me. I can feel the carbs building up around my midrif.

Back to the party. A lot of yakkity-yak and eating.
The musical chairs played to the sound of the Beatles. Cool. And the "DJ" wasn't even past 30. Either he's a Beatlemaniac or there was no other disc available.

Bapak couldn't join us because it would have been near impossible for him to climb up the stairs to the first floor of Shakey's. Even with our help.
We were, however, at Bapak's before Shakey's.

Here are the pictures of (from bottom) 1: Lalin, Kak Ton (standing), Azah (with Ayra) and Nina, 2: birthday boy and girls Jazzlan with Sofia, Mariam and Soraya. Farhan was somewhere, playing. 3; before the candle-blowing and cake-cutting.

Note: Just in case you are wondering. Jazzlan is Azah's son, Farhan is Kamal's, Sofia and Soraya are Lalin's and Mariam is arwah kak Eda's.
Ayra in the picture is Kak Ton's granddaughter. Ok ok, Kak Ton has 3 grandkids. She is one gutsy grandma.


Elly said...

Wow, what a beautiful family!:-)


elly: thank you. that's really kind of you. and its as beautiful as the next family, elly.

mekyam said...

I say Nuraina... the Samad family must have cornered some of the best-looking genes.

Kak Ton is too youthful to be a gran. And the third generation look set to be heartbreakers, all. :)

J.T. said...

Gorgeous family! Looks like it was a lot of fun. Children got to eat what they like. I'd imagine dults enjoying their conversations. Very nice.
By the way, even if you did not post your photo here, I know what you look like, you pretty sexy lady!



blush blush blush.
if you say so (said in a very shy, very embarrassed tone, manner, style.)

seriously, mekyam... thank u for the kind words.
we are photogenic.



it was a lot of fun, JT. for the kids, and us, adults. put us anywhere and we know how to have fun.
u know, they say when people say you are gorgeous or beautiful or anything nice like that, even if we are not, we will surely be. it is like a "doa" when people say nice things.
so, thank you, JT. thank u.
some more say i am pretty sexy. alamak, i might just be like that.
thank u, JT... now i cannot get up-lah. so heavy already.



kak ton hasnt said it yet. but i think she loves you.

kak ton said...

To mekyam,
;;) (batting eyelashes)
>:D< >:D< (hugs)
:-* (kiss)
:D (grin)

kak ton said...

NURAINA A SAMAD said: mekyam,
kak ton hasnt said it yet. but i think she loves you.

Heh heh hehe!

=)) (rolling on the floor laughing)

:)) (laughing)

sesat said...

Ditto all the above comments. The apple sure doesn't fall far from the tree. Belated happy birthday to the birthday boys and girls.

Hi&Lo said...


Whatever Mekyam said so, it must be so. Just take a bow and smile. {^^}

Had followed her comments in other blogs and am blown away by her perspectives. I picked up "proportionate perspective" from her.

Before I forget, my best birthday wishes to your nephews and nieces. May they have the best in the years ahead. God bless!