Monday, May 07, 2007

Say What, Zam?

I tried hard to figure out what our dear Zam was trying to say.
Classification of bloggers to distinguish the professionals from the non-professionals?
Perhaps you can make out what he meant. Read here.
The little that I can understand from his statement is that it would mean registering bloggers in order to "classify" them. Wouldn't it?
But how do you even begin to say who is professional and who is not.
Also, Zam's statement suggests another attempt at recommending control of/over the Malaysian blogosphere.

Oh, brother!


Anonymous said...


Don't try to figure what he was trying to say.

He is a clue-less Minister of Information.

Here is a better suggestion for the clue-less minister on classifying Malaysian bloggers:

Pi Bani said...

Wonder which category I fall under... pro or non-pro? Nak kata pro, I don't think so. Nak kata non-pro, he said "professional bloggers were those who were more responsible in ensuring that their web content was based on the truth and not rumours" - well I only post true stories in my blog.

Do they have semi-pro?!

J.T. said...

Nuraina, trying to figure him out is like looking at one of those mind-boggling puzzles we get in our in-box from friends who want to mess with our minds.
Better go have fun and read the suggestion for Mr (Mis)Information from Malaysian UnPlug. :)
We will wait and see (some people's mantra) what's next on his mind.

abdullahjones said...

saya suka bapa kamu dan saya juga suka cerita kamu tentang bapa kamu. saya tidak suka zam.



i think we define what we are. you are as professional as you have defined yourself to be.

some people think professional bloggers are those who make money out of blogging.


JT -- yep... so right you are.

Hi&Lo said...


The quality of our ministers deteriorating beyond recognition. Hardly can find one quotable quotes from them anymore. Whatever spews from their mouth makes us cringe at the stupidity.

Ibu said...

Kak Ena, my eyes almost popped out when I read the paper yesterday. Lucky I still have my sense of humor. In the end gelak sorang2 ... comic betul la some of the ministers these days.

Come let's throw the ball back into his court - how about classification of ministers, who's pro, semi pro & non pro?

zewt said...

hmmm... which category will i be in? i dun mind being pro, if zam pays me...

Maverick SM said...

Do you believe we had now become the laughing stock to the worldwide audiences. Each time they spoke about our ministers, there are plenty of's like Pua Cho Kang cabinet.


Hi&Lo: so sad, but so true.

AbdullahJones: Terima Kasih.

ibu: tak habis2 diorang ni, kan? ibu, that was what rocky suggested -- classify the ministers and politicians.

Zewt : whatever u choose to be. But, Zam wont be paying.


maverick : embarrassing, embarrassing, these homegrown ministers

Apandi said...

Determination of pro and non-pro blogger - good opportunity for awarding some consultant or other the contract to come up with ? See, efficient spending of duit rakyat...

Manap Klang said...

I will issue the application forms for Pro and Non-Pro (Amature?) journalist. Anyone can be a member of any category provided they pay the membership fees:

Membership Fees:

Pro : RM0.10
Non Pro: RM0.05

That is what the man who brought this subject is worth...

P/S: Bro Sheikh, pls come up with logos for both categories!

quinn the eskimo said...

Hey Nuraina

I bumped into zam once in an airport lounge, i don't remember where but it was in mat salleh country. We had coffee and talked.

I found the man earnest and committed to his causes.

The only problem is that i got a sense that he was born too late, and pity him, i don't think he realises that still.

We must constantly remind him to check his calendar that it is now the 21st century.

Apart from that he can be a good source of amusement. As the Brits would say - Carry On Zam!

He would be so funny, if not for the rather worrying fact that he is a minister.


jorji said...

Saya suka zam.dia 'menghiburkan'.
kebanyakan ahli politik kita adalah 'penghibur'.

Itulah dia Hiburan minggu ini.
Memang sesuai duduk kat RTM.

saya semi-pro.Kalau bolasepak boleh jugak jual permainan.Dapat duit.

Jadi separuh professional bloggers dapat apa?

Ya! betul.Dapat komen!

sang diva said...

kalau semua nak kawal, baik pakaikan kita ni electronic tag and sampai nak ke toilet pun kena call polis bagi tau.

Anonymous said...

Ermmm..check out how would zam rate this guy?

zewt said...

since no one is paying... none of us can be considered a pro... unless of cos, he dun really know what is the meaning of a pro...