Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gua Caya Lu, Norila!

Well, what else can I say to my old friend and former compatriot, Norila Daud -- Utusan Melayu journalist and presently president of the National Union of Journalists Malaysia (NUJM).
Here's why I think she's one cool (hot?) lady.
On this auspicious World Press Freedom Day (let's not get cynical), Norila has asked the Government to acknowledge the existence of internet citizen reporting and blogging as a new media for disemminating information. There! She has said it.
You go, girl!
Here's the full Bernama report.

And Rocky, National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs) pro-tem president has this to say (in his Bru), in response to Norila's WPF Day message.

Also, do check out Marina's posting here.


J.T. said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Norila. I think it is about time the government acknowledges this. They can no longer sit on their laurels and think they are infallible. They are answerable to the "rakyat".

Hi&Lo said...


1stly, am touched and privileged you mentioned me as a pal in TWB comment. I learnt a lot from TWB how to handle injustice with grace. Thank you again and again.

2ndly I join in hooraying Norila as NUJ chief to make bloggers equal to mainstream journalists. This is very magnanimous of her and taking the initiative early in her role as a top journalist.

Doctors in general guard their healthcare profession very jealously. They don't give alternative medicine its due recognition. It was only a decade ago, there was more opening up and acceptance of complementary therapies as total curative process of the patients.

Putting aside self-interests for the larger interests of the stakeholders takes a lot of guts and altruism.


JT: Before I continue, I just have to tell you, JT, that you have one hell (i mean it in the most endearing way) blog.
Mark my words, is a blog of note! So so cantik and so so interesting. not just form but substance too. (got music some more!)

Now, where were we? Yes yes. hip hip hooray! for norila!
Cool, huh?


You are so welcomed. my pleasure, indeed, it was.

thank you for the kind and encouraging words!

Kak Teh said...

This is really interesting and encouraging. norila, nuraina...oh you know what I mean...I hope that guy knows who is who now.

Hi&Lo said...


I read all the comments in your blog tho I don't comment all the time. The repartee is very heartwarming. We are all like one big family.

Ruby Ahmad once said in her blog if we sow kindness, it will come back to us in the form of better teachers for our children, and good doctors and nurses to care for us in our old age.

One person may not do much. But collectively we can make ourselves heard, be it in politics, social and economics.

We must claim the middle ground to defend basic principles. Any slack on our part to influence change will see the erosion of human values.

During the Great Depression under the stewardship of Franklin Roosevelt, he said, "Now is the time for the leadership from the bottom up."

He also immortalised "The greatest fear is fear itself."

Anonymous said...

Am watching discussion on Press Freedom on Aljazeera English Channel (Ch 20).

There was a segment- an interview with Jeff Ooi and Rocky.


Anonymous said...

Actually it is abt blogging in Malaysia.

elviza said...

Hi Kak Ena,

I am back, he he he. *Malu malu malu*

J.T. said...

Nuraina, I am so flattered, honoured and humbled. Thank you.
I love blogging and I am glad Tony pushed me to get started. If I did not, I would not have met so many nice Malaysians from all over the world. :)

Yeah, I am glad Norila said that. So cool. I wonder if the government will ever get with the programme. :)

mekyam said...

Way to go, Norila! Surely we are watching history in the making.

I agree with j.t. - the government better get with the programme - or they're going to look real foolish not recognising the tide.