Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Selangor Sultan Played "A Most Delicate Non-Partisan Role"

This is the opinion of  Lukman Sheriff , a lawyer, of the Sultan's role in the whole drama about who was going to be the new Selangor Menteri Besar after Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.
He posted this on his Facebook wall.
Daulat Tuanku
As the news developed, HRH has made the most wise decision in appointing AA under the circumstances.
AA may not be the best candidate for Selangor but HRH's decision has managed to avoid my dear state, Selangor, being a stooge of the most daring arrogant political machination our country has seen or will ever see. And for this I have nothing but acerbic criticism of the architects of Kajang Move, PKR and its strategist Rafizi Ramli for taking us on a merry go round of pure lies and wanton lust of power.
As written many times, we cannot have for the first time, if I must say, in modern democratic history, a de factor leadership or in normal parlance "remote control MB" for Selangor. This is against any semblance of good or proper governance lauded strangely by DAP as the new politics.
From the inception, Wan Azizah's admission of Anwar's role in the State administration and inability to stand on her own was clear enough to the thinking public that she is just a "puppet" for an unelected leader. This impression was cast to stone when it was Anwar and not her, as a legal elected political party leader, who sought permission to seek an audience with the Sultan for her appointment. Anwar and Azizah's utter inability to differentiate the positions can only point to a doom state full of abuse of positions. HRH saw this and out of this concern and love of the State, put a stop to this mess.
For the record, Azizah's, PKR's and PR's allegation that she has the majority by SD and the HRH must recognise this has no basis in law. It is a spin to me of a deliberate misrepresentation. There is no precedent that HRH must recognise the SD. HRH may still interview one by one the ADUN as in the Perak's case and each may deny their support of Wan Azizah. In fact the acceptance by AA of the MB position which must surely include a few other PKR ADUNs clearly shows the SD method is not tenable and cannot be relied in law. The SD from my read was never made public and no one knows what the content is. In fact, as the law stands, whatever the house decide will prevail despite the SD. Aziz Bari is again spewing baseless opinion on this. TMI FMT are merely printing what they wish to propagate. Really sad state of affairs we are in as many are simply misled on this issue.
As for AA's appointment, there won't be enough majority in the house anymore for a vote of no confidence. Azizah does not have the 30 and PR allege. HRH in his infinite wisdom I believe appoint a a person with a majority. He would have consulted PAS and UMNO who would stand by his decision. With AA and his supporters that would be an easy calculation of a simple majority.
I would like to make a small clarification. Though I think there are other more competent ADUNs than AA and that AA may still make Selangor admin worse than TSKI's, I do think that under the circumstances and the legal provisions, AA is the most appropriate candidate.
Daulat Tuanku. You have indeed played a most delicate non partisan role. It shows the relevance and need of a constitutional monarch to keep politics and its evil machination in its rightful place.

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