Monday, September 08, 2014

Of Politics, Divorce And A whole Lot Of Money : The Sarawak Case (2)

Sarawak business entrepreneur Datuk Seri Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib today continued his testimony in the Shariah Court of Kuala Lumpur.

He spoke on the inaccuracies with regards to the magnitude of his wealth raised by his former wife Shahnaz Abdul Majid.

The article below is extracted from a news release issued by his office.

In earlier proceedings, Shahnaz had relied on forensic accounting reports by Ferrier Hodgson.

In his testimony today,  which Mahmud pointed out that land purported to have oil palms, was actually secondary forest. 

Ferrier Hodgson, he said, had failed to conduct a site visit of the said land where there were no productive crops or harvests to have generated incomes claimed by the forensics accounting firm.

“Their methodology is not realistic. In fact, it is flawed and cannot be counted to assess my income,” Mahmud said. He was giving his  testimony before Judge Muhamad Abdul Karim Wahab in the ‘mutaah’ divorce claim by his ex-wife. His examination was conducted by his legal counsel Sa’adiah Din .

Mahmud said if Ferrier Hodgson had sought for factual documents from him to prove their claims in their forensics report, he had not received any request or correspondence to that effect.

His former wife, he said, had been duped into believing that he has massive wealth running into billions.

 In a previous hearing on Sept 2, he said that his wife had been made to believe he had millions in off shore accounts by Canadian fraudsters Cullen Johnson and Elaine White. He also testified that an international conspiracy by Sarawak Report led by political activist Clare Rewcastle-Brown and the Bruno Manser Fund had contributed to all this.
In court, Mahmud also spoke of the selective revelation of his confidential American Express platinum corporate card account by Malayan Banking Berhad.

The plaintiff does not have the expressed permission of the card account holder or Bank Negara Malaysia.

“BAFIA rules are explicitly clear to protect and safeguard the privacy of all bank customers from harms way. I am disappointed by the revelations and violations by Malayan Banking Berhad brought about by the plaintiff,” he said.

“As a rule, banks are obliged to protect confidential banking information in law, in contract and in their fiduciary duty from being reproduced, given, divulged, revealed, published or otherwise disclosed to any person, or to make a record for any person, of any information or document whatsoever relating to the accounts of its customers published to any third party.”

He said this when examined by his legal counsel if he had granted permission to the bank to reveal his confidential corporate credit card account.

In addition to the RM100 million for conciliatory gift (mutaah) claim today, Shanaz had also filed a number of other claims amounting to RM300 million for matrimonial assets division, RM200 million for child maintenance to include a terrace house in London (RM60 million), two Aston Martins (RM5.5 million), a private trust fund (RM40 million to be held by her), and including a claim for half of her former husband’s assets.

The purported wealth of her former husband had been greatly exaggerated to support the massive claims.

Hearing continues on Nov 17 2014.

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