Saturday, September 06, 2014

Of PASMA and Anwar

The politics of Anwar Ibrahim is all about the lust for power and the trail of destruction his quest/struggle/campaign -- whatever you want to call it -- leaves (not behind).

His old and former supporter, uber still-a-controversial blogger Raja Petra reminds his readers what Anwar is all about.

"What is Anwar Ibrahim’s greatest achievement? How will Anwar be remembered? He will be remembered as the person who broke up and weakened the largest and strongest Malay party, Umno, and then broke up and weakened the largest and strongest Muslim party, PAS."

 This is an excerpt from Raja Petra's posting in Malaysia Today on the soon-to-be-launched PASMA - Pas Breakaway Party .

Raja Petra says that this "was a long time coming."

He said the division in PAS between the ulama and the liberal (Erdogan) factions has been there for a long time and it was a matter of time before the liberals leave to form another party which is also nothing new in the Islamist party.

Raja Petra pointed out that PAS itself is a splinter of Umno when the ulama faction left just before Merdeka to form a new Islamist party.
That was five years after Umno was formed.
In 1977, Then, later on, PAS member Mohamad Nasir, left the party to form Berjasa in 1977. In 1983, Asri Muda, left the party to form Hamim.
The blogger likened problem in PAS to that of Umno in 1997-98 which saw a split between pro-Anwar and pro-Mahathir factions.

He also pointed out that Parti Keadilan Nasional  (now Parti Keadilan Rakyat - a merger with Parti Rakyat) was of Adil, an association formed in 1999 by Anwar who was already sacked from Umno.

"In 1997-1998, Anwar was the catalyst to the problems in Umno. Today, Anwar is also the catalyst to the problems in PAS. And we may soon see what happened to Umno in 1997-1998 happening again, but this time to PAS," Raja Petra wrote.

In his latest posting PASMA: Anwar's Secret Weapon , Raja Petra gives his take on why Anwar needs PASMA.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha ! Im no fan of anwar but your posting is not "YOU", I know you as being a balanced person but well the bills got to be paid ya ?
Dear ! Dont forget the "anak komunis" you suffered.
Your dad will be very disappointed with your current postings.!,
Everyone has a price ,is it????

Anonymous said...

For a senior Journo in Straits Times to rely on raja Petra for Info..Speaks for Itself. How Low Straits Times has dropped..No wonder company going bust!


Anon@9:05PM : This is an article of Raja Petra. There are facts there, and some are his own views. If he thinks Anwar is the problem, then it is his views. My dad? -- (Al Fatehah)

Perhaps you should be more open minded and less biased.

And don't presume ... oh yes bills gotta be paid. But I am not paid to blog. not then, not now.

Anon@8:40AM : sorry...but I was never with the Straits Times -- that is the Singapore paper. I was with the New Straits Times. The company going bust has nothing to do with me...