Monday, December 10, 2012

Taylor's University's Shame..

By Juana Jaafar

I was at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus a week ago for the World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (WUPID).

The four day event was proudly hosted by Taylor’s University which opened its doors to debate teams from Malaysia and abroad. Sadly, the organisers and participants witnessed a most unfortunate incident during our lunch break on the very first day of the event (Saturday, 1 December 2012).

I was dining with other debate adjudicators at around 2:15pm when, from the corner of my eye, I noticed a woman sitting alone at a nearby table. She looked quite ill. I quickly walked over to check on her and found that she was very weak and salivating from one side of her mouth. I immediately thought she must have had a stroke.

She was a worker at the campus food court, Recezz, and her uniform was drenched in sweat and saliva.

Her colleague soon came along and said the woman had collapsed in the wash room. She was carried out to the food court to rest.

When the adjudicators and I asked how long she had been in that state, and if anyone had called for an ambulance, we were told the poor woman had been sitting there since about 10:00am. We were also told that her employer promised to take her to the hospital, at some point. My colleagues and I were outraged!

Apparently it was the third time the woman collapsed on the job, and this time the right side of her body was completely paralyzed.

One of the adjudicators telephoned for an ambulance while a couple of us sought after the employer.

He was on site and aware we were tending to his worker. Not once did he check on on her, rather he watched from afar while the rest of us tried to help her.

When approached, he merely stirred his drink and nonchalantly told us he would take her to the hospital when he was not busy. He certainly was not busy at the time we confronted him and seemed quite disinterested in the commotion.

The other workers told us they had urged their employer to take the woman to hospital quickly, but he refused. With help from other sympathetic workers we tried to keep her as comfortable as possible while waiting for the ambulance. She was in fact in pain from the fall in the wash room.

Her colleague helped gather her things and prepared her documentation—she is an Indonesian citizen. What happened to her was really tragic, and I hate to think she was not given immediate help because she was a foreign worker.

The ambulance came about half an hour later. It was terribly embarrassing having to tell our Australian colleague it was common for an ambulance to take that much time to arrive. It was even more embarrassing that he, and other guests from abroad, found out that the woman had been sitting there in the food court for more than four hours without help from a single soul.

Is this who we are as Malaysians?

Are we so oblivious to the suffering of those around us? Or are we just cruel? I direct these questions particularly to the students and staff who were at the food court during the four hours the woman was sitting there. What exactly is being taught at Taylor’s University?

The management of the University has a lot to account for. What happened to that woman is a clear sign of negligence by the University; one that boasts state-of-the-art facilities but with abysmal surveillance.

The incident suggests that someone could very well drop dead on campus without anyone noticing.

The seriousness of the case above could in fact have led to death.

The woman could have died in the wash room or at the food court, in full view of everyone there.

This also raises questions about the University’s health and safety training for campus workers.

There are signages indicating a Health Service Centre that operates from 8am to 6pm but not one worker on that day thought of getting help from the Centre, or the security services.

Do they not know these services exist on campus? Why were the workers so disempowered to take action in an emergency situation? Were they not given basic training?

I note again that it was the organisers and volunteers of WUPID, an external organisation, who called and waited for the ambulance at the campus entrance; not any of the security personnel or the woman’s direct employer.

Her employer did not even escort her to the hospital.

I urge Taylor’s University to look into this case. The woman is a victim of negligence and the University must be held accountable.

 Not only should the University be responsible for her medical care and expenses at the University Malaya Medical Centre where she was taken, it must see that her employer’s contract at the food court is terminated.

 He is certainly not fit to be an employer nor a member of the Taylor’s campus community.
Or is he?

Juana Jaafar is a Taylor’s College alumnus (American Degree Programme). She was a member of the WUPID adjudicating core.


the gaffe guy who know's said...

First things first.The last few health ministers we have,lost their bolas a long time ago.They have been neutered by Umno to be lap dogs.

Look at the porn actor president of MCA.When he was health minister,what did he do.He was caught with his pants down,doing kung fu with a whore.

And the present cowardly health minister,who losts his bolas defending the attackers of the hospitals he was supposed to be protecting.This gutless man had to lie his asses off,for all the wrong reasons.

The blame must be on the gomen for such a lax law.It has to come out with stringent measures or laws with severe punishment.Or else employers are emblodened to think that they can get away with ill treating their employees,especially if they are foreign workers.Or they think that by greasing hands under the table will settle the issue with the authorities.

How can the country be a high income and developed nation by 2020,if the animal mentality exists among many of the employers and managers.They treat their employees like lembus,especially the foreign maids.And the health and labour ministers are neutered,lacking bolas to do the job they are paid to do.Getting buta gaji,they should be made makan sendiri.

In civilised countries,employers who bully and ill treated their employees are made to go on their knees and cry like babies out for their mamas.In the G10 countries,if the law do not punish these animals,the unions will make mincemeat of this type of employers.

the toothless fella said...

It is time Malaysians come out in full force and condemned these type of employers.Then only will the useless federal ministers not sit on their useless vegetable hands.If the pressure is not on them they will sleep on the job,having all the time to go to restrooms and shioking sendiri.

I blamed the federal ministers first,the employers second and the workers third,for not having the guts to stand up for their rights.

Anonymous said...

If Najib wants to win GE 13,all he has to do is to sack the health and labour ministers.A true leader leads by example and not by sweet talking.The buck stops at his desk,period.Or maybe Najib is "NATO".

the insider said...

This incident should be made into a big issue.An example should be set on this useless employer.No excuses.Then only will other employers fall in line.Malaysia is not a pariah or third world country.The leaders of BN better take note.

mariamsu said...

And all this happening in a place of higher education.And it called it's self a university.Pleez lah,better close down lah,mampus only lah.Tak malu,eh.

All this happening under the noses of educators who called themselves professors of this and that.PHD and doctorate,like those papers bought by Umno and MCA lawmakers.Go figure,lah.

md jalil said...

Do anyone agree with me,if I said that let us tie up and skin this skunk.

monstermom said...

After 55 yrs of independence,and this type of people still exists in our country.People is the wrong word.Babarians is the correct word.May the heavens have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

First of all Taylor College must terminate this fool's contract with immediate effect.Then chased him out of the campus grounds.Then only report him to the authorities.Then they should let the PDRM pick him up and be taught a lesson in lockup.Animals should be treated like animals.


still blaming the government for this, huh?

sorry, there are things we all can blame the government for but come on...some people must be made accountable for their own wrongdoing or abuse or whatever.

in this case, the university can only take so much the worst, their apathy..

and the students must be so thick or blur or, yes apathetic. or a disconnect of some sort seems to exist..or.."we mind our own business" attitude.

But if the university is the employer of the worker, then the university is fully responsible but I doubt that it is.

My guess is that the canteen operator is the woman's employer.

He should be dealt with accordingly. The immigration department should take him in. Or the Indonesian embassy should take action against the employer.

There are many canteen/food stall operators like him who squeeze their foreign workers dry.

They are the ones who should be denied the services of foreign workers...they are the ones who exploit and abuse their foreign workers.

Anonymous said...

First of, why blame the Government? It is the management and current state of service offered by our private sectors as well as the public that should be blamed. All this is because of 'tidak apa' attitude. Our country is rich, we are self-sustainable and we have all the power. Since I left Malaysia 4 years ago, I am startled with the state of service rendered to customers. Malaysians now are so unprofessional and untrained. At the airport for example, you can see employees grouped together and chit chat laughing while at work. Very bad image. Malu la... The people of Malaysia - tak kira Melayu ke, Cina ke or India ke...are so pathetic now. Everybody is blaming at each other, pointing fingers at one another.

Wake up Malaysians!!!

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments here are not relevant, one sided and unfair.

Hidup dah senang, nothing else to do. Whack the govt for everything that goes wrong. These people must migrate to shangri la or dusit thani.

Taylor's University said...

Dear Nuraina,

We have extended our thanks to Juana for the detailed information on the incident that took place on Saturday afternoon, 1 December 2012 at the Foodcourt located at Syopz Mall - the privately owned commercial entity adjacent to Taylor's University.

Although it did not take place on the University’s grounds, we are indeed very sad to learn about this incident and we take this matter seriously. At Taylor’s University, the safety and welfare of our staff and students are of our utmost priority. As part of our Core Values, we believe in respecting and caring for each other regardless of nationality, religion and cultural differences. We certainly do not condone such acts of neglect. We are utterly dismayed by the lack of humanitarian action on the part of the community who were present during the unfortunate incident. We have officially raised our concern and disappointment to the Management of Syopz Mall on this issue, and they have assured us that they will address this matter seriously and with utmost importance.

We commend the participants of WUPID for taking speedy actions of helping the lady in distress and raising this to our attention.

On Behalf of Taylor’s University
Ms. Angela Pok
Director of Student Experience

Anonymous said...

Yes,i agreed.The gomen should be blamed for having mediocre and lembak laws.If the laws are orang putih laws,do you think that employers dare exploit or neglect their employees like that.Or have tidak apa atitude when it comes down to their workers health or safety.

Anonymous said...

Those comments above that blamed the gomen must be DAP supporters. orang manyak siksa maid amacam?? I wish i know the race of the employer...Taylors penuh ngan bangsa tu je..

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you Nuraina. If only BN practices accountability. At the end of the day, the leader is responsible for the apathy that it's people show. And we've only had one leader for 55 years. Enough. Truly enough.

Anonymous said...

Human beings should be treated like human beings. Not like animals. The couple who mistreated their maid and treated her like an animal was not treated like animals. We have this thing called due process of law. What will happen to this world if we became barbaric just because others misbehave?

" Let those who have not sinned cast the first stone...."


Anonymous said...

The problem is the GOM's for having some so very lenient laws to protect the workers,whether they are local or foreign.Therefore very lax laws encourage employers to flout and exploit their workers,without having to be afraid of the authorities.If we do not blame the gomen,who do we blame.The opposition?The opposition will only be in Putrajaya sometime next year.

eni meeny mini moe said...

With the governing body of the day always flipflopping,its a wonder employers are flouting the laws.They think the clowns in gomen are jokers.Early next year its the broadway going away show "BYE BYE BIRDIE".

Garrett said...

What the frigging hell does this have to do with the Ministry of Health? The woman's employer was totally at fault!
Frigheads such as these commentators are so obviously anti-government that they blame the government for everything! Even when they choke on their own poisonous spew they will blame the government for making them choke!
These people has lost all sense of reality!
Gaffe guy...for your info, Taylor's is a private college...not government-owned.

mariamsu said...

Sister,if the law of the country is weak,and can be exploited,who do we blame.The gomen of the day,of course.

We cannot blame Anwar,because he is a nobody.We have to wait after PRU13 to see if he can be a somebody.

In the meantime the present day gomen has to be held accountable for everyday short and longer term problems,at least until there is a change of regime,if there is any.

caring malaysian said...

I cant believe some comments blaming government/bn/najib/umno/mca for this. Your mind must be really screwed up and with heart full of hatred.

Last time we had a woman who cracked skull after being robbed in Penang is being ignored by passers-by. Now we have this. So sad esp so when it happened at the uni. Hope Taylors will take necessary action to those responsible to set example.

an very angry malaysian said...

Which animal or pariah would treat a fellow human being like that.Maybe its time he be punished with the law of the babarians.

Anonymous said...

With sleepy heads as ministers,what cn be expected of cronies appointed to ministerial positions,instead of qualified professionals.

An ambulance taking 30 mins or more to respond to an emergency call.In NY city with all the traffic,predestrians and cyclists cruising on red lighta,a 911 call will take 3-7 mins max.And that is after the amny recent closing of fire houses and city hospitals.

Usually the fastest to arrive are the cops within 3-4 mins because they are always cruising around on their shifts,and 4-7 mins for the EMS and FD.And people are screaming already.Ten mins for emergency help to arrived and all hell will breal loose.

All the hype about 2020.Maybe soon countries such as Vietnam and Myanmar will overtake Malaysia in productivity.

In the land of the bolehs,it is always business as usual.The circus clowns trying to outdo the political clowns.

a very angry voter. said...

Malaysia,a country which almost had the tallest buildings in Asia,abeit some cheating with the towers could not even have an efficient ambulance system.Can anyone explain how or why we have johnny come lately emergency services.It is a real shame and sham.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms Exclusivity,

You should know that Taylors is only for the rich and you expected them to be humane?

You are one Naive Journo!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is rife with Exclusive Colleges for those of the upper class in the country!

The Government is encouraging the propogation of these institutions for the rich chinese and UMNO putras and putris...

Perhaps you should talk to them instead of complaining to the lot of us!!!

for a cleaner goman said...

Good colleges and universities have strict rules and regulations.And they made random checks to made sure the rules are adhered.Whether they are employees or contractors it doesn't matter.Is Taylor college one of them,or just a fly by night sleepy head like our politicians.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

We would like share with you a statement/ updates from Syopz Mall with regards to this incident.


We would like to thank the participants and organisers of WUPID 2012 for their intervention into the unfortunate incident that happened on 1 December 2012 at Recezz Foodcourt, Syopz Mall.

It is most regrettable that despite the presence of extensive Emergency Response Procedures at Syopz Mall, individual apathy towards a fellow human being in distress resulted in the non compliance of health and safety measures in that moment of need. The management of Syopz Mall is deeply saddened by the incident and corrective measures have been taken to ensure strict compliance to Syopz Mall's Emergency Response Procedures. A full investigation has been conducted and the Recezz foodcourt operator is apologetic and has taken full responsibility towards the act of negligence for this unfortunate incident.

Although subjected to being suspended, the owner of the said food stall was remorseful on his part for having taken his staff's health situation for granted. He funded full hospitalization cost for the worker and she was also assigned two fellow colleagues to accompany her during her one week admission at the hospital. Her family was contacted and when they requested for her return to Indonesia, the owner made all necessary travel arrangements and further provided cash for their expenses. The worker has since returned to her family in Indonesia on 7 December, 2012 after she was discharged from the hospital.

The Management of Syopz Mall would like to record our apologies to Taylors University for having been wrongly assumed as the responsible party of this unfortunate incident.

Sheena A
Chief Operating Officer
Syopz Mall Management

Anonymous said...

Somehow what happened in Taylor's is government's fault.

All year open season for these PR scum.

Anonymous said...

Ini semua umno punya pasal. Itu madey punya pasal itu indon sudah collapse dalam toilet.

Kalu itu soi lek tak kena tangkap...itu minah indon misti sudah ada dalam hospital.

Anonymous said...


Grow the fuck up and smell the roses. While you're are it, get your head out of fucking jibbys arse.

Anonymous said...

Agree at this point of time...