Friday, December 07, 2012

Superbikers Reply...

"Everyone of us,  Superbikers club Malaysia members are very experienced riders where we have toured many countries on our motorcycles according to the law and our slogan from the beginning has always been "SAFETY, COURTESY & HONOR" - Iskandar Zurkanain Mohamed of Superbikers Club Malaysia.

On Dec 3,  I posted "A Citizen Against Big Bikes On Highways", featuring a letter from a reader of the NST.

I got in touch with the Superbikers Club Malaysia on this and they responded.

Iskandar further said big bikers always strive to achieve zero mishaps on every trip or adventure.

"We think what Mohd Ghazali Osman wrote was totally from his opinion. Accidents happen and can occur to anyone/motorist, whether it's on 2 wheels or 4 wheels.

"We, as motorists can be as cautious as we can but there are still times that accidents cannot be avoided.

"This is a very subjective matter as we know that accidents on the road does not only happen to big motorcycles on highways only, it can happen to anyone, anywhere.

"For Mohd Ghazali Osman, I don't know why he is so upset with big bikers and why he wants us to be banned from using the highway.

"It's a pointless debate and he should at least look at the whole situation and not just big bikes.
We have seen and heard of so many accidents involving all kinds of vehicles and we never blamed any of them as accidents can happen anytime and anywhere."



Anonymous said...

Ketika memandu, kenapa saya perlu berhenti atau slowdown kalau konvoi Superbikers nak lalu ?

Saya pun bayar road tax jugak.

bludy busy misybodies said...

Why do the blurdy gomen have to privatised the AES in the first place.Do not the police who have been doing these stuff all the while,now acting and standing as scarecrows and bird watchers.Redirect the AES back to the mata mata,you idiots and all the huhaha will be history.No wonder they say we have lembus serving in the gomen.

vinnan said...

Hak istimewa superbikerslah, apa lag?
Orang macam you sama gua Melayu ke, Cina ke, India ke memang orang kelas kedua di Malaysia.

Welcome to Malalaysia Bro.

Anonymous said...

They are arrogant. People with big bikes are usually moneyed. They think their rights override other people's. tak payah nak nafi la. Plain for everyone to see each time they form a convoy.