Thursday, December 06, 2012

Selangor Against AES

This I totally disagree with the Selangor Government.

Tomorrow,  speed cameras that were installed at the Km6.6 of the South Klang Valley Expressway and at the Km301.6 of the North-South Expressway, will be removed.
State executive councillor in charge of local government Ronnie Liu said this yesterday.

 Read it here.

 Meanwhile, Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim said the Selangor government has decided to "cover" two Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras in the state tomorrow.
He said the government was left with no choice as the Transport Ministry had not responded to letters sent by the respective local councils asking the ministry to follow procedure and apply for a development order to install the cameras.

"We have passed the first stage, which was to write letters. The second is to cover the cameras so that it will not function and if there is still no application by the Transport Ministry within 14 days, we will make several decisions, including the possibility of dismantling the cameras," he said after presenting appointment letters to some 400 village chiefs yesterday.


Okay, here's the want to attack the federal government over the contract and the payments made to the company, go ahead. Really. If you are convinced that there was so much abuse and so on, do what you have to do.

But let the AES run its course.

I am tired of expressing my views about why I'm okay with these cameras and catching speeding cars.

It doesn't matter whose idea it was for the AES -- if the Selangor Government was the one that had come up with it, I'd support it as well.

As I have said, it is about saving lives, stupid!

Here is what Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha said.

 It's a Provocation!!!

I say it's a cheap political gimmick and outright vandalism. Shame on you, Pakatan! 


Anonymous said...

its really sickening.sometimes I wonder who really controls Selangor.Soon we are going to the poll may be we can do something

cacah said...

Transport Ministry is actually Ministry of Transport. It's a special name.

Anonymous said...

I understand the need for aes,the police and etc.
But to get a summons for 3km/h above speed limit is stretching it a bit too far. Tolak ansur lah!
A few of my friends too got the love letter with the pic of the 'culprit' .Im sure no one will keep an eye on the speedometer always,sikit sikit kena fine rm300.
Its not saving lives anymore but meeting quota and for an average wage earner rm300 a day is just too much.

Anonymous said...

i thought it has been publish on newspaper sometime ago, that the margin for speed limit is 10kmj, not 3kmj?...

Anonymous said...

Itu yang Kerajaan Selangor mahu. Dulu mereka laungkan... Demi Rakyat Untuk Rakyat. Tapi kenapa mereka ketepikan pandangan rakyat Selangor yang mahukan sistem ini?

Mereka 'dengan arrogant' maklumkan utk wakili sesiapa sahaja yang disaman... SESIAPA SAHAJA tanpa mengambilkira fakta kes terlebih dahulu sedangkan mereka juga yang nampaknya *menampakkan* lebih Islamik rupa paras dari orang lain. Keadilan apa yang mereka cuba promosikan di mana pendekatan mereka nampak seperti 'ala koboi'.


I hope they are wise enough to understand... bukan sahaja mereka yang disaman boleh dikategori sebagai 'mangsa saman'... mangsa kemalangan adalah mangsa sebenar yang terpaksa menanggung lebih dari sekadar denda RM300.

I've seen an accident right before my eyes... it was red light. And that very moment, i just realized... i lost a dear fren.

They gave loads excuses to reject it... and i think a death is more than enough to say YES.

Anonymous said...

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bruno said...

Speeding ticket costing RM300 is 300% more than the US,the land of the free,where state troopers and traffic police have to chased and catch the culprits before they can issue the ticket.It is daylight robbery to enrich the political cronies.

In the US,cameras are installed in more accident prone areas.These areas are usually at traffic lights with longer distances opposing the lights,where drivers trying to beat the lights are more accident prone.Light beaters are charged a flat rate of US50.00 with no points added.

Put cameras everywhere they like, and the people will make so much noise,that politicians would hide under the sarongs of their mamas.

the toothless fella said...

Safety first,partisan politics second or last.Our politicians from both sides of the divide are born stupid and ignorant of the happenings around them.Always enclosed in their cozy offices,no wonder their otaks are corrupted and obsessed with their cronies, secretaries about sex,sex and sex only.

the toothless fella said...

Traffic violations are a cash cow.Why must the corrupted gomen let cronies get the contract.Damn them idiots.Plundering the nations coffers.This is called milking the cows tits.

nagaman said...

DN we know its about saving lives. They know it too. Ronnie liu knows it even better. Why are they doing this ? For effect and gimmick. Okay fine ronnie liu get his poltical mileage by behaving like a gangster. He's definitely no hero as he will be one of the causes of traffic mishaps and deaths in the near future.

Its vandalism so please kindly point out to the government that such act that can endanger public life and encourage more vandalism is againts the law. It cannot be allowed even if its ronniu liu member of state exco.

There should not be double standards- one for sandman ronnie liu and another for mat rempits who get arrested for such acts against public property. Ronnie liu is about endangering our lives as road users to Selangor.


Lee said...

No, Puan Nuraina, it is not stupid to suspect something fishy when private firms stand to gain " enormously"in the implementation
of the AES. Why not consult the rayat first!

the toothless fella said...

Why do the gomen have to privatised the AES in the first place.And to Umno cronies only.Do the Umnoputras not know that soon they will be spending their retirements in Hotel Kamunting.No point getting their hands stuck in the cookie jars as they will not have the privilege to spend and enjoy the money.Unless they have six stars outlets and massage parlours in Kamunting.

Anonymous said...

Not sure bout the upper margin for the speed limit, think it was about 10% of it or so. But just like how I use to do back in Australia, just know where the camera is and get below that speed until you go pass the camera, as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Kak,why not the blurdy gomen let you and me share in the AES privatisation,instead of those good for nothing corrupted donkeys,they called political cronies.

Rockybru said...

I suppose Selamgor will dismantle all traffic lights next. Or drape them in green cloth!

Anonymous said...

Latuk sudah naik angin dengan itu gagap!!!

Anonymous said...

These critics. Many of them. If your loved one gets killed by a speeding car then you know. Meanwhile, carry on throwing shit at the gomen. They have not done anything good since '57. But they are still around enjoying life. If this country is not good enough get lost. And dont leave your mother at old folks home. Your kind likes to do that. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

MinyakMan said...

I fully support the AES.

Frequent users of Malaysian highways know that most of the time people go above the 110km/h limit.

Have you ever tried driving 110km/h on the right side of the road? kene flash and cucuk je la sepanjang jalan

I've heard people brag about how it took them only an hour plus to get from Kuantan to KL. now imagine how fast they were driving then?

If anything, give constructive criticisms on how to improve the system, not outright ban it.

sigh, Malaysia oh Malaysia

Anonymous said...

These PR folks are obsessed by lust. Lust got no brain, no boundaries. Perhaps, to them, the number of deaths is just a statistics, not a tragedy.

ex-Convent girl

Anonymous said...

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