Thursday, November 29, 2012

The President's Speech

Predictably, Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak  delivered a fierce and highly-charged speech at the opening of the party's general assembly in PWTC this morning.

Firing the troops for war, as it were.

His voice was two decibles higher, I think.

Umno must win and be given the mandate to lead. In order to do that it has to be strong. So let's cut the chase -- stop all this politicking and sabotaging. Step in line, be disciplined, be loyal
 if you want to win this war.

The dynamics and demographics of Malaysia has changed -- so Umno has got to win the hearts and minds of not just the Malays but the non-Malays -- the rural and urban rakyat. The young. The fence sitters and the new 2.9 million new voters.

Umno is the rakyat's champion and together with its coalition partners -- is the choice for a better future for the rakyat,

It was not lost on so many people when the secretary-general (who spoke just before Najib) ended his speech with "Hidup Umno, Hidup Barisan, Hidup Malaysia!".

And then the party president ended on the same note.

My imagination, perhaps. But didn't it use to have "Hidup Melayu" in the past?

He certainly set the tone.

Here is the full text of Najib's speech..


the insider said...

One thing they forget to scream till their lungs burst was "HIDUP NAJIB".

If Umno had the numbers the election would have been had a long time ago.To hold the GE just before the mandated date means Umno is not sure if it can win by a nose.

Anonymous said...

One thing is the first couple's carpetman,crying baby Deepak's statements about the Bala SD2 will come back and haunt Najib and Umno.Maybe a fat bank account and a mansion in Mumbai will settle the scorned carpetman Deepak.

This ungrateful carpetman forget that his riches came,courtesy of the first couple.A crony will always be a crony and always be holden to the highest bidder.

mariamsu said...

The cycle will come full circle for Umno/BN this GE.All bad things have to come to an end.Corruption has finally caught up with the corrupted Umnoputras.The night when the results are called will be their last hurrah.Bye bye Birdie.

Anonymous said...

But he didnt move a finger when the chinese bastard made fun of the azan.
A toothless tiger is a useless tiger.

the insider said...

Najib's speeches are fierce.He is good at rallying the rakyat,but only to fall short everytime,flipflopping at the end.

If he had kept his word and delivered,he would have had an easy win this GE.But for flipflopping everytime,the rakyat will punished his Umno/BN severely.

Anonymous said...

Kak,Najib's baggage is too heavy,with lots of skeletons.The bridge will fall apart and collasped as he crosses it.

Anonymous said...

Guys and Gals,please do not have a heart attack if PR wins by a landslide.There is a very strong possibility that many Umnoputras will be feasting on nasi curry daging in Kamp Kamunting soon.

Some ex armed forces friends of mine,who has never voted opposition before are contemplating on doing so this GE.The tide is definitely on PR's side.

Anonymous said...

Ma'am,if you ask me I will tell you that those from the mainstream media are obliged to write good things about Umno/BN and bad things about the opposition PR.

First,because the mainstream medias are under the control of political parties in the ruling BN.Not that the journalists are obliged to write good things about their employers,they are ordered to write very very good things about their political bosses.

Anybody who do not followed orders are given the boot the revolving door way.Very good journalists have been let go,because they refused to be cronies and puppets.I am sure that you know that.There has been talk that you missed the recent promotion because the other bodeker was the crony of the faction in control.

bruno said...

Nuraina,PM Najib has pledged to do many things.But he has backtracked almost as many times as he pledged.

The PM meant good,but he lacked what it takes to take the factions opposing him head on.So when they opposed him on his promises he backtracked or flipflopped.And in the process,Najib looks weak letting Abrahim Ali became the self proclaimed spokesman for Umno.

Seeing the face of Abrahim Ali screaming all over the map makes the fence sitters flee the BN.Now Najib is offering monetary gifts in return of supporting his Umno/BN.In other words the gomen is openly resorting to money politics.In countries such as the UK or US politicians practicing money politics will be wearing orange or striped pajamas.

Now why do the gomen practiced money politics if it is popular or on cruised control to electoral victory.Because it knows that this election will be the hardest fought GE ever.And at the same time it is unsure of the outcome.

But ask any strangers you met on the streets,and they will tell you that Umno/BN will be sitting on the opposition bench after GE13.

Take it easy and have a nice weekend.

the insider said...

Malaysia would not have reach such a sorry mess if the "national institutions such as the police.........and the Malaysian press had maintained and upheld their intergrity and professionalism"-Uncle Lim.

Anonymous said...

There is no kick in this year's Umno GA.It is a lacklustre event,before the fat lady sing's.

Anonymous said...

Kak,this coming GE will be a very hard fought election.The word on the grounds is that Umno/BN will get a trashing.There is basically no oomph in the BN side.

Umno has thrown money around like their grandfathers.These are money stolen from the taxpayers.Umno has to pay for attendees to turn up at their ceramahs.PR supporters pay(donate) to attend ceramahs on their own free will.

As a long time journalist,you people have your feedback(informants) too.So can you please tell us who has the support of the people.Many people I knew very well,will be voting opposition for the very first time this coming GE.

Anonymous said...

First of all,carpetman Deepak has turn on Najib and Rosmah big time.After making a small fortune,doing business in millions and hundreds of millions at a pop,this rat of a carpetman has sold his soul to the highest bidder,Najib's enemies in Umno.Najib should have known better than to trust this Thambi crony.

Being a season politician,Najib should know that politics has no permanent friends or enemies.Even the corrupted ex IGP Musa has turned out to be a bigger rat.All these relevations coming out just before the Umno GA and GE tells us that it is a dog eat dog's world in Umno.

Deepak,being a crony and playing Bala's backside,knows that the pretty Mongolian lass was C4ed.Without a powerful backer and player behind him,this pariah wouldn't have any bolas to utter a single word.Which guy in Umno B is more powerful than the PM?The 3 M's?

Anonymous said...

In 2008,whether it was a tsunami or public spanking,Umno is as arrogant as ever.Just look at the father and son pair.Nazri and his hooligan son.The hooligan son getting a free pass because his arrogant father was a minister.

Look at the expensive cars the son is driving.And a hooligan having bodyguards too,on his daddy's minister's pay.Go figure.Umno must go.

Jasper Bloodstone said...

Maybe he's been learning from the Obama campaign and it's use of the social media par excellence!

Anonymous said...

Chik,malu lah update blog.Kesian tiada support dari askhar Umno.Semua commenters/bigmouths dari opposition.PR tentu mesti menang PRU13.Jangan sakit hati,chik.Better days are ahead.

Anonymous said...

the things people will do to win elections.....

the insider said...

Thirty thousand people turned up for a PR ceramah in Sembawang.

And another thirty thousand people turned up for another PR ceramah in Umno's backyard,Johore.

the toothless fella said...

Pro Umno bloggers are saying that Anwar is behind the carpet salesman and ex IGP Musa coming out with statements against Najib and Najib's gomen.

These stupid bloggers do not know that Anwar will only be the PM after GE 13.Now he has no power in gomen,therefore he has no control over Macc and PDRM to gurantee their safety.