Friday, November 23, 2012

Truce In Gaza

After eight days of fighting --punishing Israeli airstrikes on Gaza and a barrage of Hamas rocket fire on Israel -- a ceasefire was invoked.

So far 161 Palestinians, including 71 civilians, 37 of whom were children, were killed. Thousands others were injured.

On the Israeli side,  two soldiers and four civilians, were killed and dozens others wounded by rockets fired into residential neighbourhoods.

So far five Israelis and 162 Palestinians including 37 children children were killed.  Thousands of Palestinians were injured.

But how long the Egyptian-brokered truce will last remains to be seen. But for now, let's hope everyone abides by the truce.


Anonymous said...

After such a painful lashing,the Hamas militants will abide by the rules set by the ceasefire.

At least for the next two to five years,until they forget how painful that last lashing was.Then it is hickaboo all over a gain.These militants never learn.

Anonymous said...

I's a crazy world we live in.Why cannot there be in existence two states,Israel and Palestine side by side.Why cannot the Muslim Islamist keep and have the 67 virgins to themselves.Then there will be peace.Why not?

Anonymous said...

Israel is the superpower in the Middle East.Iran and Syria,the two terrorist states supplying weapons and aid to the Hamas and Palestinian militants,wants an unstable Palestine as a distraction away from them.That is the reason the Hamas and Palestinant militants are proxies and puppets of them.

Anonymous said...

Hitler killed millions of Jews and yet it still does not invoke any feelings of sympathy.

What is a few hundreds here and there?

Millions were killed in Kemboja and no one cared.

Who cares, nowadays, something happen so far away.

Only politicians and bigots out to score a political point.

Anonymous said...

Now an Umno adun from Selangor is talking about the patch of Eli Wong's private jungle.

With sick puppies as aduns,how can Umno ever think of capturing Selangor again.Poodah.

Arabs will be Arabs said...

The Arabs are tribal people even today. They kill each other in Syria, Iraq.

Therefore it is futile for the Malays to think they can change the Arabs who are self centred.

If the Malays are attacked by the China we will need help from the US not Arabs.The Arabs are in turmoil in Eqypt, Libya etc.

They have to think out for themselves. Stick to their dogmatic slam or change like the Europeans and Turkey to secularism.

The world is more open now. You cannot hide behind the bible or quran or Buddha or the Cows.

The Malays must be careful not to be dragged into Arab tribalism and mythology.
It is the civilising thoughts of religion that must be the guideline
not the abuse of religion for those who claim they are God voices.

Israel and Arabs issues are their cultural habitue. They love it. It gives them something to do. Death mean virgins in heaven.

For that we Malays must see it as it is. They love martyrdom. Nothing for us Malays to be sad about.

Mahathir gave the Arabs the ultimate insult in the NST. He said the ARabs are so stupid they could never fly aeroplanes into buildings...hahaha

Now that is a smart guy. He used religion to lull the Malays into beggars in their own land while his sons and kafir Chinese made hundreds of millions.

Anonymous said...

Now you see it,now you don't.

Batang Kali assemblyman Md Isa denies telling Eli Wong to take care of her own forest,even as she takes care of the forest reserve around Selangor vicinity.

Anonymous said...

Truce or no truce,every 5-6 yrs max,there has to be a confrontation between the two sides.This is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Nur,Nurrul Izzah for PM if pakatan cruises to Putrajaya.

Anonymous said...

Hon,can you please look at what is happening in Eygpt now.There will never be peace in the middle east as long as Islamist mentality exists.

Anonymous said...

The man who brokered a truce in Gaza is now under attack in his own country.This is a crazy world.Go figure.

the insider said...

Arabs wii be Arabs,

well said.Let the Arabs with the Arabic mentality fight all they want.Let them enjoy the virgins they so much adored in their martyrdom.

Malays are Muslims.Just because Malays are Muslims and the Arabs or Middle Easterners are Muslims we should be solidly behind them,right or wrong.If the Malays have this mentality,we will be following the Arabs path of no return and the inevitablity to visit the virgins in eternity.