Saturday, September 22, 2012

I know my sister, Nina, skipped this page in the papers or turned off the TV when the news about this was on.

Nina always tells me --"alaa...apa lah Kak Ena ni"...everytime I hold her newborn (she delivered Sofea Helena last month). She has 5 children now. Because I will look at her newborn and never fail to utter " could people do this to their babies..." Of course e I never get to finish my sentence because Nina would have this pained look...and besides, I would also stop as images of dead newborns play in my head.\

I have written about this topic -- of unwed mothers dumping their babies, in some cases killing them because they fear their families would find out  and the repercussions of that. These women are Muslims. Well, that's a fact.

Here's the news report that was published on Monday Sept 17.

A NEWBORN baby girl, believed to be a day old, was found sprawled on the ground floor of Block One of the Desa Mentari Apartment here yesterday morning.
The baby, whose umbilical cord was still attached, was believed to have been thrown from the third floor of the apartment.
She was discovered around 11am by passers-by who alerted the police.
Eyewitness Juandi Mat, 35, said he was repairing his motorcycle when he heard something hit the ground.
"At first, I didn't think much of it because residents here like to throw garbage from the top floors, but one of the residents who was standing next to me said that it was a baby.
"I didn't believe him and hoped that it was just a doll.
"But when I went to check, I was shocked to see the baby sprawled face down on the floor in a pool of blood," said the lorry driver.
District police chief Assistant Commissioner Arjunaidi Mohamed said a female suspect, in her 20s, was picked up for questioning.
"We are investigating this case under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.
"The motive has yet to be determined."

The young mother is in remand and her boyfriend has been arrested.

I cannot begin to describe the horror of it all. What must have possessed her to throw her baby out like that.

Actually, I know. I can just imagine. So overcome with shame that diminished her mentally.

We, as a society, have failed her. We judge girls like her. And we punish them.



Anonymous said...

we failed her ??

she failed us.

Stupid Nazri said...

Add your lists to the main cause of baby dumping to stupid Malays like Nazri who wants to jail and whip malay boys for sex.

Instead of recognising consensual sex for under age boys and girls as a social reality as recognised by the learned judge he was swayed by the NST and Malay Mail journalists. And these journalists who raged against the judge are mostly Indians. And yet you can find Indians prostitutes in Brickfields any day of the week. Why are indians so uptight about other people sex life. Have you notice any report on under age Indian sex? No? Why because it is part of their culture. It is the Malays who put too much emphasis on sex that is creating the sexual hypocrisy.

Nazri should not be swayed by Indians.

Are these Indians wiser then the Malay judge who decided the case. What is wrong with that guy Nazri that he must dance to these Indians songs. What about the malays boys interests? The Indians would bring up stories about trauma of the girl as victims. What trauma when the girls enjoyed the sex? It was the father who complained. What about the case of the sodomist with sperms samples by the Indian man AI but was let off. Now there was a complainant and not a pip from these Indians.

We dont know how many illegal indian babies there are because they dont have the stigma that Malay girls go through.

Rape is not rape when it is consensual even though they are teenagers.