Thursday, September 27, 2012

Budget 2013....

It's that time of year again. Everyone's all bracing to know what's in store -- what's going up, what's going down.. Where are we getting more, and where are we getting the cuts.

Everyone's going to call it an election budget because well, the general election will be held soon...and "soon" is subjective. "Soon" to us may not be "soon": to the Prime Minister, or vice versa. But at the Pusat Rakyat Loyar Burok exhbition booth yesterday, Najib was sporting enough to scribble "coming soon" on the board where people were asked to continue from what was written "I think the 13th GE is on...."

So, yes...your guess is as good as mine.. Which means we'll keep on guessing. And we've run out of "windows" etc...

Anyway, in the weeks and days before the Budget announcement, we, essentially...want to know what the goodies are. Yep..better believe and I and the rest of the country are just interested in the goodies...

But, cutting to the chase -- I know what I'd like to see in the Budget. As a Malaysian -- and like other Malaysians -- I worry about the rising cost of living. Rising costs of food, petrol and so forth. So, I'd hate to see rising costs of all these things that will cause hardship to me and my children.

People are talking about the needs and wants of the urban middle class -- particularly in buying houses.. The buzzword is "affordable" homes.

It's like this -- the rich can take care of themselves and the poor are taken care of already. But this UMC (urban middle class) group...They're pretty neglected. Somehow, people (read:the government) forget to include them.

Take housing -- this group does not qualify for low-cost houses and those they can afford are in faraway and unattractive locations, sometimes not worth the buy. And those in attractive locations are way beyond their means.

Although I'm lucky to have been able to buy a house in a good location (bought it in 1985, so yes...I'm lucky and finished loan payment..Thank God)...I can't say the same for today's working middle class who want to buy homes. These houses aint affordable these days...They're really expensive...

So yeah..I'm thinking about my kids when they're starting out on their own. Work, marriage,family, home ownership, you know.
Can they ever afford to buy their own homes. I suppose it's a case of beggars can't be choosers... But that is so sad...Those affordable homes for them are in  some God forsaken location..

So, yes...this will be a real challenge for the government to address. But I'm hoping there's something there on affordable homes.

My wishlist would be in three other areas very close to my heart as a Malaysian -- education, health and security (keselamatan -- as in fighting crime)...not necessarily in that order because all are equally important.

I must stress that in my old age, I am so concerned about health -- as in the cost of health and medical treatment.

Because of the over-crowdedness in government and public hospitals, people opt for private health care. It's okay for those still working and their health and medical treatment is  covered by the employers.

But good quality health care is expensive. 

I've always found it interesting that in my youthful working days, I was never hospitalised for any illness, except twice for maternity (delivering my two kids).

Thank God, I have health insurance which I took when I began my working life.

Imagine those people who retire and do not have health insurance. You know, the older you get the higher premium you have to pay. And when you start getting all those ailments, you may not even get your insurance application approved.

So, I suppose the best thing for Malaysians to do is to take care of their health...which for so many, is easier said than done.'s hoping that the budget will be a good 'un. (And heard that it will be)

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Anonymous said...

"Those affordable homes for them are in some God forsaken location.."

A smart govt should aim to bring more jobs to the God forsaken place..

Face it, comfortable houses (not a pigeon hole) near KL can no longer be cheap. So it is easier to bring the jobs outside KL.


i don't know whether it is easier to bring the jobs to these Godforsaken places.

But I do know that if these faraway locations had excellent links to the city thru an efficient system of public transport, people may consider living in the suburbs is good an attractive option.