Friday, September 28, 2012

Call It What You Want -- It's A Damn Dahsyat Budget...

"This Government has never promised the moon, the stars or the galaxy. We have never painted a pretty picture based on wishful thinking. As a responsible Government, we continue to speak the truth even though it may be unpleasant. We have never misled to the rakyat with tall tales. On the other hand, we have always offered solutions and provided good leadership to every problem faced by the rakyat.": Najib Razak

They call it an election budget. Can't blame them for labelling it so, because it is the last one before the next general election.

Be that as it is whatever you want to call it..

Najib's critics, adversaries, enemies and what have you can try all they want to trash and thrash the Budget 2013...well...they can try.. but I talked to so many people...including those non-lovers of the BN and they say that Najib's really nailed it...'s got something for everyone. Okay, almost everyone...
Come on -- from the pre-schooler to the retireee/senior citizen.
Maybe the PM left out the mega/super-rich. Hurray..

But really, who's left out? Who has been excluded? And if you've been left out, you will suffer?

And for me -- as a mother, as a working woman and as, well, a woman -- it's got so much for me. tax relief, and for the kids and then for my kids' present and future and mammogram.. Yippee..

Of course, of course....they'll try to tear it down to pieces. Good luck.

Read the Budget 2013 HERE.

P.S: I'll not stop wishing for a good health plan for the rakyat...


Anonymous said...

opposition leader dah terduduk. kena sebiji right in the face.

GUiKP said...

the link is not available.



I've fixed it.

jebat said...

Pembangkang mungkin terduduk tapi kuncu-kuncunya masih AKTIF.

Fikirkanlah !!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya Jebat! Kuncu kuncunya? Yang sapu BR1M tapi ludah BN? Kalau tak suka BN jangan minta BR1M. Lagi bagus bagi duit tu pada AL...Ju...Biar dia enjoy sini sana dengan private jet.

What say you?

Anonymous said...

Duit kerajaan, duit siapa?

Duit rakyat ke, duit BN?

Memang pun tanggunjawab sesuatu kerajaan membela rakyat dalam urusan kewangan negara.

BR1M pun nak kata duit UMNO yang bagi ke?

Tahap otak apa ni?

Anonymous said...

Salam Nuraina,

Need your help to seek clarification regarding BR1M.

PM in his speech said "where the head of the household earning less than RM3,000 is eligible for the assistance" while in news report says "BR1M aid of RM500 to households earning not more than RM3,000".

If the husband (the head of the household) earns RM2,000 and the wife earns another RM2,000 (total household earning RM4,000), does this family entitle to the RM500 BR1M?

Appreciate your assistance Nuraina.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:25pm,

Nasib baik Al...Ju naik jet tak guna duit rakyat dan tak singgah London pi shopping handbag ka, cincin ka....

Kalau saya kerja NST pun saya kata ini bajet TERBAEEEEEEKKKK......

Sapa2 yang tak layak dpt BR1M boleh mula meludah.......


Mira, the PM said "where the head of the household earning less than RM3,000"..

same difference.


anon@4:13PM: "
Kalau saya kerja NST pun saya kata ini bajet TERBAEEEEEEKKKK......".

kalau ni bajet pembangkang pun saya puji dan kata "bajet TERBAEEEEEKKK".

Anonymous said...

Salam Nuraina,

...but does it make sense for a bachelor earning RM2,000 gets RM250 BR1M while a young married couple with small kids and has a combine earnings of only RM4,000 (RM2,000 each) is not entitle for the BR1M?


Anonymous said...

hey 7:24

jangan tanya otak orang. otak sendiri tengok dulu. pm pun tak kata duit umno.


Mira: what can i say?
some people say even giving BRIM is wrong.

you can't please everyone. and if you please everyone, people accuse u of all sorts of things, as you can see.

all these years, i have never quite asked "what is there for me"? in terms of cash, in the budget. in the first place, there had never been cash hand-outs in the past.

it's no different this time.

but throughout the years, there have been price cuts and so..rebates etc. of course, it's never enough.

i can ask myself: "what is there for me?'
i can tell you there are many in terms of health, education etc.

However, I am blessed that I am at the stage where house is all paid for (habis bayar loan).
still i have 2 grown-up kids in college to think about.

But, i can see benefits for them. and that's good enough for me.

I can't answer your question, Mira.

Bajet Dasyat! said...

Dear Mira, you cannot expect Nuraina to expound on the budget. She didnt make it. Anyway to answer your personal concern, I distinctly hear Najib mention Ketua Keluarga dan RM3 ribu jadi bukan combine lah strictly speaking.

But on the bigger picture, this is not a Belanjawan Rakyat. It is a Dasyat Bajet. Dasyat dari keuntungan yang diberikan kepada orang -orang Cina dan India di daolam Oil and Gas. Cukai untuk peribadi dikurangkan 1% tapi cukai untuk Tokey Minyak sepert Bumi Armada kepunyaan Ananda Krishnan dan SapuraKencana dihapuskan sama sekali untuk 10 tahun! Dasyat betul! Begitu juga penjual handphone dapat RM300 juta,penjual buku mendapat RM365 juta. Dasyat.

My heart goes out to the Malays who supported UMNO and who has to beg for RM500 ringgit for a once in a life time payment.

Begitu juga 20 billion untuk subsidi diesel kepada kilang dan pengusaha Cina diberikan oleh Presiden UMNO.

May God reward Najib and his greedy cronies with the appropriate punishment. I submit to Allah.